Samsung X5 Portable SSD

At 40 Gbps, the Thunderbolt 3 remains undefeated when you’re in a rush, which is why the Samsung X5 external SSD is equipped to interface with the best.


Bugatti Divo

At roughly $5.8 million, the Bugatti Divo flaunts the latest innovations made by the industry's finest engineers like its 1,500-hp 8-liter W16 engine.


Stark Drive Mini E-Bike

The Stark Drive Mini is a foldable 29-pound e-bike that you can take on air and only costs $299. It can carry 265 pounds of weight despite its compact size.


Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2.0

The Sparkr Mini Plasma Lighter 2.0 is a fuel-free lighter that works on an electric charge. It is windproof, flameless, and uses plasma to light a fire.


Little Daisy Mansion

The Little Daisy Mansion boasts 12,398 sq. ft of interior space and 2,900 sq. ft. of interior porches. It offers a view of Cleopatra Hill and the city of Jerome.



The ZOZOSUIT provides measurements "more accurate than a human tailor." This renders clothes that are exactly styled and designed according to your size.

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