BioLite FirePit

A smokeless wood-burning/charcoal unit that cooks your meals and offers 360-degree floating fire visuals


Pi Wireless Charger

The Pi puts charging pads to shame, allowing you to juice up to 5 phones at a time and use them while doing it


Klokers KLOK-08 Watch

Independent Swiss watchmaker Klokers has just released details of their third totally non-conformist offering, the KLOK-08. Just like its predecessors, the new model has a 1960’s slide rule inspired dial…


Kia Proceed Wagon Concept

Among all the spectacular and intriguing concept vehicles that have been shown off at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, one stand-out bright spot is the ‘Lava Red’ Kia Proceed Wagon…


Nike Special Forces AF-1 High Boot

The Air Force 1 shoe is turning 35 years old and as a celebratory offering, Nike has released a new variation of the very popular Special Forces Boot silhouette. Calling it the…


Whiskey River Sarcastic Soaps

Whiskey River Soap Company wants to change the way you think about gift soap. Admittedly their product is just high-quality hand-made soap, uniquely crafted so that every colorful bar is…


Panerai Front Flipper

Master knife maker Corrie Schoeman has built his reputation on well-planned and well-handcrafted designs made from only the finest materials and techniques available. A perfect example of his art can…


CrossHelmet X1

Motorcycle helmets have often been relegated to something that just keeps your head intact for far too long. Modern technology has revolutionized motorcycle electronics and controls and now it is…



Porsche Design MONOBLOC Chrono

One of Porsche Design’s most innovative wristwatches is the MONOBLOC Actuator GMT-Chronograph. Inspired by the company’s distinctive 911 RSR racing engine, this tough-as-nails timepiece might not be everyone’s cup of…

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