We here at Men’s Gear love helping our readers discovers some of the coolest stuff out there. In fact, the majority of the items we showcase here are so awesome that everybody wants them. That includes us of course, so we’re mixing it up a little and coming up with something a little different. Instead of listing our usual fare, this time we’re compiling 101 things every man should own.

Men are expected to be always ready for anything that might come our way. Thus, it is for that reason why we usually own multi-tools, EDCs, gadgets, tech, and a whole lot more. However, most of it we buy out of interest or maybe a passing fancy. The things we’re going to be detailing next will focus more on what we need.

Trust us, all of the stuff that will come up next will make you realize what you’ve been missing all these years. With our goal of helping you guys out, the staff will be looking into what are the must-haves that any man should have access to at any given time. This comprehensive list will include tips, information, and reasons for its existence. Hence, buckle up as we take a thrilling tour of the things every man should own. Just note that these are not ranked in any particular order.


Leather Wallet

By now, you’ve probably seen modern versions of the humble wallet. The new ones coming out feature metal components, integrated money clips, card holders, RFID protection, and so much more. However, never underestimate the class and elegance that you can get with a quality leather wallet.

The great thing about it is that even vegan consumers can own one made of synthetic leather. Men have been using this traditional design for quite a while now and it’s not going away anytime soon either.

We know that pockets are there for a reason, which is to keep stuff with you when going out. A reliable wallet can help keep everything organized with class.


Traditional Shaving Kit

Unless you’re planning to grow facial hair, shaving should be part of your daily routine. We actually have it good because modern razors are practically foolproof. Hence, a good traditional shaving kit should be included in a list of things every guy needs

Safety razors are undeniably more convenient to use, but men should learn how to shave the old-school way. We’re talking about a straight razor, shaving brush, and shaving cream. You’re going to need to practice a bit to avoid getting nicked, but it won’t take long until you get the hang of it.


A Reliable Chef's Knife

The modern man cannot rely on fast food alone, which is why knowing how to cook is essential. Since cooking requires us to cut ingredients, a sharp and durable knife is required. We advise against bargain bin brands because it will not survive for long.

Instead, get yourself a top-shelf chef’s knife that will withstand all of the abuse in the kitchen. High-end brands use top-quality materials to craft their blades, hence you’ll own a tool that will virtually last a lifetime. Like all knives, it will require sharpening every now and then.


A Good Luggage Bag

We know there’s nothing wrong with using a backpack or a duffel bag, and other types of luggage. However, if you might want to invest in a good suitcase for your adventures. Run-of-the-mill options are often of poor quality and can easily be forced open,

Therefore, don’t skimp out and invest in a premium suitcase. It’s preferable to travel with a slim and sturdy luggage bag that can survive the abuse it goes through when you check it in. Depending on your preference, you can go for ones with a hard case, but soft luggage might be advantageous if you need to squeeze it into smaller compartments.



It’s no longer common for people to own flashlights because modern smartphones are equipped with LED flash modules. However, these often have very limited range and brightness with just enough performance for emergency situations.

What we want to say is that a flashlight is a must-have item for guys to own. You can leave one at home and bring along a smaller EDC model. Heavy-duty models can also be used for self-defense when in a pinch. Moreover, there are various designs available that will be handy in low-light conditions.



You’re going to need a place to store all of your tools, which is why a rugged toolbox is required. First of all, just leaving all of your stuff lying around in a shed or garage is not a good idea. It will be easy to lose a couple of pieces or have one drop on your foot. We don’t want any of that to happen so we might as well keep them properly.

This item will help you organize your tools properly so you can quickly grab the one you need in a jiffy. Additionally, it makes it easier to transport your collection.



Let’s say that form a visual standpoint, you have all of the physical qualities that make men attractive. However, all of that will go to waste if you smell like a hobo that lives on the street. Scent plays a big part in how people perceive you, so never neglect to take a bath and splash on some good cologne.

Good looks can only get you so far, but with the right fragrance, it’s a guaranteed win. You’ll be surprised how it makes a difference when you’re wearing the right scent. Remember to apply it on pulse points such as your inner wrists and neck.


Leather Dress Shoes

Generally, we would recommend our reader to dress for comfort. Unless your work requires a formal dress code, casual wear with a good pair of sneakers are our go-to option. Nevertheless, among some of the things every man should own would be a good pair of leather dress shoes.

Earlier, we suggested that a well-tailored suit should be in your wardrobe, which is why you need the appropriate footwear to match the style. Modern offerings are now available with comfort in mind, so don’t worry about getting sore feet after wearing them.

9Mechanical manual-winding Vacheron 4400

Mechanical Wristwatch

This is another accessory that is slowly being replaced by modern technology. These days, we can quickly check the time using our smartphones, digital watches, and smart wearables. However, there is just a persistent allure for men to own mechanical timepiece.

Perhaps it’s in our nature to appreciate the intricate inner workings of an analog wristwatch. Men’s Gears recommends that you go out and get one now if you don’t own one yet. On the other hand, you can always grab another one to add to your collection, which can be become an obsession for some people.


A Good Umbrella

Like soldiers, modern gentlemen should always be prepared for anything. Certain products have become must-have items for men to own that will prove beneficial when circumstances call for it. Depending on where you’re living, the weather can be quite unpredictable, which is why a good umbrella becomes essential.

Don’t settle for those cheap ones made of plastic and other flimsy materials. Preferably go for the ones with wooden handles that use premium materials for the canopy. Don’t let mother nature stop you from looking good.


