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Lexani LM-EXTV Camper Van

The LM-EXTV stands for "Lexani Motors Extreme Terrain Vehicle,” and Lexani claims it’s the “perfect intersection between utility and luxury.” The automaker spent over a year developing this bad boy, which involved experimenting with different materials and layouts, plus performing countless test drives in harsh environments to ensure topnotch safety and utmost performance.


Mercedes Benz Sawtooth 4×4 Adventure Van

The versatile Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a trusted platform for building rugged off-road campers, and the Sawtooth 4×4 Adventure Van is no different. Boasting various features that allow travelers to…


Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept Truck

Mercedes-Benz has always been synonymous with luxury and high quality.  This branch of German auto manufacturer Daimler always tried to blend comfort with style & usability and they are getting…


Aston Martin GT8

Lightweight, powerful and with lots of downforce, the Aston Martin GT8 ($240K) is the most agile and potent V8 Vantage ever – not for the faint hearted (nor the poor).…

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