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Best 16 Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are a great way to rally up the troops and have a knock-out time competing with the guys, or just a great way for troops themselves to prepare for combat.

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Best 20 Travel Mugs

Tired of roasting your nuts in spilled coffee when driving or sat at your desk? Then you might want to check out the very best travel mugs that money can buy right now!


Best 30 Sandals for Men

In the following guide you will find some of the best, in fact 30, men’s sandals that you can rock just about anywhere this summer.

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Best 21 Men’s Slippers

If a house is a man’s castle then he should dress like a king at home. Do just that with these stylish and comfortable men’s slippers. We have different styles right here!

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Best 7 Corded Trimmers

When your yard has turned into a jungle and you’re being nagged to do something about it, you’re going to need an electric corded strimmer as one of your tools!

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Best 23 Travel Wallets for Men

A good travel wallet is the perfect companion while you are out and about. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you need a wallet to keep your cash, cards, and IDs safe and sound.

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Best 32 V-Neck T-Shirts

We’re tired of the V-neck t-shirt getting such a bad deal in men’s fashion and today we’re here to show you that this classic still has the ability to shine.

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