A Bottle Of Whiskey

Beer might be the drink of choice for most men, but among other spirits, whiskey appears to be the clear favorite. We know that others will argue that wine, vodka, tequila, and others are better, but let’s check out what makes whiskey so great.

Not only does a good bottle of whiskey smell and taste good, but there are also reported benefits regarding the amber spirit. Studies conducted probably by folks who love the drink reveal that moderate amounts can keep you away from certain ailments. Plus most of the bottles that hold it looks awesome.


Cast-Iron Skillet

Modern pots and pans make it easier to cook and clean with a non-stick coating. However, chefs will tell you that everyone should own at least one cast-iron skillet. This durable metal can withstand a lot of heat and conducts it better as well.

Once, you’ve tried cooking on one, you’ll never want to go back. This one of the things every guy needs to have in their kitchen. It’s basically a chemical-free and efficient food preparation tool that will last a lifetime with proper care.


Coffee Grinder

Don’t you just love it when you get a waft of the wonderful aroma of roasted coffee beans? Just thinking about a steaming cup of java already gets us pumped. Yet, before you can draw out all of that energy-boosting goodness, you’re going to need to grind everything down.

Coffee grinders are must-have items for men who love to brew their own coffee. If using a manual hand-crank is too much work for you, there’s always electric-powered alternatives. Nevertheless, using a manual grinder with a little elbow grease should make savoring the drink all the more worthwhile.


Leather Belt

As long as you’re not against using animal products, a good leather belt is one of the things every man should own. Other than to keep your pants securely in place, it stands out as a stylish accessory to your formal attire.

In fact, sometimes all you need to complete your look is a fancy leather belt around your waist. There are various types available such as a frame style, plate style, and box frame belts. Just remember that a good suit will look even better with the proper accessories.

15Best Men


This simple accessory is far from just another piece of a formal outfit. It might be just a long piece of cloth, but it represents a lot of things that men should be aware of. First of all, it is part of the ensemble that conveys a professional image.

Next is its function as a focal point for your outfit so people will be instantly drawn to the tie you’re wearing. Then, others claim that it creates a slimming effect as it draws attention to the middle. Finally, the ladies always love to see a man in a suit and tie.



Not only are book informative, but stories can be a great leisure activity. Reading a book likewise helps build your vocabulary and can expand your imagination. Most people start off with a few books and slowly add more to their collection.

You’re also going to need a bookshelf to hold all of your reading material and keep things organized. We know that modern technology offers the convenience of an e-book reader. Nonetheless, nothing beats sipping coffee and holding a good book in your hands as you turn the pages to see what happens next.


Pocket Knife

A knife was an essential tool for our ancestors that helped them hunt, cut, and craft various items using the sharp edge. Now, modern manufacturing methods and materials can forge a robust blade that can handle various tasks.

Instead of a full-size knife, a pocket knife is a must-have item for men. You can own a fixed blade or a folding version, but as long as it can take the abuse, it should be enough. This tool can help you in survival situations or as a means of self-defense. Just make sure that you go for top brands that will not fail when you need it the most.

18Executive Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

Just like the usefulness of a pocket knife, the Swiss Army Knife is a versatile multi-tool that everyone should own. As the name suggests, it features a blade for your cutting needs. However, it goes one step beyond that by throwing in a bunch of tools that you never knew would be handy in a punch.

Just like a folding knife, it features components that fold into the handle. It’s available in various models that can hold almost all of the tools you’ll ever need. Never settle for knockoffs, because it’s likely going to break when you least expect it.


A Car

Depending on where you live, owning a car might be more of a hassle compared to public transportation. However, driving one is also makes it a significant entry to our list of 101 things every man should own. Personally, we recommend that our readers should learn how to drive both a stick shift and an automatic.

By nature, men normally gravitate toward all types of machines. Motor vehicles rank high up on our list and owning one gives us a feeling like no other. On the other hand, if you are worried about the environmental impact a petrol engine can have, all-electric models are available.


A Pet

Those of you who want another form of companionship because you’re not ready to make the commitment just yet should go get a pet. It can be a dog, a cat, or something else entirely, but as long as it requires your care, go for it. As they say “no man is an island” after all.

Exotic pets also count as long as you are aware of the risk involved and proper handling. In our opinion, a dog is one of the best among our furry friends because they shower their owners with unconditional love and affection. Cats come in a close second because they are more fickle and challenging to train.



Earlier we gave you a rundown on vehicle ownership should be a must-have item for men. However, there are some disadvantages that go along with it like parking space, getting stuck in traffic, and loads more. Meanwhile, those of you who want a thrill every time you hit the road, a motorcycle is the answer.

Two-wheelers require more control and confidence compared to cars. Moreover, it can be a form of relaxation as you cruise along the highway in complete control. Although the risks are higher on a motorbike, the coolness factor it provides is on a league of its own



Let’s remember that each individual has their own musical tastes. Hence, if you’re blasting your stereo, it’s likely that your neighbors are not really having a good time. Whether you’re at home or out in public, the modern man should be able to enjoy their tunes without bothering other people.

A good pair of headphones not only keep your music private, but it can also create a virtual acoustic space where you’re in control. Fork over some cash for top-grade audiophile cans and experience some of the notes you’ve been missing all this time. If you don’t like the wires, Bluetooth variants are likewise available.



Just like a good pair of leather dress shoes, sneakers are things that every guy needs. Trust us, you’re not going to like moving around in your formal footwear. It’s not every day that you will need to dress up, so a pair of sneakers will pair nicely with your casual wear. Moreover, these are likewise designed for various sports and activities.

