The SHORTY G2, which stands for Generation 2, is not your run-of-the-mill key organizer because of its added feature. It comes with a handy pocketknife in case you suddenly find yourself in need of a sharp blade.

This everyday carry keeps your keys secure in one place so they do not create unnecessary noise or accidentally nip your skin. It makes for neat storage and one that lets you easily find your keys without having to go through all the things in your bag. It can hold three keys and a maximum of five with the added extension posts.

The SHORTY G2 adapts a pocket knife’s swivel method in pulling out the keys. A thumb slot in one corner lets you push the head of the keys out and the ends come out on the other side. The keys also do not dangle once pulled out which makes it easy for one-handed operation.

The best thing about this EDC is the addition of a utility blade. The 1.7-inch pocket knife is sharp enough to cut through ropes, boxes, plastics, and more. The knife is also removable in case you want to use this gear just as a key organizer.

The SHORTY G2 looks sleek and elegant in its black PVD finish. It is portable at 2.35 inches long and lightweight at 1.6 ounces. You can clip it to your pocket using the built-in pocket clip or attach it to a lanyard or carabiner using the small loop. Guaranteed durable, this device is constructed from 6AL 4V Titanium and its hardware is 416 stainless steel.

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Images courtesy of Shorty G2