It is quite apparent by now that Men’s Gear is a really big fan of watches. We cover all types of them here, from multiple brands. It can be especially difficult for us then, knowing our love of watches, to determine who is the best in this field. Several men’s watch brands stand out well, but the best come down to a few factors.

Since we have covered so many on the site, we’ve truly had a blast diving into every type of watch there is. However, our list of men’s watch brands that we plan to go over today will be specific. We aimed to find companies that make affordable watches for men, as well as those who have options for higher-end types too.

That means we won’t be diving into great Patek Phillips & Co. or Rolex watches, but we obviously would never say a cross word about them. They both make some beautiful, timeless, and luxurious watches. Today, it’s all about affordability and what people can actually handle economically.

That means we’re highlighting companies that make incredible minimalist watches as well as great automatic watches for men. This on top of the nicer watches.

However, the cheapest is not always the best. This is especially true when those products come from companies based in China, Taiwan, or another place like this. That said, OLEVS will not be recommended by us.

We will be going over the best companies out there that fit everything we deem important for men’s watch brands to do. Sadly, some worthy companies will not be mentioned due to the several impressive men’s watch brands out there nowadays. However, by the end, we’re sure you’ll agree that the companies we picked are certainly impressive.


Seiko Watches

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Seiko watches have been around for years, putting them on every single list that involves the top men’s watch brands in the world. It’s hard to overlook them, as they have a watch or two for just about every occasion.

It seems almost impossible how they are capable of making watches so brilliantly for so long. We’re huge fans of them today, as they continue to innovate and make watches for all sorts of occasions.

Types Of Seiko Watches

Currently, they have a run of products in a few different categories. Those are the Astron, Prospex, Presage, and Coutura.

Each of these brands within Seiko Watches is made to present a different side of the company’s mission.

For example, Prospex is more sporty. That leads them to make watches built for that world. They are then divided out into 4 categories, the land, street, sea, and sky. This is critical to what you might need the watch for. Ones made for the sea section will often be water resistant or waterproof.

Meanwhile, those made for land will be more durable and the ones for the sky will be made to handle higher altitudes and have features that’ll go with that.

The Astron side of the brand is for Seiko’s more luxurious watches. You won’t find many under the $800 mark here. However, they’re all amazingly well-made and durable. Yet you’re going to be seeing some diamonds and real gold used in them. That said, you can see why they’re a bit more expensive.

Under the Presage section, they also have two breakdown subsections. This is “Basic” and “Prestige.” At it sounds, the Prestige section tends to have more expensive watches while the Basic section has less expensive types. These watches are made for the minimalist types of people. They’re not too understated but they do as the design intended.

Finally, the Coutura side of the brand is also an understated side that keeps itself focused on delivering stylish and utilitarian watches. This comes with a proper area for the date, several chronographs of different timezones, and more. They also look really good.

Price Range:

Seiko watches are all really amazing. The only real downside is that its overall watch brand ranges heavily in its prices. You’ll spend anywhere between $300 to $3,000 here. This is obviously dependent on the type of watch you’re looking for.

Due to Seiko having 4 major brand types, you’re going to be diving through those and their subsections a lot. We recommend if you want to buy a watch from them to know what you are looking for going in. Once you know, it’ll be easier to find a watch that best fits this.

Seiko Watches are all made wonderfully, so no matter what you get, it’ll last you for a while. That is as long as you take care of it, like any other watch.

Seiko also offers a limited warranty for your watch should you damage it or if it ends up having issues. This warranty, as it claims, is limited. That means they won’t fix up any and all issues you might have. To know more about how the warranty works, you can check it out in a PDF form that we were able to find that specifies everything.


Fossil Watches

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Fossil Watches are some of the best you’ll find in the world today. Known as a brand that has gone well beyond watches, they’re still making several impressive versions each year. Unlike some brands, Fossil seems to pride itself on making several watches under $200.

This means you can easily afford most of the watches that make, without really sweating it much. The reason for this is due to the brand heavily pushing its minimalist style of watches so often.

Fossil has one of the biggest minimalist lines in the world today among all men’s watch brands.

Types of Fossil Watches

Like Seiko, the Fossil brand also has different types of watch brands. The price separation is very minimal between them, however.

They are broken down into Hybrid Smartwatches. These are as they sound, smartwatches. They are mostly minimalist, without a lot of them having any digital clock connected to them. Some do, of course. However, this is a different type of smartwatch people expect.

Fossil also offers Leather, Mechanical, Black, Stainless Steel, Chronograph, and Minimalist types. Of course, each mostly represents the style of watch band you’ll look for.

For example, the leather, black, and stainless steel options are all about the band. Meanwhile, the Chronograph version is going to include a different type of watch with multiple different types of watch bands. All of these particular watches will have the classic chronograph material with some having more of this than others.