Meanwhile, sneaker culture is growing in popularity as popular brands release limited edition footwear. Collectors often purchase more than one pair so they can take advantage of the resale value. Nonetheless, sneakers are ultimately cool because of the comfort and performance they provide.


Outdoor Grill

Nothing beats the sweet smell of meat grilling over an open fire. With an outdoor grill, you can create mouth-watering dishes as the wonderful aromas float through the air. Cook anything from steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and with the right equipment, even some pizza.

This is a must-have item for men who love to host outdoor parties at home. Impress your guest with culinary treats as you grab a beer and grill everything to perfection. In other words, we’re looking at a perfect weekend hanging out with buddies and just chilling.



If you enjoy camping, the importance of having a tent should be obvious. Depending on the weather and the wildlife, you can just use a sleeping bag with a campfire blazing. However, when mother nature refuses to cooperate, a form of shelter will be necessary.

Pitching a tent is not exactly rocket science, but there are easier alternatives out there. Take your pick from the inflatable, geodesic, quick-pitch, pop-ups, and a whole lot more. We recommend that you take the time to learn how to do it manually because you’ll never know when that skill will come in handy.


Work Boots

Dress shoes are for formal occasions, while sneakers are for everything casual. When the situation calls for some serious work, you’re going to need a reliable pair of boots. These are functional footwear that can keep your feet dry or provide protection when working with heavy objects.

Depending on the type of task you’re about to tackle, the appropriate types of work boots will keep you safe from any hazards. We can’t stress enough how steel-toe boots have saved people from limping for the rest of their life. So what are you waiting for? Go out and grab a pair right now.


Tailored Suit

We’ve been talking about formal wear, accessories, and footwear that go along with the set, but let’s not neglect the main star of the show. A properly-tailored suit should be included in the things every man should own. Sure, you can just grab one straight from the rack at your favorite shop, but we advise against it.

If you were wondering why, it seems the reason is how the suit fits and looks on you. There are instances wherein by some stroke of luck everything falls into place perfectly. Yet, most of the time, it will end up a couple of sizes too big or small. So just take our word for it and have one made, you’ll thank us later.



STDs are no laughing matter, we all know the pleasure and gratification we get from sex is amazing. Yet, the aftermath of unprotected intercourse can lead to a lifetime of misery for both parties. To be on the safe side, always remember to have some condoms handy in case you get lucky.

On the other hand, couples can also benefit from it as a form of contraceptive. After all, nobody wants to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. For the ladies reading this, there’s no shame in keeping a box inside your bag just in case your man forgets to buy one.



Its time that you throw away those reused plastic cups and finally get a proper set of glassware for your home. We understand that a real man just needs a container to hold the drink, but what about your guests. That’s right, just remember that you might not be the only one having some booze on any given day.

Furthermore, owning the correct glassware for the type of drink will certainly impress your friends. Each type of drinking vessel has a specific purpose and function that will enhance the taste and presentation of whatever it is you’re serving.


Grooming Kit

Now that we’ve given you some tips regarding facial hair, it’s time to take care of the rest. Personal grooming should be the top priority if you want to look and feel good. That’s why a grooming kit is a must-have item for men who care for their appearance.

This collection of tools will cater to your every need. These often include nail clippers, a small pair of scissors to trim your nose hair, and lots more. Most of the time, you can grab everything as a set that comes with a fancy carrying case. We’re just pointing out that women don’t have a monopoly over being vain these days.


Coffee Maker

All this talking about the coffee will eventually lead up to the coffee maker. Before you think of buying those fancy new models that use pods instead of fresh ground beans, listen up.

You can’t expect quality if you’re fond of taking shortcuts, which is why traditionally brewing one requires patience and appreciation for the process.

It might take a little longer, whereas instant coffee and pod machines are quicker, but you get to savor a cup that you personally crafted. Ultimately, this practice can save you a lot of money moving forward.



This one is pretty self-explanatory. By nature, fire is a dangerous element that can be destructive in certain conditions. However, it is also essential to keep us warm and cook our food. Many survival situations will most likely require you to start a fire for various purposes.

Thus, having a lighter handy will save you a lot of trouble. Traditional Zippo lighters might be cool, but the wind will quickly snuff the flame out. Anyway, wind-proof options are available so just take your pick and keep a couple handy just in case.



Now that almost everything is going digital, writing instruments are slowly becoming irrelevant. However, this does not mean that you abandon the pen entirely. Using digital pens and tablets is actually more sustainable than using paper, but we also need to preserve the traditional medium.

Furthermore, a lot of legal documents still require hand-written information and signatures. Meanwhile, there are cool EDC pens out there that are must-have items for men who want more than just a writing tool. Likewise, some tactical models can be used for survival and self-defense when the situation calls for it.



Like it or not, life will randomly throw us a curve ball when we least expect it. Even with all the preparations in place, accidents will happen. To minimize your losses, responsible adults should consider getting an insurance policy on anything applicable.

Most of us have this flawed opinion that insurance companies are just a big scam. However, as long as you are aware of the fine print and within its parameters, you should be in the green. Nobody wants to become a financial burden to their loved ones, which is why life and health insurance policies are essential.



For most of us, a large towel is enough to dry off and to cover our bodies right after a bath. Unless you have a fit physique to show off, it’s better to wear something else.

If you’re not ready to change and just want to lounge around in comfort after a shower, then you’re going to need a good bathrobe.

