BLUETTI is kicking off the upcoming holiday shopping season with tempting offers during the BLUETTI Black Friday Sale starting on Nov. 11. Score great deals on power stations and be among the lucky winners of solar generators, gift coupons, and Exclusive Giveaways. Mystery Boxes containing generators and other surprises are also in store so what are you waiting for? Check out these amazing offers below. The BLUETTI Black Friday Sale is for a limited time only. Grab these exciting deals and more before Nov. 30, 2022.

AC500 & B300s


Save $600 when you purchase the modular AC500 & B300S battery module for $4499 from $5099 during the BLUETTI Black Friday Sale.  This powerhouse of a machine can reach a staggering 18432Wh when paired with six B300S.

The AC500 is an upgrade of its predecessor the AC300 with an inverter that allows a continuous output power of 5000W and a surge of 10000W. It packs 16 output ports that support multiple and simultaneous charging for your big and small home essentials.

There are nine ways to recharge this generator with two B300s but using both AC and PV simultaneously will get it from 0% to 100% in just 1.2 hours. This machine can become a great source of electricity for big and small appliances during blackouts and makes power interruptions a thing of the past with its efficient UPS system. Learn more about the AC500 HERE.

AC300 & B300


The BLUETTI Black Friday Sale gives you $700 OFF the AC300 & B300 for a tempting deal of $2999 from $3699. This modular power station packs a 3000W pure sine wave inverter power with 16 outlets. It can go as high as 12288Wh when paired with four 3072Wh B300 battery packs. The AC300 & B300 battery modules can run a 700W fridge for 3.7 hours and a 500W washer for 5.2 hours. It works great as off-grid power too and not just as a backup generator. Check our review of the AC300 HERE.

AC200MAX & B230

AC200 Max

Get $499 off the AC200MAX & B230 battery when you purchase it during the BLUETTI Black Friday Sale when it will retail for $2799 from $3298. In-house, this power station has a 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery and 2200W inverter power. But its capacity can increase to a whopping 8192Wh when used with two B300 battery modules and to 6144Wh when teamed up with B230 batteries.

A true power center at home or on the go. This power station packs 16 ports, has a wireless charging pad and features a touchscreen and intuitive user interface for easy operation. Remote control is also accessible when the AC200MAX is connected to the BLUETTI APP, where you can monitor power consumption, track battery status, and adjust settings. Learn more about the AC200MAX HERE.


This BLUETTI Black Friday Sale, get the AC200P power station with a savings of $400 from $1699 to $1299. It packs a 2000Wh LiFePO4 battery and a 2000W AC inverter with a 4800W peak capability and can achieve higher capacity when paired with B230 or B300 battery.

It features 17 versatile ports and is great for outdoor adventures given its solar charging capability. There are seven ways to recharge this machine but it’s especially faster to juice up in 1100W AC + Solar dual charging mode. Check our review of the AC200P HERE.

EP500 & EP500 Pro


These two power stations may be bulky, but they come with wheels for easy transport. Despite their size, their output power makes up for their size. They boast a capacity of 5100Wh and can deliver 2000W and 3000W power, respectively. They also feature seamless 24/7 UPS backup protection and can maximize power output using an integrated fusion panel terminal board. This gives you 240v/4000W of transferrable energy that can run even heavy-duty machines including air conditioners, electric stoves, heaters, and more. Get the EP500 & EP500 Pro for $5999 (was $4799), Save $1200 during the BLUETTI Black Friday Sale. Read our review of these two power stations HERE.

EB Series Power Stations


Outdoor adventures will benefit from the portable power stations from BLUETTI’s EB series namely the EB3A, EB55, and EB70S. These three share many common traits: a built-in flashlight with SOS mode, a LiFeP04 battery that stores 80% of original capacity after 2,500 cycles, a pure sine wave inverter power, and a 5W wireless charging pad. They also come with a built-in MPPT controller that can support 200W solar input and offer multiple ways to recharge (AC, solar, generator). Let’s start with the latest addition to BLUETTI’s series of portable power stations, the EB3A.

EB3A – 600W | 268Wh

It packs 600W power and can handle a surge of up to 1,200W. This is amazingly lightweight at just 10 pounds and boasts a fast recharge of 1.2 to 1.7 hours using its 430W AC+ solar dual charging. It connects to the BLUETTI app where you can control and monitor the machine and has Wi-Fi for OTA firmware updates. Save $90 when you buy this station during the BLUETTI Black Friday Deals for $209 from $299. Read more about this power station HERE.

EB55-700W | 537Wh


Starts at $399 (was $499), Save $100 during the BLUETTI Black Friday Sale. The EB55 can peak at 1400W and put out 700W AC power with 13 output options to choose from.  It boasts 537Wh, more than enough to charge a 10Wh phone over 45 times, and a 60Wh laptop with more than 7 charges. It also supports 400W AC + solar dual charging to get it to full charge in just 1.8 to 2.3 hours, an hour faster than 200W AC input.

EB70S – 800W | 716Wh


This BLUETTI Black Friday Sale, get the EB70S solar generator for $499 (was $599), Save $100. It packs 800W of pure sine wave inverter power and runs on an ultra-durable 716Wh LiFEPO4 battery pack and a 200W solar input rate. It can power up to 12 devices simultaneously using versatile AC and DC outputs. A single charge can run a 5W television and a 90W mini fridge for over 8 or 6.5 hours.

Solar panels-PV120, PV200, PV350

All of BLUETTI’s solar panels are made from monocrystalline cells that boast up to 23.4% efficiency. They also come with durable ETFE coating and IP65 junction box, and are portable and foldable, making them off-grid ready. They only differ in size, weight, and power, with the heavier panels having more power like the PV350, which allows 350W output.

More Perks from BLUETTI

Get more out of BLUETTI’s Black Friday Sale. Those who spend over $1000 at the BLUETTI official site ( from Nov. 11th 00:00 – Nov. 29th 23:59 (PDT) are eligible for a lucky draw to win one of several prizes: EB3A, PS70, AC50S solar generator; $50-$100 coupons or BLUETTI’s gifts.

Moreover, buyers will receive additional giveaways when they reach certain spending thresholds. For instance, a $5000 purchase gets you a mini fridge. There are also Mystery Boxes namely the Basic, the Pro, and the Premium. Anyone can buy mystery boxes without quantity limits for a chance to get a portable generator. What can you buy for $199? A cable? Or a 700Wh solar generator which is usually valued at over $900 in the market. That’s totally possible with the mystery box Pro. You can find more best values on the BLUETTI site. 


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