Finally, to the Fossil Minimalist section. This is, as mentioned, the most extensive minimalist watch section we can find. However, they may not be priced as you might assume. Minimalist watches typically come in various minimal colors with less flash. You’ll look at browns, dark golds, navy blue, stuff like that.

These all have the type of look of a minimalist watch. However, they’re around the same amount as the flashier watches Fossil has.

Price Range:

We’re big fans of Fossil watches due to those prices being so great. Since they sell so many different things for both men and women, they can afford to lower their prices. It makes them competitive. However, they do not focus only on this and thus they may not have some features that other men’s watch brands might.

Yet despite it all, their prices are amazing. You’ll range between $100 to $300 for their watches, which is lower than the industry standard. Due to many of their watches being minimalist, that makes sense.

Fossil has a relatively good warranty. It goes for around 2-years and it includes any needed repairs or replacements. To see the full warranty information such as what is covered and not covered, you can see that here.



Casio Watches

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Casio is clearly one of the top men’s watch brands in the world and that much is obvious. They have been around for decades and manage to stand out without any issues pretty much since they began.

Like the other men’s watch brands you have seen and will see, Casio breaks down their types of watches in various sections. They all stand out as well, which is never a bad thing for a watch company.

The common thought with Casio is that they have a lot of crossover watches that can work in various sections. This is why it has been debated that they may have a few too many “types” of watches. However, each of them brings something different to the table.

This could be the way they are designed or how they function, along with a good bit of other things. Let’s examine that.

Types of Casio Watches

The Casio Watch Types are the G-Shock, Edifice, Pro Trek, Bluetooth Sports Gear, Wave Ceptor, Dress, Classic, Data Bank, and Sports.

As mentioned, each brings something different to the table. The Edifice watches are all lesser priced. They are not exactly minimal, but they do not contain as many features as the rest seem to. The concept behind these watches is that you can wear them to work or professional events, without any real need to care about the clothing you’re wearing.

Meanwhile, Pro Trek is built on the concept of who is behind the watch itself. They all use Wear OS by Google. This includes various things like GPS, Location Memory, Moment Setter, and much more. They’re all mid-range price-wise, and they all include everything one might need for exploration. You are trying to be a professional on your trek, after all.

Their Bluetooth Sports Gear line is not much of a line. It’s one watch with more coming in the future. It does a lot, this one watch. The most important thing it offers is the ability to sync to your cell phone or other Bluetooth capable device. It connects to WiFi and has various applications you can use for exercise.

The Wave Ceptor line is made up of several impressive watches. These watches will likely be the types you might wear when swimming. They’re all either water resistant or completely waterproof. These watches are likely worn by cave explorers as well as people who are in wetter environments quite often. These are also the cheapest price wise for Casio.

The Dress line is as it sounds. These watches are going to look a bit fancier, with more style and substance behind them than actual features. You’re more so looking for the flashy or eye-popping watch rather than the one that can do dozens of different things. These watches, due to lack of multiple features, are also lower in price for Casio.

The Classic line by Casio goes back to the old days when we were kids and simply had watches that told the time. Some may have a stopwatch on them, while others may have dates and things too. However, they were all made to do simple tasks. The main focus was to tell time, and most were even digital. That is what the Classic line is all about by Casio.

An interesting addition, the Data Bank line is made up of watches with basic calculators on most of them. They’re used to help you figure out basic functions in daily life like how much of a tip you should give or how much you might have in the bank after each bill is paid. Another lesser priced line by Casio, these watches seem to be pretty compelling based on design alone.

The Sports line by Casio is pretty special. Similar to the Classic line, these watches are made to do simple tasks. The main design behind them is their durability. You’re unlikely to ever break them or run the risk of them not working after a short period of time. Some of them have features as part of the watch, but most are just a simple watch that does what watches are meant to do only. This is something we like to see.

Finally, the G-Shock line is likely the most popular by Casio. These watches are the most expensive of the major Casio watches due to the multiple arrays of features they possess. They are all made to last and are incredibly tough. Some are water resistant or waterproof and others do some insanely cool stuff. One, for example, is shockproof. When will you need a shockproof watch? We don’t know your life, don’t ask us!

Price Range:

Due in part to the several watches they have, Casio watches are some of the hardest to give a price range on among men’s watch brands. If we had to give an average, we’d say $30 to $600.

This is likely the safest bet, so if you walk in with $600 you’ll likely come out with something impressive. As long as you go in with around $30, you’ll come out with at least something.

Casio has a limited warranty and by limited, we mean it. They don’t cover a lot for their watches but they do cover a fair amount of things that make sense for repair. However, you’ll need to read over their full warranty to know what is covered and not covered. You can do that here.

