Collaborations between brands are hit-and-miss affairs. The Covergirl and Star Wars mashup? An atrocity. But Nike and Apple’s partnership? Genius. We’d wager this new collaboration between Urban EDC Supply and The James Brand is a hit.

Both companies just got hitched to give us the Elko Knife, an eye-catching and functional reinvention of the everyday pocket knife. It sports an unapologetically minimalistic design with one particular highlight: the handles, which are wrapped in green Micarta scales. Urban EDC Supply and The James Brand have given us a striking balance between sleekness and ruggedness, best exemplified by the svelte blade complementing the brutal, pedestrian feel of the handle.

The Elko Knife is small enough to go unnoticed even when you add it to your keychain with the rest of your baubles, but this thing packs a wallop despite its size. There’s a 1.74-inch blade can pretty much handle everyday cutting tasks, yes, but the Elko package also boasts an all-around pry tool, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener — basically everything you ever need, and nothing you don’t.

What really sets it apart, though, is the fact that the Micarta scales are virtually indestructible, offering optimum robustness in such a tiny package. The knife also implements a non-locking mechanism, which adds to its overall versatility, making it suitable for all kinds of situations.

Amazingly, this thing costs just a cool $75, which is an amazing bargain for what you’re getting. Anyone seeking to add a an everyday carry essential should seriously consider what Urban EDC Supply and The James Brand have come up with. This collaboration hits all ticks all the boxes: aesthetics, versatility, and function.


Photos courtesy of Urban EDC Supply