A Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen ranks high on the list when it comes to luxury backed with impressive performance. The German marque has engineered a vehicle ready for a tough ride across any terrain, Leave it to Terracamper to customize one into what they call the Tecrawl — a decked-out conversion perfect for all types of outdoor fun.

Usually, clients pick the Sprinter, which is understandable given it offers a huge interior to work with. Moreover, vans are the preferred platform for a lot of shops anyway. With this in mind, now you know why it’s a treat to see a G-Wagen turned into a camper. Here are the notable changes Terracamper made to the SUV!

With a limited space out back for cargo, the team needed to take drastic measures. As such, to accommodate all the essentials, the rear seats needed to go. Instead of a fixed system, the Tecrawl benefits from a modular setup for owners to kit out accordingly.

Among the stuff you’ll find within the boxy confines of the G-Wagen are a pull-out outdoor kitchenette, a fridge box, a workspace with a desk for digital nomads, and plenty of storage for your gear and supplies. Meal preparation should be a breeze with its two-burner gas range and fold-up counters.

Since the cabin is already optimized for all the necessary functions, sleeping arrangements include a rooftop tent good for two, while a convertible sofa at the rear can also comfortably host one more. Retractable awnings on the Tecrawl provide much-needed shade from the sun, while optional solar panels harvest clean energy to power all electronics.

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Images courtesy of Terracamper