Winter is coming in at full speed, with the truly cold weather setting in quickly.

Which means it’s time to layer up and dress for maximum warmth!

Smart winter outfits involve three layers: a base layer to wick away moisture and keep your skin dry, a middle thermal layer to provide warmth, and a waterproof outer layer that shrugs off snow, rain, and sleet.

You won’t find many better outer layers than waxed canvas jackets. Not only are they waterproof thanks to the wax used to treat the canvas, but they’re also warm enough to keep out the worst chill and wind. 

This winter, to help you with your layering, we’ve put together a complete guide to the best waxed canvas jackets. Not only did we assemble the best jackets we could find—and personally test—but we’ve also created a complete guide to help you understand why you should consider waxed canvas and how to take good care of your jacket.

Check out our list of the best waxed canvas jackets, but keep reading all the way to the end to learn everything you need to know!

Best Waxed Canvas Jackets 


Stio Men's Turnbolt Waxed Canvas Jacket

Looking for a jacket that can keep up with you on a day working on your farm, hiking the outdoors, or traveling the world? You’ll find this Stio jacket definitely fits the bill. Made from 100% cotton, it combines the usual waterproofing of waxed canvas with just enough breathability that you won’t overheat while wearing it. The inner lining is soft cotton to keep you cool all day long, and adds a touch of elegance thanks to its classic Stio print.

The jacket is definitely on the heavier side, which is how you know it’s built tough. The four patch pockets and two slip-in hand pockets are great for those cold days when you need to keep all your EDC items close at hand and your hands warm. The interior zippered pocket also adds a degree of protection for your phone and wallet.

Best of all, the jacket is made using 50% “preferred materials”, including recycled and organic cotton, with the brand committed to using up to 75% preferred materials by 2025. Eco-friendly and sturdy? Yes, please!


Tom Beckbe Tensaw Jacket (8oz)

Whether you’re walking through the fields or city streets, you’ll be glad you had this jacket on. Not only is it waterproof, but it features a soft inner cotton lining colored to evoke the image of the clay in Alabama, the state where every one of these jackets is made. It’s available in a selection of colors—including classic camo, perfect for hunting—and makes for a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Slide into its sleeves, and you’ll feel just how sturdy and thick the jacket is. The more you wear it, the more beautiful it will become as it patinates over time. The corduroy-lined collar adds a touch of comfort and style, and all you have to do to stay warm is pop up the collar and stick your hands into the deep chest hand warmer pockets and large front bellow pockets. All your valuables and electronics can fit neatly into the hidden Napoleon pocket, where they’ll stay safe and secure all day long.

Everything about this jacket screams “working man elegance”. You’ll never regret wearing it, no matter how cold the winter.


Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket

Who doesn’t love a good-looking trucker jacket? The short-hem, thin-collar style makes it a practical outer layer you can wear even when the weather starts to warm up. The fact that it’s made from 7-ounce waxed canvas means it’s not quite as heavy as some of the others on our list, but it’s just as water-resistant and comfortable. The more you move around in this jacket and explore the adventures of life, the more you’ll break it in, until it feels like a second skin.

But don’t think you’ll start off with a stiff, uncooperative jacket—no, sir, this bad boy is supple and flexible right out of the box, with a “worn in” feel you’ll love. The soft blanket interior lining adds warmth so you can wear nothing but a T-shirt underneath, and keeps your sweat from damaging the waxed canvas so the jacket won’t shrink even after a hard day’s work. And the price tag is definitely one of the most affordable on our list!



American fashion designer Todd Snyder knows a thing or two about tailoring clothing that matches the average American man, bringing in the rough and rugged look you want while still flattering your figure and accentuating your masculinity. Cut in the classic trucker jacket look, this jacket combines the sturdiness of the British-originated waxed canvas with American style. The result: an outer layer that reflects who you are beneath.

The jacket is made from British Millerain canvas, one of the oldest canvas fabrics still in existence today. Though it’s made in China, it maintains Western standards of quality and durability, as well as responsible manufacturing. Whether you wear it for a day of work, a night out on the town, or a winter weekend with the family, it’s a coat that you’ll be glad to throw on anytime you need to venture out into the cold.

Be warned: sizes tend to run small, so if you’re not sure which size suits you best, it’s always best to opt for a larger option.


Buck Mason Dry Waxed Canvas Highland Jacket

This work coat just won’t quit! Cut in the chore coat style, it’s sleek enough to stay out of your way when bailing hay or chopping wood, but it’s long and warm enough that you’ll rarely feel the winter’s bite. Plus, the corduroy details integrated throughout give it that cozy feeling that makes you love your warm winter jackets. The addition of a blanket wool fabric interior lining ensures no wind or snow will ever get in while you’ve got this bad boy on.

The waxed canvas used for the jacket comes from Scotland’s famous Halley Stevensons Mill, and the 14-ounce fabric definitely gives it a “heavy-duty” feel you can love. The addition of padded cotton in the sleeves keeps your arms warm and provides a bit of padding. Run your hands along the dry-wax finish, and you’ll feel the care and attention that went into making this a coat you can truly love.



