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Top 12 Flannel Shirts For Men

No longer just the uniform of lumberjacks and axe-murderers, we're bringing you a top rundown of the trendiest flannel shirts for men available to wear for multiple occasions.

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Top 20 Shirt Jackets For Men

A fantastic new trend we're loving here at Men's Gear is the shirt jacket. There are a lot of awful styles out there, so check our our list of the best shirt jackets for men.


12 Best Cargo Shorts For Men

A staple item of clothing, cargo shorts are an excellent addition to any man's wardrobe as they pair with so many types of shoes and shirts. Check our top 12 list.

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Top 10 Gym Shorts for Men

Frequent gym buff? Just have to have the right gear in front of the boys? Check out these specialized mens gym shorts so you can run, pump and press with confidence.

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Top 20 Dress Shoes For Men

Head out in style for the evening and start looking sharp as a tack with a pair of stunning mens dress shoes. We've reviewed 20 of the best, so forget about the rest.

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Top 20 Cycling Socks For Men

Are you a frequent cyclist? Have all the best gear for your hobby but are lacking in the foot department? Check out these top 20 cycling socks for men and banish sore sweaty feet.

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