If the idea of wearing denim makes you feel like jumping behind the wheel of a truck or lighting up a Marlboro think again. Although it’s still a rugged and macho look, it’s also a pretty stylish option now too. Black denim jackets for men are often useful for a smart evening outfit, as it pairs with most things.

It’s easy to overlook what a cool piece of clothing denim is, due to its age. Men of the Wild West certainly loved the stuff, as nearly early every cowboy seemed to have one or more. The Marlboro man then got in on the act, making it part of his iconic look.

Along the way, denim became more than just a tough piece of utilitarian outerwear and that idea has stuck.

Denim jackets have survived time, and they suit everyone. You could be just old enough to buy a beer or be nearing the end of life, it works for all with black denim only adding to the iconic style. Wear it with almost anything and it’ll work. Your jacket can even work as it gets older because then it’s simply vintage!

Black denim is a bit different than those double-denim 80’s nightmares. It works with either black jeans or blue jeans so there’s not really a thing as “too much.”

If you’re heading out the door and there’s a chill in the air, a denim jacket will work whatever you’re wearing. Slide over a hoody for a layered-up look or dress down with sweats and sneakers.

There are lots of black denim jackets for men in the market. To make it easier for you, we’ve done the legwork for you with our rundown of what we think are the best black denim jackets for men, seen below!

1) Quality Durables Co-Regular Fit Men’s Jean Jacket

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Quality Durables Co
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The first denim jacket to make it through to the hot 10 is a name that won’t be as familiar as some of the others. Quality Durables Co is an Amazon brand that’s all about casual wear. While offering a collection of rugged work attire, the brand also features a whole host of different denim essentials.

There’s a range of styles, with one key element that always remains the same is the authentic, lived-in look.

These black denim jackets for men fusing the versatility of denim with the comfort of soft cotton. This results in a denim jacket that you won’t want to take off. The fit for this jacket is regular which means that it skims the body without hugging it closely, finishing at the hips.

Made from 100% cotton, this denim is visibly aged to give an authentically worn appearance that’s rugged and distinctly lived-in.

As well as the usual flap chest pockets on either breast, this jacket also has welted hand pockets too. This adds an extra touch of practicality. Five metal buttons run down the front and the jacket is finished with contrast stitching. It’s not quite as thick as some of the branded denim jackets.

However, for a lightweight option, try throwing it over a hoody – it’s a top pick.

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  • Feels soft on the skin
  • Hold shape well after washing
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Great value price
  • Thinner than more established brands
  • Sizing is variable


2) Levi’s Men’s Commuter Trucker Jacket II

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Everyone knows the name of Levi’s, a quality brand that’s all about denim. That said, it’s no surprise to find Levi’s black denim jackets for men on our list of 10 hot picks. This dark, inky jacket looks classy and sophisticated and works well throwing it over a shirt and jeans or dressing it down with sweats.

The material is quite different from the jacket from Quality Durables Co. as it’s not 100% cotton. Surprisingly, it’s a stretch twill that’s a mix of 52% cotton, 42% polyamide and 5% elastane. Basically, this jacket has a convenient stretch, making it much more comfortable to wear allowing the jacket to stretch with your movement.

This avoids the annoying stiff fabric that could drive anyone crazy.

This includes a water and dirt-repellent coating so your jacket will look pristine much longer. This is one of the benefits of picking a brand like Levi’s. They’ve been making black denim jean jackets for men for a long time.

It also includes flap pockets on the chest, side pockets, and button down front. Not usually included in a denim jacket, the included hood is hidden away in the collar section. However, it can be easily unzipped and whipped out if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

This isn’t the cheapest jacket you’ll find on the list but it’s worth the extra dollars. Levi’s clothing is exceptionally durable and long-lasting, with built-in abrasion resistance. That said, it’s a safe investment.

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  • Water and dirt resistant coating
  • Comfortable high-quality stretch denim
  • Hidden hood in collar
  • Stylish and well-fitting
  • More expensive than other denim jackets


3) Urbancrews Black Long-Sleeved Denim Jacket

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Created by MKS America Inc, Urbancrews is a line of clothing that offers instant cool. They are a street-savvy, on-trend wear that takes inspiration from well-known brands and adds an individual twist. Their long-sleeved black denim jackets for men is a great example of their style.

Urbancrews makes them available in a range of colors and finishes, including with a hood. This is a jacket you can match with pretty much any outfit to look immediately much cooler. There’s something about a stylish black denim jacket which just oozes appeal.

