Amid this pandemic, people are taking extra precautions to stay safe. Aside from wearing masks and face shields, they wear portable personal air purifiers such as the ReSPR SeLF.

ReSPR’s proprietary technology prides itself in providing hospitals, airports, and homes with clean air for over a decade. Now they have packed that same technology in a portable device that emits seven million charged ions to effectively purify the air within your breathing space.

The ReSPR SeLF attracts deadly airborne particles and renders them too heavy to remain in the air. It is effective in removing particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers including viruses, allergens, pollens, smoke, and pathogenic bacteria. This ion emitter then creates a three-foot-zone of clean, purified breathing air around your head.

This wearable air purifier adds another layer of protection to your face mask and shield. Thus, potentially lowering the chances or risks that you get airborne or viral diseases such as the dreaded COVID-19. You get clean and fresher air wherever you go. And as with other personal air purifiers, this device is also lightweight as such it can be worn around the neck with comfort.

The ReSPR SeLF is also maintenance-free and looks trendy in any fashion style. It comes in white color and is user-friendly. It requires no special installation or assembly. You can wear it as a necklace when in use or clip it to your pocket during storage. It only takes an hour to charge the device through USB charging and you’re set with 24-hours of clean and safe breathing air.

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Images courtesy of ReSPR