Coffee. The magic bean that is the favorite pick me up of millions. Essential to kick start the brain in the morning and the perfect ending to a meal. Brewed to perfection in countless variations, it brings people together and keeps a body going through busy days and long sleepless nights. Take what you want from me but mess with my coffee and there will be trouble.

The coffee bean is complex containing a thousand plus compounds that carry its unique flavors and aromas.  It demands careful brewing with cautious temperature and time control to get it just right – something around 195 -205 degrees for 6-8 minutes. It is the most intense flavors and aromas that are the first to leave the bean, the milder and smoother follow later.

Every serious coffee drinker is a serious coffee maker and knows that straying from the formula leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Too slow or with the temperature too high the humble bean lets you know with a brew that is harsh, bitter and hard to swallow. Too cold and the flavor is never extracted and there is no delicious aroma filling the kitchen. Brewing a fresh pot of coffee that hits all the right nerves is an art form that has to be learnt and using a good machine from the start is a must to get even a chance of the perfect brew.

1) Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Brand Name
Hamilton Beach
Model Number
2 Pounds

This single serve coffee maker from Hamilton Beach allows you to brew your coffee in two ways. It comes equipped with a 12-cup glass carafe but you can also brew your coffee directly into your travel mug. By the way, you’re not going to find the travel mug included in the package.

This 950W machine works flawlessly. The pod holder works efficiently with the brew basket to hold soft pods, which is nice. Another good thing is that you can easily select different brew strengths to brew bold or regular strength coffee. The availability of a control panel and display means you can automate the process and even set the brewing time 24 hours in advance.

Keep in mind that the single serve feature works when you use loosely ground coffee or opt for disk-shaped soft pods. It does not work with K-Cup packs, which may be a drawback of buying this machine.  Another issue is that it lacks a permanent mesh filter, which is usually available on the carafe side.

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  • It comes with a 12-cup carafe to brew your coffee perfectly.
  • It helps you brew your coffee single serve or full pot.
  • It is fully programmable and comes with auto-shutoff to save energy.
  • It is not compatible with K-Cup packs or single-serve packs.
  • It does not have a permanent mesh filter on the carafe.


2) Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Brand Name
Mr. Coffee
Model Number
4.7 Pounds

This 12-cup coffee maker from Mr. Coffee is available in black and looks good in every kitchen setting. You will notice that the machine brews at a reasonably fast speed, and you can use it to brew your coffee at a rather hot temperature. When pouring out of the pot, you don’t have to deal with a dribbling carafe, which is a common complaint of many coffee lovers.

Thanks to the on/0ff indicator light, it is easy to check whether your coffee maker is working or not.  Interestingly, it is possible to pause the brewing process before it is done using Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature. Similarly, you will love the fact that it comes with a dual water window, which offers enough visibility to ensure you don’t have to deal with overflows.

Moreover, the machine allows for easy cleanups because all you have to do is lift the filter basket and clean it.  It works great, but the only issue is that it may be a bit expensive, especially for someone who’s coming from a basic coffee maker.

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  • It comes with an on/off indicator light to know when the machine is working.
  • It has a dual water window to help prevent overflows.
  • It prevents counter clutter by providing you with easy cord storage feature.
  • It may be a bit expensive for some.


3) Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Machine

Brand Name
Model Number
13.65 Pounds

So many things make Keurig K-Café a good choice for anyone interested in buying a single serve coffee maker.  One of the best things is that you can use it with any K-cup pod, which means it is possible to make cappuccinos and brew coffee with utmost ease. All you have to do is press the “SHOT” button and it will brew coffee using your favorite K-Cup pod. With its large 60oz water reservoir, you can easily brew up to 6 cups.

The build quality of this machine is impressive, and it is easy to set it up after you receive the package.  The use of simple button controls means it is easy to operate right out of the box. Interestingly, there is no need to worry about serious maintenance because it comes equipped with dishwasher safe frother. A really nice single-serve machine, but the price may be a bit on the higher side.

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  • It comes with a removable reservoir for an ease of refilling.
  • It allows you to brew while increasing the strength.
  • It is possible to use a K-Cup of your choice with this machine.
  • It may be a bit expensive to some.


4) Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer

Brand Name
Technivorm Moccamaster
Model Number
6.26 Pounds

Available in 17 amazing colors, the KBG coffee brewer is a simple to use and reasonably quiet machine you can own. The build quality is impressive, as the machine is encased in a highly durable metal housing.

You don’t have to worry about any dripping issues, as it features an auto drip-stop brew-basket coupled with a high quality glass carafe, which ensures coffee quality, taste, and integrity. Interestingly, it is a powerful coffee brewer with a capacity to brew a full carafe in no more than 6 minutes.

With its 9-hole outlet arm, it is capable of pulsing water at up to 205F, which in turn will ensure a smooth and evenly extracted cup of coffee. While most of the features are super impressive, the price may be a deal-breaker for some, as this brewer does come with a hefty price tag.

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  • It comes in 17 color variations to choose something that suits your taste.
  • It features a high quality auto drip-stop brew-basket.
  • It heats water quickly with its copper boiling element.
  • A bit expensive as compared to similar brewers from other brands.


5) Keurig K575 Coffee Maker

Brand Name
Model Number
13.7 Pounds

The K575 from Keurig is a reasonably good single serve coffee maker that is strong enough to handle a K-cup pod brew up to 12oz.  The availability of a large 80oz water reservoir means you can brew up to 10 cups before even thinking of going for a refill. You can easily change the strength setting to brew a cup of coffee as per your unique needs and taste. “Hot Water On Demand” is a nice feature too, making it easier to brew your coffee with a touch of the button.

Another good thing about this coffee maker is that you can easily adjust the size of your beverage. Interestingly, the brewer works automatically and switches to the optimized brew setting after sensing the type of pack you have inserted into it. You can also change the settings using the color touchscreen, which, by the way, is larger than what you usually find on other coffee makers in the market. The price may be the only issue making you think twice before buying it.

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  • It has a large water reservoir capable of brewing more than 10 cups at a time.
  • It can use K-Carafe pods as well as K-Cup Pods with utmost ease.
  • It lets you change the strength setting to brew a bold cup of coffee.
  • It may be a little expensive for some.


6) Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Brand Name
Model Number
6.6 Pounds

Keurig seems to have designed some of the nicest coffee makers available in the market, and the K-Elite Single Serve is no different.  One of its important selling points is the use of quite brew technology, which means the machine will not make any noise while in use, so you can use it late at night or very early in the morning without disturbing others around you.

The coffee maker is quite powerful and gives you the chance to change its strength settings with ease. You can also switch to iced setting to brew a cup of iced coffee in no time. With ‘hot water on demand’ feature, you can get the amount of water you need to prepare instant oatmeal, soups, and more. And, it will take some time until your water supply runs dry, as the machine comes with a large 75oz water reservoir.

Everything about the K-Elite is good, but you’ll be disappointed to know that it does not come with a touchscreen.  Moreover, the reservoir lid is no longer hinged, which means you cannot lift the front half only to refill.  It is certainly a simpler product, but it does increase the reliability to a certain extent.

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  • It uses quiet brew technology for a quieter operation.
  • It can brew different K-Cup pod sizes.
  • It is possible to brew hot over ice using its iced setting button.
  • It can brew K-Cup pods in no more than a minute.
  • It does not have a touchscreen system.


7) Nespresso Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Machine

Brand Name
Model Number
9.8 Pounds

With two capsules that let you prepare Coffee, Alto, and Espresso, this coffee machine bundle really looks like a good buy. There is a large capsule for coffee and alto, with cup sizes of 8oz and 14oz respectively, and a small capsule for espresso. Coffee lovers will love it for producing multiple cups of coffee with optimal freshness.

The real upside of buying this machine is that it uses the Centrifusion extraction technology that spins the capsules up to 7,000 RPM for a perfect blend of water and coffee. You will love the crema it produces. It also works amazingly well to produce authentic espresso, and does it quickly too.

It supports one-touch brewing, so you will love the ease of use. The only downside is that the pods are quite expensive, much more than what you pay when you use another brand. You won’t find a glitch in the performance though.

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  • It has two different capsule sizes for coffee, alto, and espresso.
  • It uses centrifusion extraction technology for optimal performance.
  • You can change the cup support to produce different cup sizes.
  • The pods are expensive for most people.