This design is more striking than some of the others on this list. Likely because it has extra buttons down the front and top studs on the chest pockets. This creates a contrast between the silver and the black which looks great. Contrast stitching and a jet black color mean that overall this jacket is one that really stands out.

You can machine wash it on cold so it’s simple and convenient to clean too. Before you rush out to buy one of these black denim jackets for men, it’s worth taking a look at the size chart they supply. The arms on this style are tighter than you might be used to and overall, it’s a style that comes up small.

To get a comfortable fit, you might need to go up a size, particularly if you work out and have got bulging guns.

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  • Stylish and unusual
  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Fresh street appeal
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sizing can be difficult to get right
  • Arms may be too tight for some


4) Just No Logo Black Denim Jacket

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Brand Name
Just No Logo
Model Number

Just No Logo have opted for the classic style with these black denim jackets for men. It’s a very traditional look that ticks every box. They offer a dark, crisp finish with it. This jacket is ideal to throw on over a shirt, providing an edgy cool to more formal wear.

The contrast between silver buttons and black denim has always seemed a little too in your face for some. However, for those people, you’ll appreciate that the jacket includes the conventional bronze-effect buttons instead. There’s something very appealing about this small detail that instantly makes the jacket look more expensive.

Interestingly, it’s at a very reasonable price.

The jacket is made from a soft cotton denim that’s a delight to slide into. It’s true to size as well, which is always a big help. If you like your jackets a little on the baggy size or plan to wear with a thicker sweatshirt or hoody, get a size up.

The trucker jacket style is simple and sticks to a tried and trusted look with two chest flap pockets contrasted with double-needle stitching. Team up with a white T-shirt, blue jeans and vans for an all-American look which never goes out of style.

In colder weather, wear over a sweat to give your leisurewear a classy edge without sacrificing your comfort. Simple and straightforward, these are essential black denim jackets for men that are perfect as a wardrobe staple.

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  • Classic trucker style jacket
  • Machine washable
  • Traditional bronze buttons
  • Great value for money
  • Narrow waist isn’t comfortable for all
  • Buttons are loose and jingly


5) Wrangler Unlined Black Denim Jacket

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Just one glance at these black denim jackets for men and you’ll spot the quality Wrangler has become known for over the years. One of the premier denim clothing manufacturers in the United States, Wrangler is synonymous with great casual-wear.

These particular black denim jackets for men by Wrangler have a slightly more informal look than the others. It doesn’t have the same flawless black finish, which may or may not be a good thing depending on what you’re looking for.

This has a certain relaxed vibe, making it better for those days when you’re just hanging out.

One of the reasons for its more casual appearance is the fit. This takes away the snugness for a looser fitting. For guys who are more generously proportioned, this is a flattering jacket you won’t struggle to button up.

Similarly, if you have muscles that Hulk would be proud of, you won’t be straining the seams with this design.

Made from 100% cotton, these denim jackets have gold contrast stitching. This stitching on the jacket stands out and is accentuated by bronze buttons. Wrangler makes a statement and doesn’t mind who knows it!

A real rugged look, these black denim jackets for men are practical and designed with the working man in mind. Along with two flap chest pockets, there are two large pockets at the sides. There are also inside pockets that offer a good place to slide a phone or wallet for safekeeping.

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  • Striking and distinctive design
  • Generous sizing
  • Inside pockets
  • High-quality and durable
  • Not suitable for formalwear
  • Proportions may be too big for some


6) Victorious Distressed Black Denim Jacket

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Brand Name
Model Number

For an instantly edgy look, check out these distressed black denim jackets for men by Victorious. About as different from some of our previous entries that it’s possible to be, this is ideal for looking cool in front of the kids.

Made from 100% cotton, this jacket is manufactured with premium material. It has then been ripped and aged to give a deliberately distressed look. Think of a jacket that’s gone a few rounds with Wolverine and you’ll get the idea. The end result is terrific black denim jackets for men that look authentically vintage, and perfect for casual wear.

The rips don’t go all the way through the material as it has been designed to make sure there’s no skin that will show through. However, you will need to be careful with these frayed areas. They’re more delicate than the rest of the denim and it wouldn’t be that difficult to rip it for real.

With a faded stonewash finish, the buttons have a rusty finish too so the overall look is dark and raw. The fit is relatively relaxed but with a narrower waist. This suits those who find the boxier styles hang too loosely at the bottom. The button tabs at the back allow the waist to be tightened further if desired.

With two flap chest pockets as well as two hand pockets, it’s a traditional style that looks very contemporary due to the fabric and overall finish.

