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Ti EDC Wrench By Big Idea Design

Big Idea Designs knows its way around when it comes to EDC, and its upcoming Ti EDC Wrench is a tool that will soon find its home into our pockets or keychain.


Urban EDC Supply X James Brand Elko Knife

Collaborations between brands are hit-and-miss affairs. The Covergirl and Star Wars mashup? An atrocity. But Nike and Apple’s partnership? Genius. We’d wager this new collaboration between Urban EDC Supply and…


MecArmy X7S EDC Kit

The MecArmy X7S EDC Kit is an extremely portable, pocket-sized tool that comprises a storage capsule, lighter and flashlight.


DELTA 7 EDC Multi-Tool

DELTA 7 is a new EDC multi-tool that manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to its cool looks and loads of functionality packed inside a travel-friendly body. Designed…


Wootz EDC Pocket Tool

Featuring the most important functions you need in an every day carry piece, and weighing in at just 1.9 ounces (55 grams), the Wootz EDC Pocket Tool is a perfect…


Minuteman EDC Knife

With its titanium handles and high-end grade steel blade, the Minuteman EDC Knife mixes toughness, wear-resistance, and sharpenability in a sleek & modern package. The new folding pocket knife by…


Blank Forces Titanium EDC Ink Pens

Despite the prevalence of digital everything in our society, Californian pen maker Blank Forces realizes that the need for a good ink pen still manifests daily.  To fill this oft-forgotten…

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