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Gerber Flatiron Pocket Knife

It’s hard to spot a pocket knife design that’s more interesting than the rest of the pack, but Gerber Flatiron manages it with no sweat.


Apple Watch Series 4

The Cupertino tech firm establishes its hold on the smartwatch market with the Apple Watch Series 4. It sports a built-in ECG and advanced fall detection.


Asus ROG Phone Gaming Smartphone

Mobile gaming is on the rise and the Asus ROG Phone is prepared to take on even the most resource-heavy games as It flaunts a stunning design and killer specs.


SeaVees Legend Sneakers

Whoever said suede is just for gloves was probably smoking something — just as the SeaVees Legend proves, the material is just as excellent for kicks.



The new Casio G-SHOCK G-STEEL sports a stylish carbon bezel that remarkably looks upscale paired to its metallic case with a familiar design.


Air Jordan 5 Wings

Nike has officially released the Air Jordan 5 Wings, featuring a style that’s as heartwarming as it is visually impressive.

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