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  • Unusual distressed finish
  • 100% cotton
  • Tapered style
  • Available in other colors
  • Not suitable for more formal wear
  • Narrow waist won’t be comfortable for everyone


7) Plaid & Plain

image not found

Brand Name
Plaid & Plain
Model Number

One of the cheaper entries on our list, it’ll fool people into thinking you spent a small fortune. Made by overseas designer, Plaid & Plain, it has the all-American trucker jacket look that has a timeless appeal.

The manufacturer describes this as a “distressed denim jacket,” but it’s fair to say that’s a touch misleading. It’s certainly a long way from the vintage look of the Victorious jacket on our list! However, if you look closely enough you might spot a small amount of fading in parts of the finish. Overall these black denim jackets for men look smart rather than casual.

Sorry Plaid & Plain, we don’t quite agree with your description!

However, that aside, there’s lots to love about this little denim number made from a washed denim fabric in a soft cotton blend. That means it won’t feel as rigid as some other types of denim and feels comfortable, even if you’re wearing short sleeves.

The style is classic with a turn-down collar and two flap chest pockets. That includes the dark black color contrasted with bronze buttons. The design is simple compared to other denim jackets, with no hand pockets included. However, this helps the tailored looking, preventing any sagging or bulging.

These black denim jackets for men will fit men with a slimmer physique as it has a narrow cut. It’s also only available up to a large, so guys who need bigger sizes will find themselves out of luck.

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  • Fantastic value for money
  • Soft fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Classic style
  • Buttons are a little jangly
  • Only available in limited sizes


8) Idopy Black Trucker Denim Jacket

Brand Name
Model Number

For a classic style denim jacket offered at a great price, this offering from Idopy hits the mark. The timeless trucker jacket in true black with dull silver buttons is casual but edgy.

A simplistic design, these black denim jackets for men offer everything you need for a budget. You won’t find fancy labels or hidden inner pockets, but that’s fine as far as we’re concerned. When you just want to add a bit of street to your style by throwing on a bit of black denim, this is perfect.

Manufactured overseas and imported, the sizes come up slightly different than your average U.S. store. Therefore, when ordering you’ll need to check carefully. If in doubt, go up a size as this is a jacket that can be worn slightly loose.

The denim is made from 95% cotton which gives it a soft and lightweight feel. Perfect for teaming up with a sweater and layering up on those chilly evenings or cooler days. The color is inky black so it works just as well with formal wear as for those days when you’re just chilling out.

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  • True black finish
  • Simple and stylish silhouette
  • Great value for money
  • Soft and lightweight design
  • Sizing can be small
  • Lack of hand pockets


9) Levi’s Big and Tall Denim Trucker Jacket

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Even if you’re a big or tall guy, you can rock a black denim jacket and look sharp. Thanks to Levi’s there’s now a style made just for you. With proportions specifically created to fit the larger frame, this traditional trucker-style jacket looks flawless.

It sits on the hips without riding halfway up your back every time you move and the sleeves will reach your wrists without finishing a couple of inches too high. For most larger guys, this is perfect.

However, if you’re well-padded around the middle without being particularly tall, you might find the sleeves are a touch on the long side.

Made from 100% cotton, these black denim jackets for men only have a small amount of fading, giving a comfortable worn-in look. Contrast stitching and silver buttons give it a smart yet versatile look so you can either sling it on over a sweater or slip it on with a suit.

It’s not a heavyweight jacket but as it’s designed to have a more relaxed fit it works well when it’s layered up.

Two flap chest pockets and two hand pockets are accompanied by two inner pockets too, ideal for stashing your valuables in. Machine washable and with a generous fit, this denim jacket is easy to look after and offers an iconic look. The little red tab is a major sign that you’ve got an authentic Levi’s.

It’s a little symbol of quality that everyone will recognize.

With a sizing range that goes all the way up to 5XL, Levi’s are making sure that every guy can rock the denim look if they want. Way to go Levi’s!

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  • Dimensions deliberately designed for larger men
  • High-quality cotton
  • Smart and stylish appearance
  • Machine washable
  • Longer sleeves won’t fit everyone
  • More expensive than other jackets


10) DSDZ Ripped Retro Black Denim Jacket

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Brand Name
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Last, we’ve got this shredded number from DSDZ. This is a retro design that is ripped and distressed. It’s a jacket that’s designed to give you that little bit of street cool with whatever you’re wearing. The only slight criticism would be that while the arms are heavily ripped and frayed, the body of the jacket is immaculate which detracts from the vintage look.

In direct contrast to our previous entry, these black denim jackets for men are tailored to suit the slimmer man. Manufactured in Asia, make sure you carefully check the sizing before placing an order. If in doubt, move up a size as this jacket tends to be snug.

