Screen protectors are for dorks. Who goes to that kind of lengths to keep their phone safe. It’s just a material possession after all, who cares? We’re too obsessed with our devices when we should be living in the real world. This is the talk of a man, right up until the moment his iPhone XS Max takes flight from his hand. It then lands with a crash and a crack on the sidewalk creating a spiderweb of regret and frustration across the screen. Suddenly, he realizes. He needed to look at iPhone XS Max screen protectors before this day.

We’ve all been there at some point in our short smartphone owning lives where we thought we were too good for screen protectors. However, as we got older, as we experienced the heartache of damaging a possession that was more prized than we’d like to admit.

Since we’ve actually started paying for the damn thing, we’ve decided to be more cautious. There’s no better place to start than getting a screen protector.

Alongside phone cases and SD cards, they are the must-have accessories for anyone who owns a smartphone right now. They protect your screen from scratches, they can help reduce glare, and they absorb impact to prevent cracking. Some of them are even designed to stop people peeking at your screen!

Some phones are, of course, more expensive and treasured than others. We’re not saying we’re picking sides in the quite honestly tired and boring iPhone vs Android debate, but we know how iPhone users feel about their phones. Because of this, we have reached out a hand to help.

Then, compiled a list of ideas for a screen protector for iPhone XS Max that you might find useful.

Coming up are our choices for the top 8 iPhone XS Max screen protectors, the perfect solution to keeping your prized possession in one piece.


What to look for when buying an iPhone XS Max screen protector?

When looking for a screen protector for the iPhone XS Max, you can’t just throw any old product into your shopping cart. It might seem a simple job, but it is far, far from it and even though it will seem to many like just a piece of plastic we know what’s really up. Before deciding which screen protector to buy, you must first consider these features:

Hardness Rating:

The hardness rating, depicted by a capital H next to a number, determines how tough the screen protector is. To help you understand this scale and not get too confused (not that it isn’t obvious) the numbers range from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

When looking through iPhone XS Max screen protectors for purchase, you need to ensure you buy one that is at least 9H. Anything less means you are getting ripped off, and you don’t want that, especially when it comes to your phone.

Material & Design:

The type of material is a massive factor. Tempered glass is becoming insanely popular, and it makes total sense why. It has proven to be highly effective in protecting phone screens from damage. There are even more advanced versions of this tempered glass in newer products.

When it comes to the design, you will want a screen protector that offers full coverage. Otherwise, you are leaving delicate components exposed that could result in dust, dirt, sand, or water breaching the casing. This can damage the internal parts. If you want to guarantee your phone remains safe and operational, then a full-display protector is a must.


There are several generic and bootleg brands of iPhone XS Max screen protectors (among other phones) that offer full protection. However, many are nothing more than just pieces of glorified saran wrap. When shopping around for screen protectors, it will benefit you to keep a sharp eye out for brands you recognize or brands that have been recommended.

We get that this is sometimes impossible due to the over-saturation of products. However, doing a little bit of research will help save you from suffering from a damaged screen. We say no thanks to a low-quality protector.


As with any purchase, it is important to understand what is worth your money. The difference between a $10 protector and a $20 protector is negligible. However, the $20 dollar protector will typically offer better results. It’s when you find ones for $1 that you need to start feeling concerned.

Think about what the price is offering, and if you can find something similar that you trust for a cheaper price. Then go with your instincts and save that money.


Some screen protectors now come with cool extra features such as hydrophobic coating or privacy designs. These are made to prevent people from seeing your screen from a certain angle. These are great extras that will enhance the effectiveness of your screen protector.

It can make them much more than just something to keep it safe from scratches and knocks.

What are the main benefits of buying iPhone XS Max screen protectors?

There are many benefits that come with investing in iPhone XS Max screen protectors or any kind of smartphone, They are much more than merely keeping away scratches, although, that is certainly still high on the list. Rather, there are some key factors people need to keep in mind.

Many of them are crucial to the proper screen protector can do for you. Others, meanwhile, are simply good to consider. Those are:

Prevents Scratches:

The obvious out of the way first, right? Not every knock or scrape will scratch your phone screen, but sometimes it can take the smallest of scrapes to cause damage. All of this could have easily been avoided with a proper screen protector. Even if it is just a small scratch that no one will notice, really.

However, you’ll always see it every time you FaceTime, watch videos, scroll through your Instagram, and more. You will wish you’d just bought a screen protector when you had the chance.