Not all of us want to answer the door or bump into surprise guests with just a towel wrapped around. Hence, it’s better to use a bathrobe so you can maintain a level of decency even when you step out to grab the mail or a newspaper off your front porch.



Earlier, we gave you a couple of reasons why a pen is still relevant in modern society. To add to that, we’re reminding our readers to keep a journal. With this in your possession, men can record important events in their lives and practice their writing skills at the same time.

There’s no need to go fancy, but at least get one that looks cool. You’re not required to add entries every day, but the more you put in the better. Just imagine how awesome it would be for later generations to stumble upon your journal. It will give them an intimate glimpse idea of who you were.


Lounge Chair

After working hard all day, there’s nothing more inviting than a comfy sofa or bed. On the other hand, if you’re planning to just hang out at home, the best furniture you can have is a lounge chair. These are designed to give users the ultimate ergonomic comfort.

There are various types that will serve a specific purpose, but all of which are designed to help you relax. Personally, we would recommend recliners that are not fixed due to the versatility it offers. Just give us a good lounge chair, a cold beer, some music, and we’re in cloud nine.

38Home Gym Equipments

Exercise Equipment

Eating and drinking are wonderful hobbies that can get out of hand pretty quick. It’s easy to neglect our well-being, which can lead to problems down the road. If hitting your local gym is not feasible for certain reasons, then working out at home is your best bet.

There are various activities that you can do that does not need equipment, but exercise equipment can have its advantages. A set of weights and maybe an all-in-one machine can go a long way. Along with a controlled diet, it won’t be long until you finish sculpting the body of an athlete.


Personalized Mug

Coffee, tea, and other warm beverages are best served in mugs. Unless you’re okay with using the first cup you can grab from the rack, a personalized mug will do the trick. With this in your possession, it can be a canvas to showcase your tastes.

It can have your name or any other design that will immediately stand out from other cups in the pantry. With a little luck, purchasing one won’t be necessary, as your friends or co-workers end up giving you one to show their appreciation for your awesomeness.


Work Gloves

No matter how tough you think you are, injuries are bound to happen if you neglect protection. Just as work boots keep your feet protected from various hazards, a pair of work gloves will shield your digits from harm.

These are things that every guy needs when they’re working with power tools and materials that can cut bare flesh. There are even some models that are made for use in the kitchen.

These reliable accessories likewise enhance grip as well as other benefits to help improve overall productivity. More importantly, it reminds us not to do anything stupid that can lead to injury.


Spices And Seasonings

When cooking, a dash of salt and pepper can go a long way to add flavor to your dishes. Yet, if you want to create an explosion of flavor, spices and seasonings are things every man needs in the kitchen.

You can buy these in bulk and just use a spice rack to keep everything organized, thereby making it easier to find what you need when cooking. Liquid seasonings also work great for marinating various types of meat, or you can go for a dry rub to enhance the taste of whatever you’re planning to grill. Never hesitate to consult a recipe book if you’re in doubt.


Family Recipe

Just as we detailed earlier, a recipe book holds a wealth of information on the dish you want to prepare. It can be in the form of a book or maybe a website with almost any cuisine that your heart desires.

The flavor is essential, which is why spices and seasonings are must-have items, to begin with. On the other hand, another awesome way to go about it is to learn recipes from your family.

These are often handed down from generation to generation, which makes it so special and amazing. Remember that we men want it just like how mother used to make it.


Road Bike

A motorcycle is definitely a thrilling mode of transport with its fair share of risks. However, if you want to get some exercise in the process, a road bike will match your active lifestyle. These are not your average bicycles that are for leisure purposes.

These are machines that are tuned to take you wherever you need to go as fast as your legs can pedal. Just like a motor vehicle, road bikes allow you to shift gears to maximize your performance. These allow riders to tackle steep inclines and zoom forward on level surfaces.


Gaming System

For a lot of us guys, video games are the ultimate form of leisure when we don’t want to leave the house. In fact, research shows that gaming has its share of benefits on top of all that fun. Men who regularly play video games have better memory, problem-solving skills, coordination, social skills, and the list goes on.

There are various platforms available such as home consoles, mobile devices, and PCs. It does not really matter what platform you use for gaming as long as you are enjoying every moment. This definitely belongs in our list of 101 things that every man should own.


Desktop Workstation

Now that we’ve established that gaming is a boatload of fun with functional benefits, its time to check out the flip side. Not all computers are for gaming, but gaming PCs are flexible and can handle anything you throw at it.

Therefore, why not hit two birds with one stone and build a gaming rig that can double as your desktop workstation. Even with all the fancy LED lighting and killer spec sheet, it will be worth the cost as long as you can get some work done using the machine.



When your work requires a computer, but you’re frequently on the road for whatever reason, a laptop is right for you. Not all companies provide it to their employees, so you might as well get one for both work and personal use.

In fact, a laptop is a must-have item for the modern man for various purposes. Moreover, there are models that are equipped for gaming on the go. Wi-Fi is practically available almost anywhere, which makes it convenient for you to play work or play whenever you want to.



A man should always be prepared to tackle any challenge that comes before him. Hence, we suggested earlier that its ideal to keep your tools organized. However, traditional heavy-duty equipment can be bulky and is not advisable to lug around except maybe in your vehicle.

Thankfully, some companies came up with the idea to squeeze a bunch of frequently used to a compact form factor for portability. EDC multi-tools are the currently the most popular among men, which is we’re adding it to our list of things every guy needs.


