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10 Best Ear and Nose Trimmers

If you're sprouting hair in all the wrong places maybe it’s time to add an ear and nose hair trimmer to your grooming gear. We have ten options right here!

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Best 21 Timex Watches

Read more about the top Timex watches, with designs for every occasion. From smart evening watches to tough sports timepieces, Timex have a broad range of styles for every man.


Best 50 Watches Under $100

You don’t need an expensive smartwatch to look smart. These men’s watches under 100 dollars will have you turning heads and in time for important meetings.

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Best 7 Boot Knives

In the following post we look at some of the coolest tactical weapons and tools, that have become extremely popular again, with our guide to the 7 great boot knives.

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Best 41 Fitness Gadgets

You’ll be able to grate cheese of your abs with these fitness gadgets harnessing the most advanced fitness technology. The best fitness gadgets have arrived!

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Best Skeleton Watches

If your style game is at its bare bones you should consider a skeleton watch showcasing fine-crafted mechanics, excellent timekeeping and unrivaled style.

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