Celebrity-endorsed booze is nothing new as most companies often rely on these marketing strategies to boost product sales. Depending on the contract, they can star in TV commercials, printed media, and other forms of promotions. Meanwhile, this new bourbon is backed by a renowned basketball player and is aptly called the Player Exclusive.

This release proves that the demand for American whiskey continues to grow. While some personalities prefer to dabble with wines, tequila, and various types of liquor, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors launched his first Gentleman’s Cut bourbon in 2023, which retailed for roughly around $80 a pop.

Given it was a relatively fresh entry, many felt it was not priced properly. It seems the two-time NBA MVP and four-time champion believes a limited-edition expression will fare differently this time around. For an eye-watering $4,500, you can own and enjoy the Player Exclusive.

The 15-year-old spirit ships in an elegant numbered decanter with Curry’s signature etched on the bottle. Only 100 are available for purchase and each comes in a striking walnut display box. Another notable detail is on the topper with a print that reads “T.C.C.”

Fans will recognize it as the letters for “Trust, Commitment, Care,” a motto the athlete lives by. Each Player Exclusive showcases a bourbon distilled in 2005 from a mash bill comprised of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley.

Matured in new oak casks until 2020, Gentleman’s Cut promises a delightful experience even for discerning drinkers. Player Exclusive tasting notes highlight balanced oak, cherry, orange peel, hazelnut, spice, creme brulee, and butterscotch.

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Images courtesy of Gentleman’s Cut