Playing Cards

You’ll never know when your buddies might drop by for a couple of drinks, so be a gracious host and prepare. Playing video games or watching sports on TV are common activities, but a deck of cards is something else. As long as there are players available, a round of card games promises a lot of fun.

Right now, the most popular among guys is poker, wherein professional tournaments have insane prizes at stake. To make it more interesting play for some pocket change or maybe some favors that you can redeem at a later date.



When you’re next trip takes you abroad, a ticket will get you nowhere without a passport. As such, this document is truly a must-have item for guys who want to go on an adventure outside of the country. In fact, you should secure one and keep it handy as a form of identification.

Collecting awesome experiences during a trip is definitely worthwhile so we encourage our readers to see the world. Always remember to keep your passport in a safe place during your travels. A reliable anti-theft bag or backpack should be enough.


Travel Money

The idea of going on a trip is definitely exciting. All you need is your passport (for international destinations), a ticket, and some pocket money to spend on your adventures. Other than the passport, you’re going to need some extra cash for the latter two items.

Therefore, as early as now, we encourage you to put aside a portion of your earnings toward a travel fund. You can put it in a savings account, a piggy bank, or a glass jar.

It doesn’t matter where but as long as you allocate a share of the money, it will eventually serve its purpose. So hold off making unnecessary purchases for the meantime and save up for your dream vacation abroad.



There are so many ways to decorate your home. It can be as simple as arranging the furniture or maybe adding a couple more. Proper lighting also adds a visual effect that can turn a plain room into something else. Truth be told, the possibilities are almost limitless as long as you have an eye for style.

However, to add a touch of class to your dwelling, a couple of paintings should give it a layer of finesse. Moreover, this does not need to be from well-known artists at all. In fact, we encourage you to choose the ones that call out to your soul.


Vinyl Collection

You can brag all you want regarding the boatload of music you have on hand. It’s a good guess that most of us have a huge library of music accessible at any time. A digital collection allows us to search and play our tunes with a few clicks of a remote or a swipe and tap on various devices. \

Yet, there’s just something snazzy about owning a couple of vinyl to play on a good turntable system. You can shop online for the ones you want or maybe bargain hunting and hopefully score a good haul. Audiophiles out there will tell you that vinyl records are far superior to any digital format.



If you’ve been religiously following our list of must-have items for men, a couple of items might have caught your fancy. For those of you who are interested to start buying music on vinyl, you’re going to need a machine for playback.

To enjoy the intricacy, beauty, and acoustic quality of analog music, a quality turntable should do the trick. The cool thing about it is that there are modern models out there that even have Bluetooth connectivity on board. Therefore, you can wirelessly stream your music to any compatible speaker within your home.


Pickup Truck

The modern man should be as practical as much as possible. This is applicable when it comes to owning certain things in life. Just like any other products, choosing the right vehicle can be a difficult endeavor. As long as you have the money to cover the cost, the market has a lot to offer a potential buyer.

We know it’s so tempting to go for that awesome sports car that you’ve always wanted. However, you can’t beat the versatility that a pickup truck can offer. It’s a manly ride that provides exceptional utility and enough power to haul almost any type of cargo.



Nothing screams testosterone than a truck or SUV. The former is a great option if you need a solid workhorse for various tasks. Meanwhile, the latter is a powerful vehicle that is as capable as a pickup truck but with more room for passengers.

It appears to be a must-have alternative for men who have a big family or a lot of buddies that want to hitch a ride to have fun. Although a truck bed would be better for transporting cargo, most modern SUVs offer more than enough trunk space with the rear seats folded down.


Thermal Container

There used to be a time before microwaves that required people to store food inside thermal containers. These were absolutely essential back in the day to keep your meals and drinks warm or cold.

Even until now, modern versions of these storage containers feature exceptional insulation that can preserve the temperature even longer.

In other words, a handy product that can hold various food items for transport. In other words, a great item to have when traveling or camping where a microwave is not accessible. Likewise, let’s not forget that it works on cold items too.



Among firearms, when it comes to close-range engagements, nothing is more intimidating than a shotgun. This weapon is insanely powerful in short distances, which is why the majority of individuals have one at home for protection.

As long as the target is within range, accuracy should be the least of your worries. Traditional models are a pain to reload and, but the newer ones can even be fully automatic. The scare factor alone from hearing a pump action shotgun is enough to send shivers down our spine. In other words, a badass weapon to consider.



The iconic revolver is by far the manliest gun ever made. Blame it on the movies that painted an interesting picture of the American Old West and. Squabbles among men were settled with fists and guns. Meanwhile, the most prominent model on screen was the revolver.

A lot of creative liberties were taken to portray it as a formidable weapon, but in reality, there are some caveats involved. Other than ammo capacity and longer reload times, a revolver is a reliable and stylish gun to have in your possession.



Camping is basically a fun outdoor activity wherein you face nature alone or as a group and try not to die. Kidding aside, it is a challenging adventure that offers an escape from hustle and bustle of the city. Must-have items include a backpack, sleeping bags, a tent, food, and other tools to aid your survival.

A knife can handle a lot of tasks, but for thicker vegetation and other camping needs, a machete is essential. Use it to make short work of wood for setting up your campsite as well as gathering resources.



Let us say that your adventures normally take you to places with bodies of water. Swimming usually comes to mind, but there’s so much more that you can do with a kayak. This is one of the things men should have to explore rivers, lakes, and the sea.

