The XIAONIAN VersaTool is a versatile screwdriver multi-tool engineered for the modern-day adventurer, DIY enthusiast, and anyone in between. It packs over 18 driver bits in its robust belly that are the “epitome of functionality meets finesse.”

There are two models: the 29-in-1 and the 36-in-1. The first model packs 18 driver bits of H6.35*25mm sizes and the bits are designed for those looking for efficiency and power in one package. Meanwhile, the second offers 24 driver bits of H4*28mm sizes is for intricate work that demands precision. 

Aside from the driver bits, the XIAONIAN VersaTool also comes with some of the most-used utility tools. These include a bottle opener, a box opener, a ruler marked both in metric and inch units,  plus six specifications of hex wrenches. The series boasts a magnetic socket that ensures secure bond between screwdriver and the bits. They keep the bits where you need them for quick and easy access during operation. 

Moreover, this multitool has embedded magnets so you can attach it to any metallic surface for a hands-free use especially when working in tight spaces or in the garage. 

The XIAONIAN VersaTool boasts innovative strategically-positioned dual magnetic mounts. One is located at the end and the other along the side of the screwdriver for unparalleled flexibility. The end mount allows the tool to be used in a traditional screwdriver fashion with a straightforward push-and-twist action.

Meanwhile, the side mount offers a lateral approach which is ideal when applying torque in a tight space or when a different angle is needed to achieve the necessary grip. 

The XIAONIAN VersaTool Screwdriver is crafted from anodized aluminum for enhanced corrosion resistance, hardness, and wear resistance. It features textured edges and refined contours while a high-gloss mirror finish completes the sleek and elegant design.

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Images courtesy of XIAONIAN