If you’re someone who can’t live without bringing your card wallet and phone with you at all times, then the Fantom C from Ansix Designs is for you. It brings the convenience of carrying both in one hand when the need arises.

This handy and compact metal wallet is a good match with the MagSafe for iPhone 12. It has embedded magnets so it attaches to the back of your phone securely or MagSafe compatible phone cases. It stays put there unless you pluck it out with force.

In the absence of a MagSafe or iPhone, this works as a sleek carry for 3-5 of your most-used cards. It boasts elegant and durable aesthetics thanks to its all-aluminum chassis combined with a ceramic coated finish. The metal construction also doubles as an RFID signal protection to prevent data theft.

The Fantom C is compact, just slightly larger than your standard credit card size. Thus, it is smaller compared to its predecessor, the Fantom R. It measures 2.4 inches thick, 3.70 inches long, and lightweight at just 2.2 ounces so it’s not a burden to carry in your pocket or add heft to your phone.

The slim design is made possible by removing the fanning lever. In turn, without the lever, you would have to manually fold the cards out. Despite its absence, pulling out cards with the Fantom C is still a breeze. Because of its compact and slim design, it is possible to fan cards out with one hand using the thumb cut access. The cards also stay snug inside.

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Images courtesy of Ansix Designs