Most people who try it find it relaxing and therapeutic, but it really depends on the situation. Moreover, you can use it to reach prime fishing spots that those on the shore can only dream of. If you’re not comfortable going solo, certain models can fit two or more people.



Earlier, we made a suggestion regarding a desktop workstation. If you’re one of the folks who agree with us pertaining the benefits a PC can offer then you’re going to this next item. Although any table or elevated flat surface will do, using an office desk will encourage productivity.

Depending on the model, there are parts that can help organize your setup. We’re talking about the cables, keyboard, speakers, printers, and other additional accessories. Just remember that decluttering your workspace can help you focus and get work done more efficiently. Moreover, it works great for laptop users as well.



This sounds a bit silly because almost everybody already owns a smartphone, wherein a camera is a regular feature. However, what we’re driving at it to own a regular point and shoot or a DSLR and its other variants. We want to encourage our readers to master the fine art of photography as it should be.

Modern digital cameras sport an auto mode that uses high-tech systems and programs to capture stunning shots. Meanwhile, real men rely on their skills, which is why you should take the plunge and go manual. This makes cameras a must-have item for men who love to take photos.


Power Tools

All men want to be powerful just like the heroes we look up to. Hence, power tools are here to help with any task that mere mortals cannot accomplish alone. In reality, these bad boys are things that ever men should have at home, but preferably in the garage or workshop.

Sure a little elbow grease can take care of most stuff, but when it comes to heavy lifting, a set of power tools will make your life easier. Face any projects life throws your way with a complete arsenal at the ready.



Just like the name says, a safe is a must-have item to keep important stuff under lock and key. Actually, depending on the brand, the locking mechanism can be different, but the function remains the same. Furthermore, a good choice is preferably a model that is both fire and water-resistant.

Life can sometimes deal a bad hand with natural disasters or acts of God causing untold damage to property. Thus, it’s better to be safe than sorry (pardon the pun) with a peace of mind that your valuables are out of harm’s way.


Sewing Kit

Men are known to be independent creatures when it comes to many things. Sadly, there are some tasks that we still believe only women should do. You should know that modern society frowns upon that way of thought so it’s time to make some changes.

These days a lot of men are not afraid to go against common stereotypes. As such, learning how to mend common problems with articles of clothing is one step of being able to stand on your own. Thus, a sewing kit is a must-have item for men who want to be prepared for anything.


Fine Cutlery

When your goal is to serve good food that people will enjoy, the taste is a crucial factor. Meanwhile, it’s easy to forget that visual presentation is likewise important. Now that you’ve taken care of these, the next order of business is to go grab some cutlery.

In case you were wondering, how can you expect guests to appreciate their meal when all you have are some mismatched utensils. Furthermore, don’t even think of using plastic ones for the sake of the environment. Stainless steel is the way to go so don’t skimp out of buying a high-quality set.



Unless you have a crazy vertical leap, practice Parkour, or the power of flight, you will need a ladder. It’s part of the package of essential stuff a man should own in their lifetime. This is useful for a lot of tasks that require you to reach elevated areas. It could be for cleaning, painting, carpentry, and a whole more.

You might argue that a chair or stool should be enough, but it won’t match the versatility of a ladder. Fixed wooden ones are a classic, but we suggest that you get the metal ones that can fold into a more compact form for storage.


Fishing Rod

Fishing is a popular leisure activity among men due to relaxing nature. Imagine spending hours just lounging about waiting for the fish to bite. Furthermore, throw in a cooler with some refreshments and you’re golden. Depending on the type of fish you’re hoping to land, a durable fishing rod will make a difference.

Traditionally, these are made from bamboo, but modern ones are now made of far superior materials. We’re talking about carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite, and a couple more thrown in. Fly fishing, on the other hand, is likewise fun but requires different gear and less sitting around.



Face it, all guys want to own a chainsaw. Reasons to get one might vary for each individual, but what matters is that you have one. Perhaps, its the raw power it offers to cut through wood like butter or something else entirely. Despite the ease of use, the risk of injury is certainly there. Another possible factor is its presence in pop culture.

Just like knives, men are inexplicably drawn to items that can be used for survival, self-defense, and the occasional project or two. As always, proper safety gear can save you from a trip to the emergency room in the future.



Moving the lawn is not exactly a glorious chore to do around the house. Uncontrolled growth of the grass will eventually make your home stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood. In the first place, the decision to live in a residence with patches of grass up front makes it part of the package.

Regular push-powered mowers require a lot of effort, while self-propelled models are a piece of cake. A ride-on variant can be a lot of fun as you drive around sipping a beer on one hand. Finally, the best option among the bunch would be an automated version that takes care of everything after a quick initial setup.


Bottled Liquor On Display

Drinking is a great way to relax and just hang out with friends. As always, guys usually go for a beer as the must-have item in ever cooler or refrigerator. On the other hand, booze such as whiskey, vodka, gin, and all other alcohol should likewise be included in your selection.

There’s nothing like showing off your fancy collection of liquor bottles to show everyone your sophisticated attributes. Make no mistake, because beer is still an amazing option, but it just pales in comparison to the presentation of spirits inside their classy containers.


Fire Pit

Don’t you wish to take home the experience of gathering around a campfire with friends and talking about whatever comes to mind? If so, it is possible to replicate this with a fire pit at home. Not to be confused with a fireplace, which, in its own right, is another cool addition to your residence, this one is normally outdoors.

Not only does it keep you warm during those cold nights, but it can also cook your food. Not only does this add a cozy atmosphere, but the dancing flames and glowing embers will also be a mesmerizing spectacle for all.



