A watch is many things. A symbol of class, a symbol of organization, a symbol of elegance and it generally gives off the vibes that you’re important and like to be on time. Although the digital age has given use electronic devices which tell the time, watches still remain a firm focus in fashion.

If you like adventure, exploring or going on a fishing trip with the boys, what more would you want than a watch? Your phone battery will likely run out way before your watch battery will, so you’ll always be able to tell the time. It also saves you from going full Bear Grylls and having to wait until the sun is high and using some sticks and stones to roughly guess what time of the day it is.

All of the best G-SHOCK watches for men are well known for their almost comically large and clunky appearance, and whilst some people may laugh at them, there’s no denying that you’ll be the first to answer the age-old question ‘what time is it?’.

G-SHOCK have a watch for just about every occasion, regardless of what you’re into, there’s a watch to match just about every line of career. Whether you’re in the military, working in an office, an athlete or a doctor, there is almost certainly a G-SHOCK watch for you out there somewhere.

G-SHOCK produce a selection of the most awesome watches on our planet, built to withstand any knocks or bangs it may receive in day-to-day wear, you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking your G-SHOCK watch, it won’t happen. Although please don’t actively try to break your G-SHOCK, that would not be a wise move.

Probably the most versatile watch brand on the market, this timeless timepiece is everything from waterproof to fall proof. Did you know the very first G-SHOCK was tested on live television and used as a hockey puck back in 1983? It survived, of course. Wow weren’t the eighties just crazy?!

As people, we should not judge others, but when somebody rocks up wearing a watch, we’re going to assume they’re of a certain class, reliable and values their time as money. Not many millennials or anyone under the age of 25 really wears a watch anymore as the time is right there on their phone, but G-SHOCK are undoubtedly the most stylish watches available, there are so many color ways as well as digital faces or the classic two hand face.

A Watch That Doesn’t Shock The Bank Balance

Put the Rolex back in its box, you wouldn’t want to damage it. Your G-SHOCK on the other hand? You don’t need to worry about damaging it because its borderline indestructible. These watches have been just about everywhere around the world and tested in the harshest environments.

A favorite for anyone operating in extreme conditions like underwater, the desert, the arctic or the deep jungle, G-SHOCK watches are virtually unstoppable. So without further ado, check out our list of the best G-SHOCK watches for men in no particular order. If you haven’t already got one, we strongly recommend this brand.


This awesome looking timepiece has been expertly crafted using two special metals, and the combination of these materials is up to three times as strong as steel. Featuring a shock resistant design elegantly crafted from metal. It is also equipped with a band which is made from rubber and enables this watch to better withstand any elements you may face. If you like to adventure outside the office, then this is the perfect watch for you, it even has Bluetooth GPS.



The G-SHOCK GA700SK-1A is considered to be one of the best G-SHOCK watches for men because it’s simple, much like most of us men. It’s nothing to flashy and will generally fly under the radar in terms of how it looks. It has a simple, clear aesthetic reminding us of something from the 80s.

The frame is made from a mixture of resin which is semi-transparent with some metallic colorways thrown in there too for good measure. This cool watch packs a lot more than just a trying too hard to be trendy body, it has a high-powered LED light should you ever be in a situation where you end up falling overboard on a ship or get lost in the dark.

It is also completely water resistant all the way down to 200m. A must have for all retro wannabes.



A smart looking watch that combines both digital and analog time, allowing you to tell the time however you like. With a classic, beefy style case that makes this cool looking timepiece one of the best G-SHOCK watches for men. With cool 90s vibes, this awesome looking watch has been created with the likes of portable music players and 90s stereos in mind.

This timepiece is also able to work right down to 200 meters deep in water. It is also shock resistant so it should be fine if you drop it or accidentally knock it on something. This watch also uses mineral glass which helps keep the watch face safe from any potential damage.

This cool watch gives you the ability to measure split time and elapsed time too, you can also record first and second place times.

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This G-SHOCK watch won’t be for everyone, with its bright electric blue strap and matching face, the color way is by no means the most attractive from the range. However, it could be considered as one of the best G-SHOCK watches for men if you like something a little more out there and a little funkier.

The case is made from reinforced resin and carbon fiber making it a pretty lightweight watch. Perfect for surviving any spillages or knocks. Like many other models it is water resistant up to 200m. This timepiece offers a world time setting with more than 30 different time zones programmed for those who enjoy traveling, as well as having an accurate stopwatch and LED light so you’ll never get lost. Those blue hands are questionable though.



This watch is easily one of the best G-SHOCK watches for men if you love your fitness. This cool addition is the latest in G-SHOCK’s POWER TRAINER line up, which is aimed more for sports and fitness fanatics. If you need some help smashing your fitness goals, then we definitely recommend this watch. You can track your steps as well as benefiting from 20 different timer combinations with 200 laps worth of memory.

You can also download an app to pair up with this watch which helps you organize and track your step count, logging up to 5 different exercise levels. You can also calculate your calories that you’ve burned. You will be a mean lean machine in no time.



