Age statements on whiskey labels not only equate to quality but also denote its highly limited availability. Given the time it takes to produce the blend, distilleries often release these in batches, which tend to sell out rather quickly. Michter’s announces a pleasant surprise for purveyors of its spirits with the return of the 25 Year Old Bourbon.

The last time people saw bottles of this in circulation was three years ago. However, by some twist of fate, American whiskey enthusiasts who unfortunately missed out on the original launch can now try their luck just in time for the holiday season. Bourbon that has matured this long is uncommon, which is probably what makes it more appealing.

Michter’s reportedly tasked master distiller Dan McKee and master of maturation Andrea Wilson to curate the 25 Year Old Bourbon. According to a finicky few, longer age statements may not be beneficial for the spirit as they develop bolder characteristics that may discourage seasoned drinkers of much younger expressions. Nevertheless, the aforementioned duo believes otherwise.

“This release of the 25 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon is an outstanding flavour experience without the overly oaked, dusty old whiskey character,” explains Wilson. It goes to show that with the help of professionals, distilleries can carefully craft tasting notes that their customers find familiar and comforting.

Since a bottle of the 25 Year Old Bourbon is extremely hard to come by due to its rarity, the details supplied by Michter’s should provide interested parties an idea of what to expect. Bottled at 116.2 proof, a sip unveils essences of dried fruit, vanilla, melted butter, molasses, smoke roasted nuts, holiday spice, and chocolate.

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Images courtesy of Michter’s