We have nothing but good things to say about WhistlePig’s stellar American Whiskey expressions and occasional collaborations. If you also enjoy what the Vermont-based distillery offers, then BHAKTA Sprits’ latest release. Dubbed the BHAKTA Bourbon 2014, it is a follow-up to last year’s hit with some subtle tweaks to the formula to delight drinkers once again.

Former WhistlePig founder Raj Peter Bhakta established this new label in 2019. His departure from the original company is mired in controversy, but it cannot change the fact that he knows his craft extremely well. As such, his current venture’s mission is catering to a clientele of liquor connoisseurs. 

This new concoction highlights the unique characteristic imparted by French Oak casks which previously contained award-winning 1973 Armagnac also owned by the group. You can call it a curated fusion as the bourbon gradually develops distinct tasting notes over the course of 125 days inside the aforementioned barrels.

“An exceptional coupling of our French and American Cellars, BHAKTA 2014 Bourbon unites two spirits in celebration of a shared legacy,” reads a line on the official website. On the bottle, it says Armagnac cask finish bourbon whiskey. Only 1,500 cases of this nine-year-old spirit are allocated for distribution.

Each decanter flaunts a stylish art-deco aesthetic and holds 750 ml listed at 105.4 proof. The liquid appears to be a deep amber hue with aromas of toasted oak, caramel, and herbs. Take a sip of the BHAKTA 2014 Bourbon to discover flavors of maple syrup, charred oak, and maraschino. It then imparts a “sweet almond and raisin rum cake” finish.

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Images courtesy of BHAKTA Spirits