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Black Dirt Crown Maple Bourbon

Ready to warm your soul this winter, the Black Dirt Crown Maple Bourbon combines two of mankind’s greatest pleasures, maple syrup and the brown nectar of gods we call bourbon. A…

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Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Bourbon

While some distilleries have spent centuries building their reputation, the occasional newcomer can quickly take their place right up beside the greats.  Kentucky’s Knob Creek is such a one –…

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Johnnie Walker Bourbon Cask & Rye Finish

Scotland’s premier whiskey brand Johnnie Walker has just released the second installment of their limited edition Blender’s Batch whiskey.  The new Bourbon Cask & Rye Finish ($52) once more examines the…

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Rebel Yell Single Barrel Bourbon

Bourbon whiskey is a distinctive product of the United States and Rebel Yell, made in Louisville, Kentucky is a big part of that distinctive tradition.  The Stitzel-Weller distilling company patented…

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Buffalo Trace O.F.C. Bourbon

The Buffalo Trace Distillery is a legend in Kentucky, renown as the oldest continuously operated distillery in the country, it even operated during the “Prohibition” making whiskey for medicinal purposes.…



Where´s the bottle opener when you need it? Forget about hunting for a tool to crack open your beer with this cool looking wall mounted bottle opener. Aside from being…

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23rd Street Distillery Hybrid Whisk(e)y

Aiming to create a unique and perfect blend, head Distiller Graham Buller from the Australian 23rd Street Distillery mixed some prime Scotch whisky with American bourbon. The resulting concoction –which…

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Ardbeg Twenty Something Scotch Whisky

Although Ardbeg Distillery has been producing some of the peatiest whisky in the world since 1789, circumstances throughout the 1980’s almost shut them down. Very little whisky was made at…

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Little Book Whiskey

Whiskey making can run in some families for generations and Freddie Noe's 'Little Book' blended whiskey is the latest proof of that

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