If you want tough and manly, go for KUHL. The Outlaw Waxed Jacket is cut in a trucker style that has just enough of a “bad boy” look that you’ll love it, even if you’re just running errands or taking the kids to the park. The articulated design gives you total mobility of your arms and shoulders so you’ll never feel stifled while wearing it. Add to that the streamlined fit and comfortable cut, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The external canvas isn’t just made from cotton, but adds a touch of synthetic fabric (Spandex) to give it a hint of elasticity for easy movement. The interior lining is a blend of cotton and polyester that offers both insulation and good breathability. With pure nylon to add extra waterproofing in critical spots, it’s a jacket you can wear out into even the worst weather trusting it will keep you dry and warm.


Tecovas Waxed Canvas Trucker Jacket

If you prefer a lighter, more versatile jacket, you’ll love this trucker jacket by Tecovas. It steers clear of the heavier-duty and heavier-weight fabrics, but instead opts for a canvas that feels barely thicker than your favorite shirt jacket—and wears just as easily. Thanks to the wax coating, however, it’ll be as water-resistant as a much thicker coat.

There is no inner lining, so make sure to keep this only for days when you want to look your best but don’t plan to sweat a lot (sweat will risk shrinking the fabric). With the antique-looking brass hardware, it’ll pair perfectly with your favorite boots and jeans, complete with a plain white tee beneath—bonus points for a cowboy hat! It’ll be the ideal lightweight jacket to keep you warm during the middle of spring and autumn, when the days aren’t too cold.


Flint and Tinder Flannel-lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

This waxed canvas jacket by Flint and Tinder does a darned good job of keeping the elements out and the warmth it. The shell is cut from British Millerain canvas that is treated with coconut wax, so it’ll shrug off rain and snow like they’re no big deal. The inner lining adds an element of cold-proofing, with a cozy flannel fabric that will keep heat close to your body and stop the wind from seeping up and giving you the chills. Just to make sure you’re absolutely warm, the cuffs have a corduroy lining and the collar is lined with Shetland wool that comes from one of the oldest operational woolen mills in the UK.

Pocket-wise, you’ve got plenty of options: an interior chest pocket for your valuables, a rear game pocket, a front-flap pocket, two drop-in pockets, and two side-entry hand warmer pockets. You’ll have lots of storage space for all your EDC essentials!


Tom Beckbe Shallowford Jacket

Venture out into the snow and cold fully confident that this jacket can handle it. The Tom Beckbe Shallowford Jacket is constructed from 8-ounce canvas, which is already beautifully water- and weather-resistant in its own right. But adding in the waxy finish makes it not only suitable for keeping you dry in heavy rains and sleet, but keeping you warm even when the weather drops below 50F.

As with all waxed canvas jackets, this bad boy will grow more beautiful the more you wear it, the wrinkles and lines giving it a character that’s as unique as you are. Thanks to the gusseted underarms and bi-swing back, you’ll be comfortable whether you’re chopping wood, shoveling snow, or strolling down the city street.

Best of all, it’s made in the U.S.A., with its style and color palette inspired by the beauty found only in America—specifically, the state of Alabama where the brand was born.



Once you try this coat on, you’ll never reach for another. It’s tough, sturdy, and comfortable, with just enough heft that you feel its durability but never feel weighed down, encumbered, or stifled. The pure cotton canvas and wax coating combine to make it water- and wind-resistant, and withstands scuffs and scratches like a beast. Thanks to the plaid fabric liner, no chill will be able to get you shivering even in the dead of a Southern US winter.

Fair warning: the jackets tend to run small, so always buy a size up when in doubt. But no matter how big you are, your hands will always fit snugly in the side-entry hand-warmer pockets, keeping your fingers toasty warm even without gloves. And for all your EDC essentials, you’ve got plenty of storage space with the two button chest pocket. Best of all, the jacket comes with a button-loop waist that lets you adapt it specifically to match your physique so you always look your very best and manliest.



This jacket sets out to be “the best damned jacket ever made” (their words), and once you test it out for yourself, you’ll agree that the claim isn’t too far off the mark. After all, it’s made with an ultra-sturdy, midweight 10-ounce American waxed canvas shell and no inner lining, so it will feel heavy-duty without being too cumbersome.

The jacket packs a lot of you-friendly features: a stylishly sharp-pointed collar, custom metal hardware that’s wonderfully eye-catching and sets it apart from other jackets, two sizeable external handwarmer pockets, an ample internal pocket perfect for your wallet and phone, a welt pocket at your left chest that’ll be ideal for storing a notebook, and just enough stretch that it will flex and move with you. The sizing is a bit on the small side, though, so always buy a size up in order to be truly comfortable. Thankfully, the more you wear it, the more it will adapt and expand to match your frame, and the more beautiful the patina will become.



