Kobo Forma E-Reader

When it comes to e-readers, Amazon is the undisputed market leader with its Kindle platform. However, the Kobo Forma plans to take a bite out of its share.


Nokia 7.1

Just like some of its predecessors, the Nokia 7.1 touts a dual-tone design. It’s not as flashy as Huawei’s handsets but stylishly manages to stand out.


Bell & Ross BR-X1 Military

As the name suggests, the Bell & Ross BR-X1 Military watch aggressively flaunts a design that anyone from the armed forces would be proud to show off.


Bell Eliminator Carbon Helmet

The Bell Eliminator carbon helmet allows you to answer calls with its integrated speaker pockets and communication port. It's light at just over 3lbs.


Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet

The Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet has a solar-powered GPS tracker to help find misplaced or lost wallets. It’s Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa -compatible.


Fenik Yuma No-Ice Cooler

The Fenik Yuma cooler doesn’t need ice or electricity for it to work. Instead, it only uses water and evaporation to keep your drinks and food chilled.


NIC Wireless Charger

The NIC Wireless Charger powers up your phone without docking so you can bring your phone with you. It comes in two parts: the cube and the USB-powered pad.


Droplet Teardrop Trailer

The Droplet Teardrop trailer fits a queen-size bed and equipped with a full kitchen. A Honda Civic can easily tow this trailer at its weight of 950 pounds.

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