8) Mr. Coffee Thermal Coffeemaker System

Brand Name
Mr. Coffee
Model Number
5.1 Pounds

You will love the Optimal Brew coffee maker for its design, performance, and build quality. The combination of a fast brew speed and a high brew temperature that goes as high as 205 degrees means you get great tasting coffee cup after cup.

With the Optimal Brew coffee maker, you don’t have to wait for the brewing cycle to complete to pour a cup. Simply use its Pause ‘N Serve function to pour a cup as you like. It uses a special cleaning cycle along with impressive water filtration system to provide you with better tasting coffee. Its removal water reservoir is another nice feature.

You will find it quite easy and safe to use, especially because it has a stainless steel thermal carafe. Moreover, you can take advantage of its built-in timer to get fresh coffee whenever you want. It means that if you can afford it, you should certainly consider buying it.

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  • It has a high brew speed to make exceptional coffee.
  • It uses a special cleaning cycle to improve its performance.
  • It is possible to get a cup during the brewing cycle.
  • Its price is a bit on the higher side.


9) Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

Brand Name
Model Number
7.1 Pounds

The BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker from Braun is a good choice for making rich, reliable coffee in no time. Yes, your brewing knowledge matters, but this feature-rich machine will simplify the task with its PureFlavor system that works flawlessly to extract the finest coffee flavor.

It makes no compromises over flavor and its unique carafe lid plays a role in it. It kind of seals the flavor inside your coffee by limiting the air exposure. Moreover, you can change the settings using the strength function to make bold or regular coffee.

Thanks to its anti-drip system, you will not find it difficult to pour your coffee with precision, even when you want to do it right in the middle of the brewing cycle.  It serves you well as a whole, but some people have complained about a black coating building on the heating plate.

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  • It features a PureFlavor system to ensure a rich taste.
  • It uses an anti-drip system to prevent any mess while pouring.
  • It comes with a strength function to help you make bold or regular coffee.
  • You may experience issues related to the heating plate.


10) Kenmore Aroma Control Coffee Maker

Brand Name
Model Number
Kenmore 40706
6.34 Pounds

The Kenmore 40706 is a popular coffee maker that comes with a 12-cup glass carafe making it easier to get the right amount of water as per your brewing needs.  It is an extremely easy-t0-use coffee maker with a programmable timer.  You can also use its Pause and Serve function to get a cup during the brew cycle.

Unlike many other coffee makers, this one from Kenmore will not have issues related to the heating plate.  It comes equipped with a non-stick coated plate, so you will have your coffee warm longer. The brewing mechanism works efficiently, thanks to the use of an improved brewing technology that lets the grounds steep thoroughly before making it available in the carafe.

It is worth mentioning that though the overall build quality of the Kenmore 40706 is reasonably good, the design is not as user-friendly as some other models from Kenwood are. For instance, it is hard to empty the pot because of its inner rim and it is not possible to open up the reservoir cover completely.  If you can ignore these seemingly minor issues, this coffee maker may prove to be a good buy.

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  • It comes with an outer water gauge to get the right amount of water for brewing.
  • It comes equipped with a programmable timer for easy management.
  • It uses a special technology to steep the grounds and get a satisfying cup.
  • The design is not particularely user-friendly for most people.


11) BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

Brand Name
Model Number
2.45 Pounds

Black + Decker has a good range of coffee makers and the DCM600B is one of their popular models.  With its Duralife glass carafe, it is extremely easy to fill it up and pour once your coffee is ready. You will really like the fact that the carafe comes with clear measurement markings making life a lot easier if you have multiple coffee drinkers who like different flavor strengths.

The presence of a removal filter basket means that you don’t have to go through much hassle to clean it up. It is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about anything.  It is worth mentioning that the basket is quite compatible with different basket-style paper filters.  Other features include a nonstick carafe plate, an easy-view water window, a lighted on/off switch, and more. The only issue is that you may have to deal with some dripping, and therefore, it is better to have something to catch that dripping coffee.

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  • It comes with a dishwasher safe filter basket.
  • It features a nonstick carafe plate for safe brewing.
  • It has an easy-view water window to help you brew the correct amount.
  • It will drip while brewing and that can be annoying.