Prevents Shattering:

What can a thin film of plastic do to stop your screen shattering you ask? First, it is not a film of plastic and modern screen protectors are made from actual flexible glass that is tough enough. Not just tough enough to withstand scratches, but also shattering as well.

The protector acts as an impact buffer that absorbs the shock when the phone hits the ground. This prevents the glass of the screen from shattering and keeping your phone looking brand new, aside from a few scratches around the corners.

Gives Peace Of Mind:

It’s likely that iPhone XS Max screen protectors give those iPhone users some great peace of mind. Why wouldn’t they? They work well for your phone, regardless of the type, and will be able to withstand any accidents that occur during your week. No more will you freak out as soon as it slips from your grip.

Rather, you can count on the protector to have your back most of the time. Be careful though, a screen protector doesn’t make your phone invincible, so still, exercise some caution in taking care of it.

Reduces Glare:

Don’t you just hate when you’re trying to use your phone but the light is making that near impossible? Well, the good news is that a screen protector will not just prevent scratch and shatters. Many also help you see the screen more clearly.

This is great for your eyes as you won’t spend the day squinting and will improve visibility by reducing reflections from all around you. This allows you to see things like a white screen on a sunny day. That is some tremendous help, especially for those who like to read news from their phone. You know, like all of us!

No More Fingerprints:

The fingerprint smudge isn’t too big of a deal for most of us. However, when you’re watching videos, it can ruin the experience a little bit. Many iPhone XS Max screen protectors are designed with an oleophobic coating that prevents grease sticking to the screen.

In fact, most smartphone screen protectors tend to use this design nowadays. You will have a crisp and clear screen free from fingerprints with these. That means you don’t have to keep cleaning it to make it look as good as new.

Provides Privacy:

Finally! Some iPhone XS Max screen protectors come with a design that masks the information on the screen when the phone is tilted. This is to keep it away from prying eyes. Like many, you may use your phone to look up sensitive information like bank accounts or even social media passwords.

If that is the case, then having this little bit of privacy will act as the first line of defense for you. It’ll do wonders for ensuring your data remains safe. We cannot stress enough how great this is to have around.




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First on the list are iPhone XS Max screen protectors from MagGlass. Their ionic-compression tempered glass screen protector is pretty cool. This product is a physical oddity, and we mean that in the nicest way possible. It is crafted with a strong and flexible glass that is also toughened using an innovative ionic-compression technique.

This makes it one of the most durable materials in the world (of screen protectors).

The screen protector provides a highly responsive touch thanks to embedded pixel technology. It is incredibly thin at just 0.3mm, and you’ll not even realize a protector is there. Furthermore, you’ll not experience any of that bothersome lag that has you thumbing away at your screen like a madman.

Never fear the results of scratching your screen. These iPhone XS Max screen protectors offer scratch resistant construction and 9H hardness classification. In addition, the protector’s shatterproof construction will keep it safe from any clumsiness that can strike at any moment.

The set comes complete with an easy-to-use applicator kit, microfiber cloth, dust remover, and alcohol pad for maximum protection.

These cases are designed especially for your phone with the always-recognizable curved edges. That means any case will not interfere or pry the protector loose. That allows this to be the only protector you need to buy and you’ll never worry about finding a replacement.

Also provided is an Encased Ltd. lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind and ensure that any issues can be easily dealt with.

They even have a tremendous customer service crew who will help with any issue, big or small, you might have with it. This screen protector will cover the entire display area. This is to ensure that every part of your display is kept safe and sound, making it one of the most effective iPhone safety products on the market.


  • checkFull-screen coverage
  • checkFull application kit so you can do-it-yourself without needing to visit a store
  • checkA+ impact rating to protect from drops and scratches
  • checkExcellent responsiveness so it doesn’t even feel like there is a screen protector


  • cross-altCan still crack if not installed properly
  • cross-altOnly one provided in case of future problems


  • Brand Name MagGlass
  • Model Number SP72E
  • Weight 4.2oz


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TOZO has developed one heck of a product with this 3-pack set. Designed with the same material as the original iPhone XS Max screen, it ensures excellent responsiveness. It even allows you to swipe through your apps with ease. It also comes with an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprint smudges.

Boasting full-display coverage and tested on the latest iPhone products, there is no part of the screen that is left uncovered. This will properly provide excellent protection from all kinds of dirt and debris. It virtually guarantees a clean and attractive appearance for as long as you have it. In doing this.

