Once a distillery has established a solid reputation in the market, brand recognition should take care of the rest. However, given the fierce competition, it helps to generate publicity now and then. This can be in the form of an aggressive marketing campaign or special releases. On the other hand, if you’re Knob Creek, collaborate with LL Cool J for this Rock The Bells edition.

Booze and the music industry have always enjoyed a fruitful partnership. Artists typically promote their favorite drinks in their lyrics or music videos, Meanwhile, some companies forge a contract that turns celebrities and musicians into official ambassadors for their products or a particular lineup. 

It appears Knob Creek went for the latter as it launches a single barrel reserve Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey alongside Rock The Bells. Details surrounding this blend are mostly under wraps, but we do know the bottle is slapped with a 9-year age statement. 

Reports tell us rapper Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan fame was recently spotted in some New York City establishments to autograph bottles of the Knob Creek x Rock The Bells. This is not the first deal of its kind as plenty of high-profile figures in the Hip-Hop scene were also tapped to represent other distilleries.

“The aim of this collaboration is to honor the foundational elements of Hip-Hop while nurturing its future,” reads a press release. “Through this partnership, Knob Creek and Rock The Bells are bridging the worlds of music and whiskey, offering aficionados a unique sensory experience.”

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Images courtesy of Knob Creek/Rock The Bells