When it first came out in 1996, it was anybody’s guess that a fresh Game Boy RPG would turn out to be a massive success for Nintendo and its partners. Pocket Monsters – the original Japanese name for Pokémon – is now a major franchise and features regular collaborations with global brands. If you’re shopping for cool related products, Nendo just launched the Pokémon Mosaic collection.

Unless you’re blissfully unaware of just how popular the IP is, it has already spawned an animated series, a trading card game, a live-action movie adaptation, and so much more. In fact, some of us here are huge fans and can’t help but geek out whenever a new tie-in is announced.

Variety can push consumers to buy more and Nendo knows exactly what to offer. There are around 75 items to choose from in the Pokémon Mosaic collection. Even if it seems like a staggering number of choices, its essentially modest if you take into account the official entries listed in the National Pokédex.

So far, there is something for everyone here and most of the iconic creatures are represented. Of course, the yellow electric rat headlines the Pokémon Mosaic collection and is likely to sell out sooner than the rest. We like that true to the name, only shapes and colors are used to denote each character.

Interestingly, it goes to show just how recognizable they are. Take your pick from wall clocks, cushion covers, pocketable bags, mugs, glass tumblers, flat pouches, plates, flat tote bags, and lunch tote bags. There is no doubt in our minds Nendo will make a killing with the Pokémon Mosaic collection.

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Images courtesy of Nendo