TOZO has improved on their previous edition. They removed a few major flaws from it to make the perfect protector. The screen also prevents scratching, which can happen without you even realizing on even the most innocuous places.

To make life easier, the set comes with an applicator frame to ensure that you can place it on perfectly to the most accurate of nanometers. This prevents the protector sticking out over the side and potentially coming loose by catching on pockets, fingers, or cables.

In case you do need a replacement, TOZO already has you covered. Any of their iPhone XS Max screen protectors can be easily removed and replaced with one of the remaining 2 protectors. It can then be applied in exactly the same way. If you are prone to the odd splash of carelessness regarding your phone, this is a life-saver.

The whole set even comes at a price that beats many single-pack screen protectors. That means you are guaranteed excellent value for money, all while keeping your screen safe from harm.


  • check3 in a pack for easy replacement
  • checkGreat value for money
  • checkProtector applicator frame for precise installation
  • checkFull-display coverage prevents scratches all over the screen


  • cross-altCorners can curl up if careless
  • cross-altSome reports of inaccurate packaging (2 screens instead of 3), but this is easily rectified


  • Brand Name TOZO
  • Model Number B07GPCJZ5F
  • Weight 4.2oz


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Our second from MagGlass is a shatterproof behemoth of protection that is designed purely to ensure that your iPhone screen does not suffer the wrath of the asphalt. If you want to preserve your iPhone as effectively as possible, then this screen is certainly an option to consider.

These iPhone XS Max screen protectors provide excellent protection from scratches, potential shatters, and general human idiocy.

This keeps your iPhone safer than if it was encased in bubble wrap and locked away in a safe inside a safe inside a safe inside a… well, you get what we’re saying.

This protection is provided by its 9H scale hardness rating, achieved through tempered layering while still keeping operations as simple as a light finger swipe. The ultra-responsive touch feature is made possible with embedded Pixel Grid technology.

A tech that has revolutionized the screen protector game and made other developers take note. With a 0.3mm thickness, you won’t need to worry about adjusting to the added layer on your screen. You should be able to continue using it as normal.

All of this provides an ultra high-definition screen protector that doesn’t interfere with the pixels on the other side. It keeps everything as clear the harsh light of morning. Its case-friendly design means that it won’t catch and curl on any cases you attach. That means you can be confident that this is a screen protector that will last.

It provides excellent cover all across the screen that keeps is safe while still giving you full autonomy over your phone’s operations.

It is also easy to install, just like the pros do at those stalls you pass at the mall every week. It’s not rocket science, and you can ensure that the screen is clean and dust- and dirt-free. This is thanks to an included microfiber cloth that can remove any unwanted elements in just one single wipe.

If you do struggle still, a helpful applicator is supplied to give you some assistance.


  • checkEasy to apply with applicator kit
  • checkMicrofiber cloth, alcohol pad, and dust remover ensure the screen is clean before applying
  • checkFull-display coverage
  • checkUltra HD screen protector so nothing is lost in between screen, protector and you!


  • cross-altNo instructions provided


  • Brand Name MagGlass
  • Model Number SP72D
  • Weight 4oz


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These iPhone XS Max screen protectors are a hybrid creation that comes with both soft PET edge and fully tempered glass. Both used to offer an added layer of protection for your phone. This is possible due to the curved soft edges. They are more forgiving of collisions with the floor when compared to ninety-degree corners found in other products.

Following its arduous 12 hours of tempering process, 4 hours longer than other protectors, the protector results in being the perfect solution to slippery hands. This is clearly a beloved inclusion for users.

While some protectors interfere with your phone’s visibility, you can be sure that RANVOO has taken steps to do the complete opposite. The ultra clear HD glass has a 99% transmittance rate and was developed by Japan’s Asahi. Some of you might recognize Asahi as a brand of beer that you sometimes pick up when you’re trying to feel more cultured.

Apparently, they also help develop screen protectors. Who knew?

One of the key selling points of RANVOO’s protector is that all of these excellent and innovative features make it feel as if it is not even there, and your phone is wearing nothing at all. Though it does exists, so darn well in fact, that it keeps your phone safe from whatever might threaten it during your daily life.

Its full-coverage capability ensures that every inch of the display is kept safe and sound from scratches, fingerprints, and troubles the world has to offer. Further positives include its ability to prevent any face-ID interference. Even when your passcode has escaped you for the one-hundredth time that day, you can still access your social media.

You know, to let everybody know exactly how you managed to forget your passcode for the one-hundredth time that day.