4MVMT Classic Black Watch

MVMT Watches

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MVMT are the new kids on the block when it comes to men’s watch brands. They have been around less than a decade compared to the rest of the brands on this list that are much older. Some were founded before 1900, in fact!

MVMT was founded on the concept of making great watches for both men and women with the expressed idea to make them lower cost. This meant that you could buy a watch from MVMT that looked as good as any other major watch brand. Sometimes, they looked even better.

MVMT is not going to wow you with their features like other men’s watch brands tend to lean toward doing. They are more about fashion with their watches than massive features but don’t think they don’t offer enough to really enjoy their watches.

Types Of MVMT Watches

MVMT has a lot of watch types, and due to this, we’re going to only go over a few that the company has. This will be geared toward their most popular types. Those are the Voyager, Odyssey, Blacktop, Chrono, Classic, Revolver, and Modern Sport.

The Chrono is the most basic to know, in that they are geared to have the same look or feel of normal chronograph watches. These are the types of watches that include other clocks within the watch itself. Usually, this is set up to connect to timezones around a particular country or set up to keep track of another nation’s time. Either way, it’s useful.

MVMT does an amazing job with their Classic line. They look like watches you might see your grandfather wear, but with a twist. They update the look, but just enough to where it comes off with a new, vintage look. It is a brand new watch, but it feels like you’re getting a blast from the past. In our opinion, the MVMT brand has some of the best looking classic watches you’ll ever find.

The Modern Sport line is a specifically designed line of watches made to handle the day to day grind of more intense men. If you’re consistently getting into scraps or find yourself falling down a lot. Perhaps you’re the type of guy that gets far too physical in everyday life. If any of that fits you, the Modern Sport line from MVMT is perfect for your lifestyle.

The Revolver line is by no means a line that makes sense in the name. However, it may sort of make sense when you realize what it is all about. This is not some old west type of solo gunman watch. Rather, they meet the old west in color and the clock hands are often acting independently without seeing numbers on the watch at all. The revolver shot out the numbers.

The Odyssey line sort of makes sense. These watches are a classic throwback to older style watches that used to be popular back in the 1940s. However, they are playing in the old school style, while also having to play in this new century. That can be hard for a watch company. They have to push an older look without letting it come off old. That is quite an Odyssey that MVMT did well with.

Finally, the Voyager is similar to that of the Chrono. The concept behind the Voyager line was to bring various times together that the Chrono line did well with. The difference between the two was going to be how the Voyager line this along with the style difference. The Voyager line comes off with more compelling colors like deep browns, blacks, etc.

They also come with a strap specially made rather than a band you might normally see with links connecting it. They also come with hardened crystal glass to protect the clock itself.

Price Range:

The cool thing about MVMT is that they are not just a watch company. This means you’re going to see them sell a lot of different things. They have impressive sunglasses too, in fact! So this could be why they can price their watches so low compared to other men’s watch brands.

However, they came up with the concept of not selling their watches for an insane highly price well before they opened up. This means you’re not going to spend much over $200. In fact, barring taxes, most of their watches do not even reach $200 in price at all.

The average price for an MVMT watch is $150.

They offer free shipping worldwide and the warranty for all of their watches last for 24 months or 2 years. They do not have a major section on their warranty, but we were able to track down a bit on how their warranty seems to go in their frequently asked questions section of the site. This is what they had to say there on their warranties overall:

“MVMT has a limited warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects for two years after the original purchase date from an authorized dealer. Basically, if the watch parts or mechanics don’t work properly, and it’s our fault, we will repair or replace your product for free. However, this does not cover any abuse you might put your watch through on your own.

The warranty does not cover water damage, normal wear, and tear, batteries, accidental glass damage, scratches, strap damage, or theft. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims and service requests, so please keep your receipt. If you’ve purchased from our site or Amazon, the order number will suffice.

Otherwise, if you purchased via another authorized seller or retail location, you will need to contact them directly as they handle their own warranty claims, returns, and exchanges.”

They also offer free returns worldwide so long as the item sent back is $50 and up.


Tissot Watches

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Tissot Watches for men are absolutely amazing. While they are made for women too, it seems that Tissot has had a special bond with men for much longer. It comes as no surprise to those of us who have ever owned a Tissot watch.

These watches come off as professional looking as possible, without the major expense of a company like Rolex. Each of their watches is made to last too, so you’re never going to have to worry about paying for a watch that won’t last.

Tissot are a Swiss-based company, so all of their watches are made with the infamous Swiss care behind them. For those unaware, the Swiss are legendary with the way they make a number of things. Watches are considered to be among the best things to ever come out of the Switzerland nation.

