The Angie Ti EDC Wrench can easily serve as your pocket toolbox with its practical yet clever design. It’s suitable for daily carry as it comes with your most-used utility tools starting with a monkey wrench that offers an excellent adjustable design perfect for tightening or loosening various bolts and nuts.

The wrench has a jaw that operates smoothly and fast, making it an ideal choice for precise assembly jobs and as an outdoor equipment. It has grooves on the adjustable pivot that offers a secure grip during use and also allows for swift easy adjustment. And if you’re fidgety, then you can also play around with the pivot like you would with a fidget toy.

The Angie Ti EDC Wrench can tightly clamp M6 nuts/M8 bolts through its 0.59-inch-long opening, which is sufficient enough to work on various emergency maintenance and assembly needs. Its thickened tiger mouth design can withstand high torque pressure or output comparable to a larger, heavy-duty wrench. 

On the surface, this pocket tool has a dedicated slot to hold two screwdriver bits and the wrench can easily transform into a screwdriver. It can hold standard screwdriver heads measuring 4mm diameter and 28mm long, including a Phillips screwdriver head (PH0) and a straight screwdriver head (2.0). The bits stay in place via a T-shaped card slot design with a dual magnetic structure. 

You can easily insert the bit directly into the T-shaped rabbet from the rear and then attach it to the main body via magnetic force. This way, ensuring it doesn’t fall or move around during transport. Aside from these two utility tools, the Angie Ti EDC Wrench also serves as a bottle opener, a measuring caliper, and has a window breaker/package opener at the end. It is machined from lightweight, tough, robust, and corrosion-resistant Gr5 titanium. Weighing just 32.6g and just 2.91″ long, you can use it as a pendant, hang it on a keychain, or easily slip inside your pocket.

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Images courtesy of Angie