To make an impression on others, we often make it a point to dress our best. Most of us have, in one way or the other, probably dug up information on how to dress for a formal occasion. Unless you’re blessed with the profile and body of a model who would remain remarkable no matter the outfit, guys must pay attention to what they wear. Search online and you’ll find several guides to get you started. On the other hand, those who value comfort should consider casual clothes. Nevertheless, dressing down in casual wear for men requires essential fashion pieces to achieve the right look.

To help inspire you with ideas, we are compiling the best tips on how to wear casual outfits. While a suit is considered by most as what professionals should dress to work, some find it a tad restrictive in certain situations. Unless it’s tailored specifically to your measurements, store-bought ones fit poorly and are thereby not a good choice. Thankfully, some companies prefer that their employees report in their most comfortable getup.

Keeping it smart should do the trick, but what we will talk about are the dos and don’ts of a great casual ensemble. Let’s just say for that for some reason, society no longer wants to see uniforms that make people seem like corporate drones. Then it’s time to step up your game and understand the nuances for stylish success. Let’s explore how to wear casual attire with style.

What is casual wear?


Before we move forward, let’s discuss what folks actually know about it. If one searches online, the first result would be from Wikipedia, which summarily states that casual wear or clothing should be relaxed, spontaneous and suited for the everyday. Casual attire became popular as part of the counterculture of the 1960s.

Others prefer to call it anything one wears when there is no dress code which includes smart casual outfits. Chris from TopTrendsGuide, a men’s fashion trend website, explains “smart casual wear as upscale casual wear that is stylish, sharp and universally flattering. This elegant yet comfortable look is meant to be easy to wear and versatile, allowing men to wear much of the same clothing day-to-day in the summer and winter alike.”

Basically, these include, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, polo shirts, chinos, and the list goes on. Therefore, let’s get started as we’ll attempt to lead you on the right path. Please be aware that we want to educate our readers so they can to steer clear of avoidable style slipups

The right pair of pants


Earlier we pointed out that a pair of jeans is a step in the right direction for a casual appeal. Denim is perhaps the most common material many normally go for. The fabric is quite durable and is practically resistant to wrinkling. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and for some reason starts gets even better when the color fades over time.

While baggy pants were at one point considered tolerable, please avoid these along with ripped, distressed, and bleached alternatives. Pick those that do not have loud graphics or huge logos and the ones in darker shades. Meanwhile, depending on your body type, there are different fits such as athletic, straight, slim, and others. You can learn more about the different types of fits here.

Don’t forget to also invest in some chinos. While the material is a little more finicky on the upkeep, it’s advisable to change it up once in a while. These come in a wider variety of colors, but beige, gray, black, navy, and olive green are suitable all year round.

Footwear makes a difference


Admit it, like most of us, sneakers immediately came to mind one talks about casual wear. It might be the right time for us to bid our favorite beat-up pair goodbye as we revamp our wardrobe. Many consider shoes as an afterthought given that it’s all the way down there. It is an assumption on our part that the only outfit that matters is what can be seen at eye level.

To our surprise, what one rocks from top to bottom is essential, if they want to make a good impression. The goal here is to look dapper as much as possible so get yourself a nice pair of brown leather boots. Now you can alternate between your cool kicks and level up your game when the occasion calls for it. Trust us, the ladies love it.

Ditch the t-shirts with graphics


Now, this honestly an issue we struggle to agree with, but this is actually a fair point. There’s no denying that t-shirts are the best platform for companies to advertise anything under the sun. On top of being so damn comfortable, people wear it in an attempt to draw attention to whatever is printed on them. Essentially, everyone else has tons of these in their closet to cycle through on a daily basis.

Our goal here is to deliver a visage that stands out from the crowd. Obviously, we’re not talking about hipster levels here, but just enough to draw compliments for an attractive style that highlights your confidence in the best way possible. You can’t go wrong with single-color, stripes, or those with minimal branding on the outside. By the way, polo shirts are also fair game if you apply the same rules.

Watches and accessories


By now, you likely have a grasp of the ideal combination to produce the best results. However, there’s another simple but awesome method to kick it up a notch. Although modern technology makes it difficult for us to part with our smartphones, we must embrace some old-school school elements. A good wristwatch should add some sophistication to your otherwise bare wrists.

It can be mechanical or digital depending on your preference, but it will imbue more personality to your overall appearance. Another option would be bracelets. Leather ones are the way to go, but those crafted out of other materials such as stone are likewise acceptable. You can choose to go with either one, but a combination of both works just as fine.

Lastly, don’t forget to invest in quality sunglasses to accessorize your face for a cool relaxed look. Glasses along with groomed facial hair can be a trendy style for guys who want to dress casually around the city.

Casual Wear For Men


There you have it. Casual wear does not have to be boring or uninspired. As long as you are willing to experiment a little bit but stay within the guidelines indicated above, it should be good. Just remember to have fun and ask for an honest opinion from friends and loved ones.

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