If you love the taste and aroma that comes from a drip coffee, then you’re probably also one of those who wish that it isn’t so tedious to make. South Korean designer Joo Hwan Hong understands the painstaking process this coffee takes, thus the conception of the SCOPE coffee machine.

This machine takes the guesswork out of measuring and grinding beans and does away with the use of a filter and a cone. It does away with the use of several accessories when it comes to making drip coffee. Forget the cone, the filter, the grinder, the scoop, and most of all, the thermometer. This apparatus combines all these accessories in one sleek, minimalistic, and fully-functional innovative design.

The SCOPE coffee machine has an integrated scale and coffee grinder. It also has a removable digital scale to measure ground coffee beans and a timer. Then there are two digital displays: one is the temperature control so you know exactly the temperature of your water. The other displays weight readings and it disappears when not in use.

This machine narrows down the otherwise lengthy process of making drip coffee into three steps: scale, grinding and brewing. All you need is just a glass or cup placed under the dripper and you’re all set.

The SCOPE drip coffee machine won 2020 Asia Design Awards and is still in the conceptual phase. There is no word on production yet. Although, we wouldn’t mind having this elegant and innovative apparatus on our kitchen countertop even just for display.

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Photos courtesy of Joo Hwan Hong