However, if it fits your frame this slim design provides a flattering silhouette and works really well when just paired with a T-shirt and pants.

The style of the jacket from DSDZ is undeniable with the classic turn-down collar, twin flap chest pockets, and heavy stitching. Silver buttons and two hand pockets complete the look. Compared to some of the other black denim jackets for men on our list, this model is fairly lightweight.

Especially with the ripped arms, it’s not the warmest. This means you’ll be wearing more for style than protection from the elements. However, with such an edgy look, that’s fine by us!

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  • Unusual ripped design
  • High-quality cotton
  • Sleek silhouette
  • Great value for money
  • Only available up to a large
  • Slimline dimensions may be too small for some


What are the main things to consider when buying a denim jacket?

If you’re looking into black denim jackets for men, there are a few things to look out for to make sure you get plenty of bang for your buck. While many may look the same on a casual glance, there are some fundamental differences to look out for.

These aren’t always obvious online so read the descriptions carefully and if in doubt, head to the reviews. Dissatisfied customers won’t pull their punches and their comments can be very revealing!

Not all denim jackets have the same style. Just like a pair of jeans, there are some that are a loose fit while others are so tight you almost need to be lubed up to slither in. This applies for both the body of the jacket and the arms as well. Meaning,

if you’re more generously padded around the midriff or have killer biceps, you’ll need to beware. If you’re concerned, you can always size up or look for manufacturers that include a bit of stretch in their denim mix.

You might be surprised to discover that black isn’t always truly black. Confused? Black comes in lots of different shades, from the darkest inky blacks that look smart and sophisticated to a more vintage look which is usually faded, distressed and almost grey in parts.

Both look pretty good, but depending on where you want to wear your denim jacket, one look might suit you more than the other. Finally, denim jackets come in at lots of different price points and this can reflect the weight of the fabric.

Some denim jackets are heavy and suitable for cooler nights while others are very lightweight and better layered up with your favorite hoody.

Are denim jackets in style?

Black denim jackets for men are on a major trend, and there’s absolutely no chance that they’re ever going to disappear for good. Unlike certain other fashion trends, denim is here to stay. We’re talking you half short-half pant combos! Denim cannot die, simply put.

Levi Strauss first hit upon the idea of denim wear back in the 1880s, and it would become a fashion staple. However, back in the day, your average 19th-century worker wasn’t rocking a pair of skinny jeans or going for the double denim look.

Instead, denim was loved for its durability and over time gradually evolved away from industrial wear and towards leisure use.

Decades have been and gone, and denim has surfed the crest of fashion. Evolving the specific style, including the slightly cringe-worthy trends of the ’80s.

Then we landed on the more classic looks that have returned year after year.

Denim jackets but specifically black denim jackets for men are even more of a staple item than a pair of jeans at times. It can be worn with both evening and leisure wear. If you pair with tailored pants, chinos, a button-down Oxford and maybe even a tie, you’ll add more of an edge.

Heck, you’ll make them look far more contemporary.

If you’re going casual, there’s an almost endless number of ways you can give a denim jacket the nod. Over a white T-shirt, the look is a classic and sharp while with a pair of sweats, and it prevents the dreaded head-to-toe jogger look.

The versatility of a denim jacket is the reason why it’s always going to be a fashion staple, in one way or another. If you haven’t got a denim jacket in your wardrobe, it’s time to change that, sooner rather than later.

What are the main brands of denim jacket?

There are some brands which are irrevocably linked with denim and you’ll recognize even if you aren’t an avid follower of fashion. Don’t believe us? What about if we said Levi’s? Or Wrangler? Clearly, there are some denim brands that everyone has heard of.

If you like to buy from a brand name that you know and trust, the good news is that these guys are still around and kicking. We’ve got styles from both of those big guns on our list below as they’re still making quality denim jackets that are impossible to ignore.

However, if you’re shopping on a budget you can still buy a denim jacket without opting for one of the big brands. Many items are made overseas, slashing the cost while retaining the quality. You might not recognize the brand instantly but check out the reviews and you’ll discover their jackets are a big hit with customers.

It’s a wrap!

Well, there you go! That’s our rundown of what we think are the top 10 black denim jackets for men. There’s something for everyone, whether you like to rock the cool, vintage vibe, or whether you prefer to look sleek and smart. It turns out that Levi Strauss was onto a good thing back in the 19th century with his riveted denim designs.

Almost 150 years on, his ideas haven’t gone out of fashion. We think that’s a pretty good indicator that denim is going to be sticking around.