  • checkEffortless installation with assistant frame
  • check3D touch sensitivity for excellent responsiveness
  • checkAnti-scratch, shatterproof, and fingerprint-free material
  • checkFull-display coverage


  • cross-altDoesn’t fit with Apple silicone case


  • Brand Name RANVOO
  • Model Number B07GYZJ5J9
  • Weight 0.64oz


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To keep strangers, friends, and parents from peeping at your phone HYAIZLZ have developed an ultra-private product. Its main function is to ensure that you and only you are able to see what is on your screen. After all, you don’t want mom or your little cousin seeing how you flirted with what one chick. You know the one.

The Privacy Screen Protector is designed in such a way that ensures that only the person directly in front of the screen will be able to see the display. This boasts a few benefits that can help keep your information and data safe from prowling creeps looking to find out your password, admire your high score, or judge your home screen organization.

We’re going to change it eventually, get off our backs!

Privacy is not all these iPhone XS Max screen protectors offer. Tempered glass provides aesthetic protection and offers a personal touch. Meanwhile, they were sure to add a hardness rating of 9H, which is nearly the highest rating possible. If that wasn’t enough, the self-adhesive surface design ensures it stays in place.

If you ever need to replace it, there will be no leftover residue that ruins the appearance of the screen if you are trading it in, or selling it off.

The multi-layer film also provides that added protection that keeps the screen safe from scratches and shatters. This is a must-have when navigating the busy city, wild nights out, or traveling around the world.

The pack comes with two protectors, so you can keep one for emergencies or gift it to a friend or family member. This protector technology is an excellent addition to anyone’s iPhone during a time where it feels as if your every move is scrutinized.

With hacking a constant threat to keep in mind, anything that can even partially help us avoid it is useful.

Next time someone tries looking over your shoulder for a good hack, they may have more trouble than they realize, thanks to HYAIZLZ.


  • checkAnti-spy screen protector to keep your information safe
  • checkSelf-adhesive that doesn’t mean residue
  • check2 x protectors in pack supplied with 2x alcohol wipes and 2x guide sticker
  • checkLifetime warranty


  • cross-altDoes not cover entire display with notches still exposed


  • Brand Name HYAIZLZ
  • Model Number B07HCGNMGS
  • Weight 1.44oz


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This is the world’s thinnest iPhone XS Max tempered glass screen protector, measuring at an almost-microscopic 0.25mm. It is sure to provide unrivaled touch accuracy as well as protecting your phone from scratches. It can even help in absorbing shock when it inevitably leaps from your hand.

Keeping up with the newest iPhone design, Maxboost has developed it to cover as much of the screen as possible. It even remains case-friendly if you decide to go that extra mile and add further protection to your phone.

The screen itself has anti-fingerprint technology. Meanwhile, the hydrophobic coating provides extra coverage to go that extra mile in keeping your device safe from unfortunate damage. When it comes to protection for your iPhone, you cannot do too much it seems.

As for scratches and shatters, its 9H rated hardness resistance means that it is one of the toughest protectors available. It’s ideal for keeping your phone safe in the face of unpredictable drops and knocks that are always lurking around the corner.

Maxboost includes an easy-to-follow set of instructions with all of their iPhone XS Max screen protectors. It is to ensure that you can set it properly on your phone and feel confident of unrivaled protection as soon as possible. It’s slightly smaller than the size of your average screen, however, this is by design.

It’s easier to stick on than other protectors while still offering excellent protection.

Included in the pack are both wet and dry wipes to sufficiently clean the screen. This along with a guidance frame to give you a helping hand if you don’t trust your own judgment.

Coming in a 3-pack, there are also additional options for gifts or replacement should you need them. With straightforward excellence, Maxboost has created a great product that is sure to bring repeat customers for every new phone they purchase. Who knows, you might just be one of them.


  • check3-pack for replacement or for gifts
  • checkThe easiest to apply protector ever!
  • checkAnti-fingerprint and hydrophobic coating
  • checkLifetime warranty for the best customer satisfaction


  • cross-altStill some doubts over durability
  • cross-altPackaging sometimes has issues with quality control


  • Brand Name Maxboost
  • Model Number MB000326
  • Weight 0.32oz


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  • star

These iPhone XS Max screen protectors might have you singing its praises in rhyme and meter. So much so, it will irritate your friends to the point where they suggest you find somewhere else to hang out. That won’t matter when you have one of these great iPhone XS Max screen protectors that do the perfect job.