Looking for a jacket built specifically to keep you warm in the coldest winter? Give the ’91 Flannel Lined Waxed Canvas Jacket by Vermont Flannel a try, and you won’t regret it. In addition to the 100% cotton sailcloth canvas shell, the jacket is lined with 100% organic cotton flannel that is beautifully warm even when the weather turns cold. The extra-thick fabric will trap in body heat and provide a layer of protection to ensure the waxed canvas exterior is never damaged by your sweat.

As with all waxed canvas jackets, you’ll find this bad boy gets more beautiful with age, with the lines and seams growing more pronounced the more you wear it. However, it’s easy to rewax yourself when the coating wears off, so you can keep it as waterproof as you need it to be. You-friendly features include a spacious interior pocket, two side pockets, and two chest pockets for all your EDC items. Best of all, it’s hand-cut and sewn in the US using high-quality European materials. Top quality at a very reasonable price!


Madewell Waxed Quilted Barn Jacket

For those days you’ve got to spend working in the snowy, windy, or rainy outdoors, you’ll be glad you’ve got this jacket on. Madewell combines the waxed cotton exterior with a quilted inner lining that offers excellent insulation. When the rain or snow is really coming down, just pull up the hood to cover your head, and bask in the warmth offered by the inner lining. The jacket also comes with two drop-in pockets and an interior pocket great for storing your wallet, phone, and other items you want to keep fully dry.

One great thing about this jacket: every purchase furthers the mission of Better Cotton, an organization dedicated to “help cotton communities survive and thrive while protecting and restoring the environment.” It’s not just a high-quality jacket; it’s also an investment in the future of responsible and sustainable fabric production.


Men's AKHG Claimstake Waxed Trucker Jacket

You don’t need to be a trucker to love this jacket! It’s cut in the trucker style, with all the comfort you’d expect—including five pockets, a roomy fit, and good freedom of movement thanks to the gusseted arms—but a waxed canvas exterior tough enough to stand up to even the worst inclement weather you’ll encounter on the road. The jacket is actually made to be easy to rewax every year or two, so you can maintain the coat’s excellent condition no matter how often you use it.

Thanks to the blanket flannel interior lining, you’ll be cozy warm all winter long. Plus, the lining fabric is TOUGH COTTON, a proprietary fabric that claims to be three times more durable than common cotton. Durability and reliable performance? Yes, please!


Orvis Barbour® Bedale Jacket

This jacket can go anywhere and do pretty much anything. Thanks to its equestrian style with an extra-long hem, it will keep the worst of the wind and cold from seeping up your back. The combination of waxed cotton exterior and Barbour tartan inner lining ensures maximum warmth even in a truly cold autumn or spring, but the jacket comes with enough integrated ventilation that you’ll never have to worry about overheating when the days get a bit hotter.

For those really cold days, pop up your collar and stay toasty warm with the cloud-soft corduroy collar details. Your hands will definitely fit in the front bellows pockets and the chest handwarmer pockets, so you’ve got options on how you want to stand or sit while keeping your fingers warm. Best of all, the brand not only offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, but Orvis will repair any damage or re-wax your coat every year for the rest of its life.

What is Waxed Canvas?

Waxed canvas is a material constructed from one of three fabrics:

Canvas is made with a plain weave, while other heavy-duty fabrics (like denim) are made using a twill weave.

The weave of plain canvas is also coarser than other similar materials (like cotton duck, which is virtually the same, just made with a higher thread count and smoother weave). 

But on top of the fabric and weave, there’s also a layer of wax applied to the fabric. This wax is usually made from paraffin nowadays, though some are a combination of paraffin and fluorocarbon, while “natural” waxes may be made using beeswax. However, traditionally the wax finish was made from linseed oil. In fact, the first waxed canvas fabrics were made to be sails for boats, and the off-cuts were then used to make waterproof clothing for the sailors.

The addition of wax (or oil) essentially creates an impermeable barrier that water can’t pass through. After all, as you well know, oil and water don’t mix, so the wax/oil absorbed coating the fabric ensures that there is no space between the threads for water to seep through. The thicker the yarn, the denser the weave, and the more the wax coating penetrates the fabric, the more waterproof the coat.

Canvas is a thicker, more durable material than lighter-weight cotton, which means it’s naturally more resistant to damage. Add in the waterproofing element, and you’ve got yourself a truly epic outer layer perfect for shrugging off snow, rain, and sleet.

Waxed canvas isn’t without its drawbacks, of course. The wax finish actually reduces breathability, making it virtually impossible for your body heat to escape through the fabric. While this is good for providing warmth, it can cause you to overheat if you are very active while wearing a waxed canvas coat.

The fabric is heavier than synthetic fabrics and doesn’t stretch or flex quite as effectively. Though it’s sturdier and more dirt-repellent than synthetic fabrics, it’s not safe to wash in a washing machine.

How to Care for Waxed Canvas Garments

You’re going to be investing in a high-quality waxed canvas jacket, so it makes sense to take good care of it so it will serve you well for many years to come. Here are a few smart tips on how to keep the waxed canvas in good shape: