The new Nitecore EDC25 flashlight is blindingly bright at a small size. It outputs a max of 3000 lumens and a max beam intensity of  22,500 cd with a beam throw of 300 meters from its two NiteLab UHi 20 LEDs. 

This portable torch runs on a built-in 1700mAh li-ion battery rechargeable via USB-C with a premium charging port cover. A dual tail switch turns the light on and off and also allows for easy cycle through the brightness levels while offering fast and efficient one-handed operation.

The Nitecore EDC25 offers five brightness levels that range from 15 to 3000 lumens. It runs on high (1000 lumens) for one hour and 30 minutes, at Mid (200 lumens) for four hours and 15 minutes, and Low at 65 lumens for 14 hours. It can go for over two days or 55 hours under Ultralow mode which is at 15 lumens.

Likewise, a customizable tactical button provides instant access to the turbo or strobe mode and both are at 3000 lumens. Other helpful features include the power indicator which displays both the output and remaining battery level and a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation.

A half lockout mode only allows access to the turbo/strobe output while a full lockout completely disables the flashlight, making it ideal when storing or transporting the flashlight. Then there’s the lightweight, compact, and slim design, top with an IP54 waterproof rating, making this torch a great everyday carry. 

The Nitecore EDC25 boasts a durable aluminum alloy shell with a carbon fiber reinforced polymer frame. It can resist drops up to one meter and its hard-anodized finish can resist fingerprints, scratches, and sweat marks. It only weighs 3.67oz and measures 5.37″ long with a head size of just 1.24″. 

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Images courtesy of Nitecore Store