Just as its definition implies, everyday carry’s (EDCs) are now some of the most popular gadgets to own. The inquisitive minds of its creators continue to come up with products that can tackle various tasks we randomly encounter. You can now take your pick from different items that serve a single purpose or go for a multi-tool approach. Nevertheless, when it comes to the latter, most models often feature a blade of some kind. If you’re after something compact with a hint of class, then the Titaner folding craft knife should do the trick.

Like most of the products on offer from the brand, this is a handy tool if you’re in a pinch. As the label is subtly hinting, its frame is crafted out of grade 5 titanium. A lot of EDCs often rely on the material for its remarkable durability and lightweight nature. Meanwhile, the blade is stainless steel and user-replaceable, which is a convenient feature to keep the edge sharp. Overall, you have a corrosion-resistant folding knife that feels at home in your pocket or on a keychain.

The Titaner folding craft knife relies on a slip join to lock the blade in place when in use. The absence of a mechanical lock makes it easy to flip it open and close. For those unfamiliar with how it works, its basically the same mechanism on a Swiss Army knife. The ergonomic shape of the frame optimizes your grip while you slice through various stuff like soft butter. Ultimately, what you get is a pocket-friendly scalpel that’s almost maintenance-free save for replacing the blade every now and then.

Images courtesy of Titaner

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