Most sneakerheads typically keep track of the latest rumors about the next hottest drop. Sometimes these turn out to be nothing, but others can generate a lot of hype to spike demand even before it goes up for sale. Last month, a social media post from no-brainer* was teasing a Nike Dunk Low concept based on Initial D.

We all know that the true star of the manga and anime series is the iconic Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. It’s the car protagonist Takumi Fujiwara uses to deliver tofu from their shop and race against his rivals. This is the work of Singaporean sneaker customization expert Ng Po Hian, which means it’s not an official collaboration.

This is unlike last year’s BAIT and Adidas Initial D tie-in – the Nizza Hi with AE86 elements. As such, most people believe the Nike Dunk Low by no-brainer* is nothing but an artistic expression of how it might look like. Nevertheless, the positive reception from fans of the franchise and overwhelming requests can make the magic happen.

It seems the pressure was enough to convince no-brainer* to pursue the project seriously. According to his latest post on Instagram, it’s teasing a September 2022 release. As for the aesthetics, the Nike Dunk Low outline is intact, but it receives some Initial D-inspired embellishments. The leather upper, Swoosh logo, overlays, lace cages, laces, tongue, midsole, and outsole sport a white/black colorway.

The only exception is a section of the collar is in dark purple and wraps around the back. The titular AE86’s license plate is printed on the heel portion of the Initial D Nike Dunk Low midsole. Moreover, you have the Japanese text 藤原とうふ店 (自家用) on the heels, which means Fujiwara Tofu Shop in English

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Images courtesy of nobrainer.psd