We’ve officially made it to 2024 and the new year calls for new gear. If you’re like us, we make it a practice to go through our current everyday carry loadout to see what saw the most action. So far, among the items that our tasks typically call for is a knife. These tools can come in handy in various scenarios. Tekto is a solid brand to consider with a huge lineup of models available, but we want to shed some light on their compact OTF called the A2 Badger.

Fans of nature documentaries have likely witnessed just how formidable badgers are. These creatures are not afraid to throw down when they feel threatened which is why TEKTO aptly dubbed this SKU as such. At a glance, it seems like there’s nothing special about the A2 Badger. However, we believe this was meant to appear understated yet engineered to pack a punch when the situation calls for it. Like they say, “never judge a book by its cover!”

Overview Of The A2 Badger

For our readers who are probably wondering what OTF stands for, it means “out the front” and perfectly describes the mechanism behind the A2 Badger’s blade deployment system. We’ll get into more detail about it later on, but let’s start with the specifications and measurements of this bad boy. It tips the scales at about 2.18 ounces, while the handle is crafted out of 6061-T6 aluminum and is listed at 5.26″ long and 0.47″ wide.

Up next is the 1.85″ blade fabricated out of D2 steel and coated with titanium. The hardness rating of the metal is between 58-60 but the extra treatment enhances its durability and resistance against corrosion. Shaped in the style of a tanto, this makes the tip suitable for piercing (stabbing). Whether in the hands of a professional or a novice, this can likewise be used as a means of self-defense.

Meanwhile, the flat edge is ideal for precision cutting and the remaining portion is effective for slicing and chopping. Unlike folding knives, the advanced spring-assisted mechanism used by the A2 Badger delivers smooth action both ways with just a press of the button. Fully extended, its overall length measures 5.26″ and is deemed “California legal.” TEKTO also reminds us that every product ships out fully sharpened.

Design And Features

It’s clear TEKTO is going for a tactical vibe with the A2 Badger just by looking at the presentation. This is evident by their use of matte textures and muted colorways to keep things as stealthy as possible. There are three chromatic options to choose from: Black, Desert, and OD Green. These shades are applied exclusively on the handles, while the blades and other hardware are finished in black.

Everything about this OTF knife has been meticulously developed to provide exceptional ergonomics. The stylish combination of geometric shapes with subtle curvatures are all strategically distributed with a desired effect in mind.

For example, the grooves are not only for aesthetics as they enhance grip and control during use. As we indicated above, despite the diminutive stature of the A2 Badger, it flaunts an oversized button to eject and retract the blade with ease.

A video posted by TEKTO on their YouTube page shows this happens remarkably fast. We like the asymmetrical form factor and somewhat topographical texture here that ensures users know exactly where to push and pull. Torx head screws are visible on all four corners of the chamfered handle.

For added versatility, they equip the A2 Badger with a glass breaker at the bottom and state it “has been heavily tested under extreme conditions to ensure reliable performance.” It’s worth noting this OTF knife also sports an ambidextrous pocket clip.

It’s pre-installed on the right but can be remounted to face the left side instead. Should you need to hook it up to a lanyard, an oversized cutout will accommodate cords or paracords of varying thicknesses. Finally, TEKTO includes a pouch to store your A2 Badger securely.

Our Takeaway

As most of you can already tell, there are practically no downsides to this OTF knife. Unless you have extremely large hands, anybody can comfortably wield it without issues. We highly recommend it to those in the market for a blade that won’t fail when it counts and can withstand exposure to the elements like a champ. TEKTO has been in the business since 2016 and like the rest of their lineup, the A2 Badger showcases outstanding workmanship and quality.

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