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Buyer Guides

Best 20 Glass Water Bottles

Choosing the best glass water bottle of 2019 isn’t always the easiest task, but we have made short work of the research required to weed out the baddies to bring you a list of the best glass water bottles available today.

Buyer Guides

Best Tactical Watches

In the following post we look at the best in tactical and military watches on the market, for those who need a watch that gives them a bit more!

minimalist wallet

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55+ Minimalist Wallets for Men

In the following buying guide, we look at more than 50 of the finest minimalist wallets available right now. We’re sure you’ll find one you love…be warned though, you might find more than one.

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Best 31 Sling Bags For Men

Forget the one-strap and two-strap debate and get a sling backpack for men. These backpacks have lots of awesome features and are extra convenient for cyclists and hikers!

Rolltop Backpacks Feature

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Best 31 Rolltop Backpacks

If you want a backpack that is stylish and minimalist, while providing you with the flexibility you need for your day to day adventures, keep reading for our guide to amazing rolltop backpacks

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