This Halloween, don’t let the dark scare you and the blackouts haunt you. Instead, go and have fun even during a power interruption. BLUETTI got your back with their spooktacular deals on power stations, solar panels, and batteries. BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals give you huge discounts on their portable backup generators and battery packs like the AC200Max and B300 battery modules. You also get huge price cuts on popular combos.  Grab the deals from October 20, 2022, PDT 7:00 PM to November 5 PDT 7:00 PM. Read on below to find out more about these exciting deals.


EB3A Power Station (Starts at $209 (was $239)

The EB3A  is a compact generator that weighs just 4.54 kg yet it packs nine functional ports that can simultaneously power your devices. It even comes with a wireless charging pad on the top. This is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who love to go camping, on RV trips, and more because of its portable design, durable 268Wh LiFePO4 battery, and 600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1,200W surge) power. 

Best of all, this is also a solar-powered power station that easily pairs with the PV120/PV200 solar panels. For BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals, you get $80 discount if you buy the EB3A+PV120/PV200 combo. Read our review on the EB3A HERE

Bootiful Deals On The AC200 Series & Combos

Two of the amazing power stations launched by BLUETTI are the AC200P and AC200Max. These here are all-rounders because they both work indoors and outdoors, and even off-grid. They come with highly reliable and versatile features that make power outages a thing of the past. 

The AC200P (Starts at $1399(was $1599), Saved up to $200 ) comes with a 2000W inverter and a 2000Wh LiFePO4 battery. This means this generator can last you for a max of a decade so you’re basically set up for yearly blackouts. It packs 17 versatile ports for your electrical needs and its battery is expandable using BLUETTI’s battery modules. You can jack it up to 4048Wh and 5072Wh attached to B230 or B300 battery packs.

Moreover, the AC200P gives you seven ways to recharge it including solar, car outlet, gas generator, and AC wall outlet. It recharges in as fast as three hours using the combined force of 400W AC input and 700W solar charging. Using three PV200 solar panels also gets it to a max of 600W solar input, or at most 700W with two PV350 solar panels.

BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals give you a discount of $397 or $398 with the combos. Aside from the price reduction, those who buy the AC200P or the combos (AC200P+B230, AC200P+ B300) will also get the XT90-P090D connection cable (priced at $89) for free. Check our review on the AC200P HERE

BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals also give you the AC200Max for $100 off from $1899 to $1799. This is an upgrade of the AC200P and comes with a 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery pack and a 2200W pure sine wave inverter. The battery of the AC200MAX  is also expandable using two B230 or B300 battery modules so it can go as high as 6144Wh and 8192Wh. 

In terms of ports, this one packs an amazing 16 outlets with simultaneous charging. It recharges in as fast as 2 hours using both 900W solar input and 500W AC input. This Halloween, the combo of AC200MAX with two PV350 solar panels will just cost $3199, an up to $398 price cut. Read our review of the AC200MAX HERE

Battery & Solar Panels

BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals also give you the B230 at $1299 instead of $1399 and the B300 at $1899 from $2099. They hold 2048Wh and 3072Wh power storage respectively. Aside from boosting your power stations, they work great independently too. They come with three DC outputs (a 100W USB-C, a 12V/10A car output, and a USB-A port) to charge your devices. 

The B230 is compatible with BLUETTI AC200MAX, AC200P, EB150, and EB240. Meanwhile, the B300 pairs with the AC300, AC200, AC200P, AC200MAX, EB150, EB240, and the EP500Pro. 

When it comes to harnessing the full power of the sun, then BLUETTI’s solar panels offer up to 23.4% efficiency using monocrystalline cells. They can withstand scratches and water splashes because they are surfaced with ETFE material and equipped with an IP65 junction box.

These solar panels are also portable with their fold-and-go design. The PV350  in particular boasts 350W solar output. Those looking for an eco-friendly alternative to harnessing electricity can get amazing price cuts at BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals. Get discounts from $199 to $399 on the B230+PV350/PV200 and B300+PV350/PV200 combos. Get yours now starting from $1699. You also get a free DC Charging Enhancer (DD050S) to increase the PV input rate.

AC300 Modular Power Station

Get the AC300+B300 from $3699 to $3399, that’s $300 OFF for this modular station that packs a 3000W AC pure sine wave inverter with 16 outlets. You can crank it up to 6144Wh power storage using two B300 battery modules. The AC300 boasts ultra-fast charging and peaks at 5400W when using both a 3,000W wall outlet and 2400W via solar panels.

For this generator, you can choose from a selection of discounts from BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals. Get the AC300 & B300 with three 350W solar panels and save $400 from its original MSRP of $6246. Another similar combo, for those on a budget, the AC300+ B300 with three PV200, will be suitable. It’s at $400 OFF from $5196.  Read our AC300 review HERE

EP500 Series

The EP500 has a built-in UPS system so you’re secured during blackouts. It is larger in size and comes with four wheels for transport. Using two solar panels, the EP500 takes 1200W solar input and stores free power for later use. Get the EP500 with three PV350 and save $500.  Get the EP500 – original price $9198, sale price $8699. 

Meanwhile, the EP500Pro packs 5100Wh capacity, 3000W AC output power, 2400W solar input, and flexible UPS function. Three PV350 have a $500 discount. Aside from the price drop of $499 for two units, buyers will get a $299 fusion box free to build a split-phase system with two EP500 or two EP500Pro. EP500Pro – original price $9998, sale price $9499.  Check our review on the EP500 and EP500Pro HERE.

Other exciting offers are up for grabs during BLUETTI’s Halloween Deals