Unlike many other watch companies, Tissot has its own way to make a watch that differs from others. It’s common to see Quartz used to make watches work the way we know them for most. Yet Tissot has its own way of handling this which has also become quite popular. It is often why you’ll see Tissot watches rank so highly to people.

They still use Quartz operation in their watches. However, whenever you see “Swiss Quartz,” you should likely know it’s a Tissot engineered watch. It gets complicated to explain what Quartz is.

However, in small terms…it’s basically the way a clock moves on its own, powered by a Quartz crystal. Some watches do not need this while others do, mostly based on the design. Tissot handles its own way to do this, only utilizing Quartz when they need to.

When you literally make everything unique to your company inside all your watches, that is impressive. Yet what are the types of watches they have, you may ask? Let’s break those down!

Types Of Tissot Watches

The types of watches Tissot sells are the T-Touch, T-Classic, T-Sport, T-Gold, T-Pocket, and Heritage. Each, of course, brings something different to the table compared to the other. This can come in a variety of ways.

Usually, it has to do with the fashion of the watch itself but other times it has to do with the make of the watch. Let us explain.

The T-Touch section is a tougher made line that can last in pretty much any condition. There isn’t a touchscreen like some might assume. It mostly has to do with the fact that no matter what touches it, the watch will hold up. They are made to work in just about any environment based on how they are made, combined with the water resistance among other features.

The T-Classic has to do with the Tissot watches that made them famous. A vintage type of look without going too far in its understatement. They are an updated look combined with a past love. Some of the watches are leather as well as a mesh or stainless steel type too. Ultimately, they stand out in a crowd for sure.

The T-Sport is a line of watches made for the riggers of playing outdoors. However, they’re also made for adventures as well as hiking, cave exploration, and camping. Some of them even have team logos on them. Tissot adds a lot to these per request, so it’s well worth investing into for a personalized sporty watch. They’re very durable and will last a while.

The T-Pocket line involves your basic pocket watches from the older days. They’re truly one of a kind masterpieces in our opinion. Tissot always does well with their watches, but they take a special kind of care to make their pocket watch line. They’re made for the professional man on the go, who wants to look truly fashionable.

The T-Gold line is as it sounds. All of the watches in this line have some form of gold as part of their model. Some are complete gold while others have clock hands with a gold look, side plates, etc. Overall, this line is truly beautiful and can go with almost anything you might wear. However, we’d recommend you only use these in professional environments. Just so you know, they did not use real gold in these watches. We know, it disappointed us too. Yet they charge thousands for this line, so they may add gold eventually!

Finally, the Heritage line by Tissot is truly special. It is the only line without a “T” in front of it. This is for a good reason, as it is not made to be like any of the other watches. They offer a few different types in here too. The classic Quartz, Mechanical, and Automatic. The latter two of which are specially made by the Tissot brand. They have a classic 1940’s look to them with lovely chronographs for most.

Price Range:

The price range for Tissot watches, like so many other men’s watch brands, varies wildly. This is due to so many reasons when it comes to Tissot. However, the main reason this happens to be for Tissot is likely due to what is new or takes the most to make.

The first few types we brought up were mostly under $300. Meanwhile, the latter few were in the thousands. Some which even had gold plating, so they’re always going to be worth more when you use materials like this. With all of that being factored in, it makes total sense the prices vary.

This means you’re looking at a wild range of $50 to $3,000.

Tissot has a pretty great warranty on all of their watches. The warranty covers you for up to 2 years from the purchase date. This goes into effect when you buy the watch from the Tissot website. However, you can buy their watches at several different locations.

This means you have to go to the Tissot website and register your watch to make sure it is in line eligible for its warranty. You must do this within the first few days of your watch being bought so that Tissot will have you in their system and not assume it’s out of date if you only register when it’s broken.

You can go here to sign up when you buy a Tissot watch.

Overall Impression Of The Men’s Watch Brands

Men’s watch brands are always evolving with the best of the best coming every single year. It’s hard to keep up for some brands while others do an impressive job. Some even lead the evolution while others follow with what is working at the present time. This gives us excellent new lines of watches that we’ve never seen before.

Meanwhile, men’s watch brands also stick to their guns with certain lines and go classic. You’ll notice that with all of these brands, some version of “classic” was in their type list. They’ll never ignore this type of watch because it’s always a good go-to whenever you need something you KNOW will work fashion-wise.

To top it off, more and more new brands are on the rise. A year ago, we may not even be talking about MVMT but they made our list today. They began like so many others with a great minimalist style, a type of watch that has become an instant go-to in the men’s watch sector today.

In the end, men’s watch brands like Luminox, Victorinox, Harry Winston, and Timex all continue to do well. They like so many others will likely continue to remain impressive and eventually make our top listing. The question is, who else will join them? Will it be another long-term company or a new player? We shall wait and see.

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