Finally owning a house is one of the things that men should have in life. Depending on your financial situation, not everyone can afford to purchase real estate. Nevertheless, some guys who want to settle down and start a family in the future must have this written down as a primary goal.

Home ownership means that you can do whatever the heck you want since it’s your property. So as early as now, shop around or contact your real estate agent to find more about the properties available in good neighborhoods.


Musical Instruments

Music is one of the purest art forms that you can use to express whatever you want. In order to create one, you’re going to need to learn how to play a musical instrument. Guitars are must-have items for those who want to rock or maybe compose a beautiful ballad.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the elegance of playing the piano. There are tons of ways to create music and learning how is a big challenge for men to undertake. A good tip would be to pick a genre you love and start from there.



Oxygen and air free of pollutants are crucial if you suffer from allergies or other respiratory complications. Modern HVAC installations are usually equipped to handle these things. Likewise, nature already has the perfect system to help us out.

Plants are essential to sustain life on this planet. As such having plants inside your home will prove beneficial as research shows. Other than being stylish decorations, a bunch of these will reduce carbon dioxide levels and absorb certain pollutants.

Therefore, instead of relying on machines, let nature take better care of you.


Home Bar

Going out for drinks is always fun, but regular trips to your favorite bars can cost you a fortune in the long run. That’s why most men would rather enjoy drinking at home. We know that the atmosphere is never the same, but with the money you are saving, its a small sacrifice.

To organize all of the booze you’ve been keeping all this time, a home bar is an awesome option. Why keep your best spirits in the cupboard when you can flaunt them for everyone to see. You can shop for a pre-built model or you can craft one from scratch. Personally, we’d go for the latter.



When you’re totally drained and just want to sleep, a sofa or a lounge chair will not matter. In contrast, a full-size bed with a top-notch mattress will take you on a journey of supreme relaxation. In fact, some individuals don’t even want to get up and do other stuff anymore.

However, getting good sleep will often leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world like a champ. If you’re into DIY stuff, just grab a good mattress and craft a bed according to your personal specifications. As long as it is going to be something that you want to sleep in, price and looks won’t matter.


Sound System

Listening to music can have a lot of positive effects that can help people relax, find inspiration, and evoke emotions. Depending on who tells you, a pair of high-end headphones can produce the best playback. However, if you plan to share the audio, a high-quality sound system should deliver the acoustic performance you need.

Moreover, this device should come in handy if you are entertaining guests or having a dance party at home. The latest models now come with Bluetooth and wireless streaming so you can throw your beats over the air to compatible speakers throughout the house.

79National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Since we were kids, finding lost treasure is a fantasy that men will carry to the grave. We can’t deny the allure of stumbling upon untold riches continues to intrigue us to this day. However, modern treasure hunters no longer need a map to find uncover what is hidden.

Metal detectors are the ideal tools to help search of stuff beneath the ground. Don’t lose hope if you keep finding junk on the first couple of tries. Eventually, Lady Luck will smile upon your efforts and you can finally hit a jackpot.



Owning an ax can mean a lot of things. One thing for certain is that as long as its purpose is for anything else other than harming others, every man should own one. Probably with the exception of self-defense, an ax is an ultimate survival tool.

It can quickly chop wood for fuel while you’re camping. If you want a workout, drop that chainsaw and take that tree down the old-fashioned way. Moreover, in an emergency, you can use the tool to break through locked doors. In other words, another must-have item for men.


Vacuum Cleaner

A regular vacuum cleaner is intended for cleaning up inside the house. In contrast, a shop vac is a heavy-duty machine that is designed for extreme versatility. It makes quick work of messes around construction sites and woodworking shops.

The powerful motor can suck up stuff that normal vacuum cleaners will have trouble with. Additionally, some models are so reliable that it can be used to draw water from flooded areas, but it’s not meant to replace a pump. Keep one in our workshop or garage, you’ll never know when the need arises.


Hair Clippers

Just like safety razors to keep our facial hair in check, hair clippers will keep our heads prim and proper. Of course, we still recommend the occasional trip to your local barbershop for that new hairstyle.

On the other hand, if what you need is a regular trim or maybe a buzz cut, this machine is perfect for the task. You can go for the rechargeable kind that will prove convenient for those trips that take you places where there are no barbers around for miles. Don’t forget to throw in your shaving kit along too.



All men have their secrets and most of us want to keep it that way. Privacy is a serious matter, which is why we invest a lot on software and services to keep our data away from the prying eyes of hackers.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to protect our material riches in a similar fashion by using a safe or locking our cabinets. To secure our homes and properties, a reliable lock can give us that peace of mind. There are many types and functions, but all of it works to deter people from accessing what’s on the other side.


Security Camera

Security cameras function as modern crime deterrent gadgets. This means that as soon as people are aware that somebody is watching them, they tend to think twice about doing something stupid.

Another advantage of having these around your home is being able to remotely communicate with people as long as it supports two-way audio.

Think of it as a cutting-edge baby monitor where instead of an infant, you’re observing adults trying their best not to make a fool of themselves on camera. Thus, this can be a form of entertainment depending on how you look at it.


Smart Hub

For those of our readers who are on the process automating their homes, a smart hub is a must-have item. If you’re planning to upgrade a lot of your stuff with smart features, you’re going to need a device to help control their functions.

Getting the right one depends on the voice assistant that you are planning to work with. As it stands right now, Amazon’s Alexa boasts compatibility with almost all of the best ones out there. Of course, Google Assistant is our next recommendation. Meanwhile, Apple users only have the HomePod.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there are various ways to open a bottle sealed with a cork or other materials like it. Sure, heating the neck with lighter and watching the cork fly off with a pop is cool and all, but the traditional way still matters. Using a corkscrew is not that difficult, but we often forget to keep one handy. Luckily, most EDC gadgets such as Swiss Army knives usually include one.



This one is pretty obvious. Unless you would rather spend your free time reading books or using a mobile device, television is the go-to choice for entertainment. Bigger is always better when it comes to displaying size, but expect to pay a premium as you go up in size. Pair it with a decent home theater sound system and you will the ultimate setup ready to go.


Heavy Bag

Learning how to fight is essential in order to defend yourself properly during a confrontation. We’re not encouraging our readers to start one, but if the situation arises it’s better to be prepared. Speed and accuracy matter a lot during a fight, but power can mean victory.

Hence, a boxing bag will give you an intense workout and develop your punch and kick strength over time. Meanwhile, likewise, grab a pair of boxing gloves to protect yourself from injury.

89Beatit Jump Start Kit

Jumper Cables

This one is a major lifesaver if you’re always using your car to travel. A dead battery is the bane of all motorists and nobody wants to be stuck on the road at any time. However, if it does happen, you’re going to need to jump start your ride with the help of another car. Usage is pretty straightforward as long as you have jumper cables handy.



As men we are proud to show off our strength every now and then. For example, carrying all the groceries in one trip is something to boast about. However, it’s foolish to force ourselves to haul a heavy load that can cause injury. Traditional models can be used for flat or inclined surfaces, but modern variants are capable of much more. Some can even climb stairs with relative ease.



Real men embrace change but also hold on to traditions. As such, modern technology is slowly turning us into a paperless society. For the sake of sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact on trees, this sounds ideal.

However, we must also value the old-fashioned form of communication and documentation using a pen and stationery. Writing something down on paper is more personal, which helps convey your thoughts sincerely.



Face it, drinking liquor inside a paper bag is not the most pleasant of practices. In fact, it makes you look uncultured. So why not do it the proper way and consume your alcohol in public via a flask.

A real gentleman drinks using appropriate glassware, but if it’s not available, directly from the flask is likewise acceptable. Some establishments might not allow you to bring one, but you can always find a way to sneak it in.

93QardioBase2 WiFi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

Weighing Scale

This measuring tool was traditionally used to weigh goods, but as more people become conscious of their health, it now resides in bathrooms everywhere. Most modern scales are now digital and more accurate compared to the analog types of old.

Fact is, there are high-tech models that support wireless connectivity with a smart device or fitness tracker. This should help users with their weight management regimen as dictated by their physicians.



It doesn’t matter even if the bed is constructed from the most expensive materials. As long as the mattress is of poor quality, you’re going to have a bad time sleeping tonight. Don’t let budget hold you back, because this is a thing that men should have.

As long as the price is within reason, getting a good night’s sleep should be your top priority. Good ones will quickly whisk you off to slumberland with the most pleasant of dreams.



A lot of guys use bags, backpacks, and a bunch of other luggage options. Some even go as far as using a fanny pack during travel. These are all great tools or carrying our stuff, but if you’re after something slightly formal, then a briefcase is what you want.

Holding one these look absolutely stylish in most cases. Moreover, these are the perfect accessories when you’re wearing a suit to work.



Whether its a party at home, a tailgate, a picnic, or practically any occasion with beverages, a cooler is essential. How else are you going to keep your drinks cool when you’re away from the fridge.

Other than using it for storing food and beverage, this container can also keep fish and other types of game fresh for transport. In conclusion, another must-have item for men to consider when shopping.

97Survival First Aid Kit For HomeOutdoor Use

First Aid Kit

Mishaps can happen when we least expect, which is why a first-aid kit should be available on hand. Without proper care, some injuries can potentially become life-threatening. Men are encouraged to at least learn basic first aid practices.

Since most of us are outdoorsmen by nature, we should at least prepare and pack a basic kit at before we head out. There’s no telling what might happen on the way.


Fire Extinguisher

I’m sure that men would agree that we have a certain affinity for stuff that our ancestors used for survival. For example, blades, farming, hunting, fishing, building, and starting a fire. Armed with the proper knowledge, we can quickly snuff out flames before they go out of control. However, if the situation takes a turn for the worst, a fire extinguisher can mean life or death for those involved.

99WRAPTIE™ tie-down strap

Tie Down Straps

When you’re hauling big stuff on your truck, tie down straps are must-have accessories to keep your cargo from moving around. Moreover, these can help keep taller items upright while in transit.

You might be tempted to go for the elastic ones but the types with ratchet mechanism work the best. Just be careful not to overtighten the straps, because it can cause damage and serious injury.

100NOS NSJ0302 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

Hydraulic Jack

When we buy a new automobile, car companies often include a set of tools to help owners with certain tasks. Getting a flat tire can be dangerous when the vehicle is in motion, hence always pull over safely if you can.

Changing tires is basically foolproof, but lifting the car up requires a jack. The one we got from the dealership is quite basic, so plunk down a few bucks for a hydraulic floor jack instead.


Extension Cords

Modern homes are now equipped with power outlets on every corner. However, there are occasions wherein we need to plug in our tools or devices but there are no sockets nearby. A simple problem requires a simple solution. Therefore, an extension cord will make our lives a lot easier. Never hesitate to check the wires because it can wear down after some time.