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Buyer guides

Best 32 V-Neck T-Shirts

We’re tired of the V-neck t-shirt getting such a bad deal in men’s fashion and today we’re here to show you that this classic still has the ability to shine.


Best 18 Shaving Soaps

Stop with the cans of shaving foams and gels and instead enjoy the premium quality shaving experience and the value for money that the best shaving soaps can provide.


Best 25 Dopp Kits

Find the best dopp kits here and see what you’ve been missing. No longer will you have to collect Ziplock bags from your kitchen pantry before setting off on a long plane ride.

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Best 15 Survival Food Kits

When disaster strikes, why not be one of those that was totally prepared for it? Check out the survival food kits that could be vital for your survival in the future.

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Best 20 Robes for Men

There’s no feeling like slipping into a comfy bathrobe. Check out our comprehensive list with the best 20 robes for men including cotton, fleece and flannel fabrics.

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Best 35 Hunting Knives

A bad workman always blames his tools but a good hunter relies on having only the best. We have reviewed the best hunting knives so you don’t have to.

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Best 45 Laptop Bags For Men

Those busy commuter trains and flight turbulence on business trips will not leave your laptop damaged and beyond repair - if you own one of the best laptop bags for men.


Best 20+ Lip Balm for Men

When your lips are so dry that you could literally use them to sandpaper the walls, it might be about time you try some of these leading mens lip balms.

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Best 25 Men’s Dress Shirts

Need to dress for a formal occasion or work with something that’s got a little more class to it? Check out our guide below for the best of the best men’s dress shirts!


31 Cool Shot Glasses

Once the shots start flowing is when any party starts to do the same and that is why you’ll always need some of the coolest looking shot glasses on the market.

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