Designers specifically make this design for this phone.

You can rest assured that it will fit seamlessly on the screen without overlap or leaving any exposed parts of the display that could fall victim to dirt and debris.

Crafted with that popular and always-reliable 9H tempered glass, the screen contains a special scratch-proof coating. It will even protect your phone’s screen from general signs of everyday wear, which is often something that you simply cannot prevent.

Despite this protection, the screen is still ultra-thin. So thin, in fact, that is might fool some into thinking there is no screen there at all. This is further exaggerated with a super-fast response time for all your swipes, taps, and drags, all demonstrating zero lag in touch recognition.

It also doesn’t interfere with light transmittance as it’s 99% transparent. It still displays high-quality images with ease so you can continue to check out videos and pictures in vivid living color. Almost as if the screen wasn’t there.

Being case-friendly, it won’t catch on corners or edges. Nor will it leak air under the surface, ruining the screen and general aesthetic, costing you further money.

When you buy this protector, you are buying it for life

To ensure that you are able to install the screen protector with the utmost accuracy, Poetic has created a helpful how-to instructional video that will help with any questions you might have. As long as it’s about placing the protector on without taking time out of your day to run to the mall.

All of this and more makes for an excellent screen protector that guarantees long-life for both screen and phone. It will still provide excellent, crisp images even after months and years of general wear and tear.


  • checkProtects from scratches as well a everyday wear and tear
  • checkSuper responsive and won’t affect touch screen sensitivity
  • check99% light transmittance provides vivid bright colors


  • cross-altNo instructions contained in packaging


  • Brand Name Poetic
  • Model Number Glass-iPhoneXsMax-Clear
  • Weight 0.64oz


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Our final product is among the iPhone XS Max phone screen protectors there is. Possibly, it could be the best on the market. Belkin’s ScreenForce InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector just screams something super, doesn’t it? Like it is the Captain America to the other screen protectors Avengers.

Enough hamfisted superhero comparisons, let’s get down to the point. This screen protector is, quite simply, everything you could want in one. Perhaps even more than you imagined was possible.

As a pioneer in technology for over 35 years, Belkin knows how to craft a product that will catch the public’s attention. Clearly, this is no different. They create it with chemically-engineered glass using an ion-exchange to develop strong tempered glass. In turn, this means ultra protection from whatever you have to throw at it (or throw it at).

With this, you get scratch-resistance, you get impact protection and everything you need to keep your phone safe during your fast-paced lifestyle.

The protector is also ultra-thin at a mere 0.29mm. This aids in preserving clarity and touchscreen sensitivity like it isn’t even there. All to bring you a flawless touchscreen experience every single time, without worrying about smudging, scraping or damaging your screen.

The InvisiGlass design is integral to making this stand out as a product that does all it can to make you notice how it isn’t even there. That’s the point, of course.

It works so well, it feels like there isn’t a screen protector. Topping it off is its simple application process that will ensure your phone looks just like it did the day you bought it. An easy-align tray does all of the hard work for you, so all you need to do is keep a sharp eye and a steady hand.

You’ll have the screen of your dreams applied in no time, allowing you to be as careless and carefree as you like.


  • checkUltimate impact protection and scratch resistant
  • checkUltra-thin for maximum response and image clarity
  • checkChemically-engineered glass for stronger results


  • cross-altOn the pricey side for a screen protector


  • Brand Name Belkin
  • Model Number F8W905zz
  • Weight 0.96oz

Picture Perfect Protection

As mind-blowingly excellent as modern smartphones are when it comes to their operations, they’re still surprisingly fragile. However, this is all part of the design. Obviously, we all want to protect our amazing device. However, that does not mean we can always do so.

The issue is that there is no telling what could happen tomorrow, so it is always smart to be cautious.

If you are someone who frequently finds themselves lamenting yet another dose of clumsiness, then one of those iPhone XS Max screen protectors might be for you. If your phone screen looks more like a modern art display than anything that resembles a usable interface, then perhaps you should take our advice.

Even if you have never dropped or damaged a phone in your life, but are paranoid. That the day you say ‘no thanks’ to a screen protector will be the day you trip and see your phone run over by a steamroller. Then a screen protector is most certainly for you.

This list has been designed to give you an idea of which are the very best iPhone XS Max screen protectors available this year. Even if you don’t own an iPhone, you surely know someone who does. Why not treat them or treat yourself? You can show how the world that you actually care just as much about the safety of screens as everybody else.

Even if they don’t know it yet.