12) Mueller Ultima Coffee Maker

Brand Name
Mueller Austria
Model Number
Mueller Ultima Single Serve
6.95 Pounds

This coffee maker with five brew sizes is quite compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 K-cups as well as number of other pods, which means that you can make a cup of coffee in any way you like. You will also notice the same versatility in brew sizes, as you can choose different strengths and brew up to 12oz cups.

It comes with a 45oz water tank, which is removable by the way, but you may find it a bit on the smaller side as many other modes offer water tanks up to 80oz.  Still, the size is reasonably good and you will appreciate the fact that it has a large opening that makes it easier to fill it up.

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  • It is quite compatible with most pods.
  • It is quite compact and suitable for small spaces.
  • It has a water tank with large opening for easy fill-ups.
  • The water tank could have been larger.


Main benefits of using a coffee machine?

The coffee machine is a blessing for people with high coffee consumption. Some of us are unable to start the day or an important task without a cup of coffee at hand. Other people find their breakfast and snack incomplete without a cup of aromatic coffee. For those coffee lovers and addicts, the coffee machine is essential.

The coffee machine is beneficial in these ways;

Time and Money Saver

A good coffee machine saves time and money. No need to be spending precious time standing in coffee shop queues for your favorite brew when you can prepare it for less cost at home.  A good quality machine needs to be viewed as an investment. Brewing at home will always come in cheaper than the coffee shop and the machine will easily pay for itself. Even so, it pays to look out for machines on sales to add to the amount of cash you can save.

Fresher and More Flavorful Coffee

Nothing can beat the flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee and you can get it at home only with a quality coffee maker. Instant coffee is an easier choice but its taste and aroma cannot be compared with freshly prepared coffee from the beans. It has a distinct aroma and flavor easily distinguished by a coffee lover. For some though, it’s all too intense. They prefer mild and less aromatic instant coffee to freshly brewed one. It all depends upon your own taste buds.

Healthier Version of Coffee

Brewed coffee is the healthier version of coffee. Coffee beans release greater amounts of the healthy oils into the pot which are beneficial for your health. These oils contain antioxidants and nutrients that are helpful in uplifting mood and increasing brain activity. Brewed coffee deliver these nutrients in their purest form and help protect the body from various cancer types and heart disease. Instant coffee does not carry as much benefit as the nutrients and the antioxidants present are not as effective after it has been commercially prepared. Beware though, even with its health benefits, coffee is still an addictive stimulant and over-consumption can create problems.

Benefits Of Having A Coffee Machine In The Workplace

A cup of coffee can lift your mood and enhance brain activity and if it is freshly brewed its benefit increases multifold. What could be a better way to improve your employees` concentration span and increase their productivity than to offer them a freshly brewed coffee any time they want?

Bringing a coffee machine into your office will win the heart of your employees and make your workplace a more cozy and attractive place for your workers. It says you value your employees but also eliminates the need for frequent coffee breaks. Ready and on tap, fresh coffee can eliminate a lazy and lethargic work attitude to leave your workers more enthusiastic and active.

Your investment in a good coffee machine for your office will go a long way in not only invigorating your employees but also impressing your clients. The social act of presenting an aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee will lift the mood of your clients, relax them and help you cut a good deal.

Variations of Coffee Machines

Before you decide to make the all important purchase, you need to learn a bit about different types of coffee machines and some of their major benefits and features. For instance:

Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee machines are the most popular coffee machines and are widely used for domestic purposes. They are easy to use and can be operated by anyone. These standard machines are also cost effective and are available everywhere.

Here are some of the main features of drip coffee machines:

Espresso Coffee Machines

An espresso coffee machine is your ideal choice if you are a lover of concentrated more intense espresso coffee. This coffee is the base of many high-end coffees served at the cafes around the world. You can easily get your tricky espresso coffee right from the comfort of your home with this machine.

Some of the prominent aspects of espresso coffee machine are:

French Presses

The French press is a classic model of coffee machine and popular around the world. It is unique with zero electric consumption and a simple mechanism. They are the cheapest type of coffee makers available in the market and require the least maintenance.

Some of the key features of the French press are:

Single Cup Makers

Single cup makers are ideal for individual use or in the situation where everyone prefers different flavors and wants to brew at their own convenient timings. These machines work with a single cup coffee pod and have both filter and grounder attach to it.

