If it’s an outdoor escapade you crave, an RV or camper trailer should do the trick. There are prebuilt options available, but we can also commission a custom build from some companies. Others, meanwhile, prefer a more hands-on approach, but conversions can be labor-intensive. VanLab wants to help streamline the process with its DIY kits.

Currently, they are offering this in small, medium, and large sizes and supporting four vehicle models. Under their Twin XL (20 cubic feet) catalog, we have a Nissan NV 200 and Chevrolet City Express. Next, the Queen (125 cubic feet) lists a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144, while the King (150 cubic feet) is compatible with a Ford Transit.

VanLab’s prefabricated DIY kits ship like a “high quality IKEA-style flat pack assembly, delivered to your door.” As much as we want to get down and dirty with camper conversion projects, a little convenience wouldn’t hurt. The package contains everything you need to enjoy the creature comforts of home in off-grid locations.

Instead of metal, the material of choice here is sustainable birch plywood that interconnects via pegs. Each piece is labeled and all you need do is follow the direction to put the parts together and form the bed, kitchen, storage cabinets, and more. This makes them easy to take apart as well. VanLab says all we need is a screwdriver and a day or two to complete.

This flexibility allows owners to kit out their vans for a road trip or some overlanding fun, then remove it when the adventure is over. “It’s engineered as a single unit that snugly fits the van interior and doesn’t move—we made everything fully removable for people who lease vans or use them for work and pleasure,” says VanLab co-founder Ian Fitzhenry.

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Images courtesy of VanLab