Stelton Foster French Press

The Stelton Foster French Press is made from stainless steel and boasts a polished finish. It is designed for a luxurious coffee drinking experience.


Powerflex 360 Resistance Band

The Powerflex 360 tones your arms and shoulders using ergonomic and innovative rotating handles. It strengthens the upper body without risking injury.


Blanc Flare Shirt

The Blanc Flare shirt uses high technology to provide warmth. It uses a lightweight and fast-heating carbon fiber technology to provide hours of warmth.


Garmin Instinct Smartwatch

Garmin’s new watch is focused on the outdoors, aptly called Garmin Instinct. It’s designed with endurance and robustness from the ground up.


VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot keeps your pets active. A companion app lets you schedule automatic routines and treat time and play with your pet remotely.


SolarBox Lumine Speaker

The SolarBox Lumine Speaker is a solar-powered and waterproof device that not just plays music. It is also a mobile power bank and a handheld flashlight.

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