Some of the important attributes of single cup makers are:

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Makers

If you are a true coffee maniac than the bean to cup coffee machine is your ideal choice. It grounds whole coffee beans right at the moment you begin to brew to ensure there are no flavors lost and the essential oils released are at their optimal best for a rich aroma and full bodied taste.

Some of the key aspects of bean to cup coffee makers are:

What to consider when buying a coffee machine?

Considering the benefits, you may already be feeling tempted to buy yourself a new shiny piece of coffee maker. You should certainly go ahead, but be sure to remember a few important points before taking the plunge. Here is what you should consider when buying a coffee machine.

Bar Pressure

Good bar pressure is essential for getting creamy frothy coffee from your coffee maker. Check out the bar pressure before buying any coffee maker. Ideal bar pressure is between 15 to 19 bar and is crucial for brewing perfect frothy coffee. Optimum bar pressure is even more essential for espresso coffee making machines.

Thermo Block

The temperature of water at the time of coffee brewing plays an important role in getting perfectly flavored coffee. Thermo block is a boiler in your coffee machine that ensures perfect water temperature for brewing. Your water temperature should ideally be maintained at 90-degree centigrade for a perfect cup or else it will ruin the flavor and aroma balance of your coffee.

Filter Holder

The filter holder maintains the temperature of grounded coffee. A brass filter holder is better than aluminum filter holder as it retains heat more precisely.


Wattage helps in brewing the coffee quickly by boiling water in comparatively lesser time. Higher wattage indicates the efficiency of the machine to boil water swiftly.


Your coffee maker demands your attention and regular maintenance to keep working efficiently. If you want to make the most of your coffee maker and want it to stay fault free for a longer than you must descale them regularly. Some high-end machines have indicators that alert you to descale when needed. Besides descaling, check the filters regularly for any blockage and wash your water reservoir, spout and pot after every use.

Features to Check in Different Types of Coffee Makers

There are different coffee makers to suit different tastes and needs, so it is important to consider certain features when you want to put your money on a specific type of machine. Here are a few things to consider.

Multi-Cup Coffee Makers

Popular among most American households, the drip coffee makers can easily make at least 8-10 cups per carafe, which is why they are perfect for small dinner parties and homes with multiple coffee drinkers.  To make your perfect purchase it pays to think about a few things.

There are other features to check out, such as a built-in coffee grinder, pause function, automatic shut-off and the availability of filter basket.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

These coffee makers help you brew a single cup of coffee at a time and are quite popular these days. By going for these machines, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of drinking perfect coffee with very little cleanup. These makers use pre-packaged pods that you can find a variety of flavors. With these pods, it is easy to change your routine with a cup of hot chocolate, tea, or even hot cider. Here’s what to consider when buying these coffee makers:

Espresso Machines

It is easy to use espresso machines and create a perfect shot of espresso that can be used as the base for cappuccino, caffe latte, Americano, mocha, macchiato, and so many more variations. Considering these features will help you buy the right espresso machine for you.

Invest in an espresso machine with a built-in frothing wand. These wands produce a stream of hot air to help aerate milk and give you that lovely foamy topping on your morning cappuccino.

What are the main brands of coffee machines?

When you know what to consider at the time of buying a coffee machine, you usually don’t need to worry too much about brands. Nevertheless, knowing about popular brands will make it easier to select a coffee machine that is capable of delivering the best performance in your home or office setting.

Hamilton Beach is a nice choice with a variety of coffee machines available to choose from, but if you’re looking for coffee machines that last, you may want to buy something from Krups. Similarly, Keurig offers excellent machines, but they may be a bit expensive to buy for some.  To find a rater affordable model, you can check the range of coffee makers Mr. Coffee has available.

Other than these, there are many other popular brands of the coffee machines, including De’ Longhi, Nespresso, Melitta, Presto, Kenmore, Black & Decker, NESCO, and the list goes on. Just be sure to know your exact coffee needs and remember the points mentioned earlier to get the best machine.


When you’re a coffee lover, it makes great sense to own a coffee maker, as it helps you prepare coffee in an affordable way and allows you to find the perfect settings to have a cup of foamy coffee. Many top brands are now selling some amazingly designed coffee makers, but you should consider your budget and the number of cups you’d be brewing a day. So, be ready to do your research to bring home a coffee maker perfectly designed to suit your unique needs!