This Everlast x G-SHOCK collaboration make this easily one of the best G-SHOCK watches for men. If you don’t know, Everlast make a selection of nicest boxing gear around, if you couldn’t already tell, this awesome red and white color way gives it away. Keep in mind, this color won’t be for everyone.

You can also see the logos printed clearly on the front which is kind of cool too. This beautiful timepiece also benefits from backlighting which elegantly shows off Everlast’s motto which is ‘Choice of Champions’, much like this timepiece. You can easily take an accurate step-count with the three-axis accelerometer.

You could also make use of the available stopwatch too. If you’re a boxing fan, you’ll definitely want to pick this one up.


G-SHOCK GA2100-1A1

This G-SHOCK is probably one of the nicest on this list and one of our favorites. This is easily one of if not the best G-SHOCK watches for men. Aesthetically optimized by its octagonal face, this timepiece is a classic and will last many years. Its carbon case is only 11.88mm thick, making it one of the slimmest cases G-SHOCK has released to date.

You can expect all the usual perks and characteristics of a G-SHOCK watch with this timepiece, such as being shock resistant, water resistant all the way to 200m as well as a high-powered LED light for any dark situations you might find yourself stuck in.

This beautiful watch has an almost matte black finish and looks great for wearing on almost any occasion. A must buy if you’re looking for a great everyday timepiece.



This is arguably one of G-SHOCK’s coolest watches. One of the reasons we love and adore G-SHOCK timepieces is because of the unlimited variety of different color ways and limited editions available. This awesome looking timepiece looks like it was taken straight out of a TRON movie with its intricate design.

Not to mention you get to look cool, all while enjoying the usual G-SHOCK features like a nice mineral glass face making it hard to break, shock resistant, satellite time and its even solar powered. This limited edition is absolutely worth the price tag just for the looks alone. Although it might not look too professional in an office environment.



If you’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative to a Fitbit, then you just might have found it. This awesome watch can easily be considered one of the best G-SHOCK watches for men with its great adaptability. This watch has a 3-axis accelerometer which can quickly deliver training statistics and information to your phone using the G-SHOCK application.

Many Fitbit style timepieces are not particularly nice looking, not this one though. It is the full fitness package and can easily rival Fitbit at a more than affordable price.



How cool is this? A simplistic looking special edition G-SHOCK watch collaboration with NASA. This watch is modelled off the space suit that astronauts use to go into space with, clearly displayed by its off white color paired neatly with a black face. You can also see the NASA logo displayed clearly in red from the front.

This is by no means G-SHOCK’s most technically advanced timepiece, but it definitely one of their coolest collaborations.



If you’re looking for the best G-SHOCK watches for men, then look no further than the GA-2100. This awesome timepiece certainly looks the part and gives off a much more professional and classier vibe compared to your classic G-SHOCK watch.

Taking inspiration from the replica version, which was actually released in solid gold in Japan, but limited to just 35 pieces and cost a whopping $70,000. This is just as cool at a fraction of the price. This watch is far more suited to people who want to come off professional and is well suited to office environments or anyone that wants to appear well off. The perfectly priced status symbol.

The digital face blends in perfectly well with the gold-colored timepiece giving it a nice retro feel. A must have if you’re an avid watch collector.



This timepiece is certainly one of G-SHOCK’s nicer looking watches. It was created with the intention to rival Rolex’s Rainbow Daytona watch, and it certainly does just that at a much more affordable price. This unique color is known as ‘Blue Phoenix’ and it looks absolutely awesome.

Combining the classic chunkiness, we all know G-SHOCK for beautiful craftsmanship, and this timepiece is just stunning. The color alone is enough for us to put it on the list of the best G-SHOCK watches for men. If you like a watch that is a little more out there, then this is definitely one to check out.


G-SHOCK GG1000-1A5 Mudmaster

The G-SHOCK GG-1000 Mudmaster is probably one of the most popular analog-digital watches available from G-SHOCK on the market. It looks both ugly and stylish at the same time. It is the best analog watch that G-SHOCK offer and it comes loaded with features. However, you do end up paying a bit of a steep price in comparison to the G-SHOCK Rangeman, and you get less features sadly.

Unfortunately, there is no solar power available on this timepiece which some fanatics might find annoying if you enjoy adventuring. It has many other classic characteristics of G-SHOCK watches, including features like a thermometer, stop watch feature, low battery alert, hourly time signals which can be very helpful if you lose track of time. Not to mention the full auto calendar which is most helpful if you’re out in the wild.


G-SHOCK Gulfmaster GWN100B

The G-SHOCK Gulfmaster GWN100B is amazing. It is worthy of a spot on our list of the best G-SHOCK watches for men for just its looks alone. This is an incredibly professional looking timepiece. It is expertly crafted and comes loaded with features. It would need to for the price.

This awesome watch comes fully equipped with loads of awesome features we love G-Shock for, including helpful things such as the triple sensor, multiband time calibration as well as a moon and tide graph.

Best suited to wearers who are always on the go while still wanting to look somewhat professional, the Gulfmaster is perfect for all occasions. It brings the classic G-SHOCK chunky size together in great blue, silver and black color ways



The G-Shock GW2310FB-1CR is a really cool looking stealthy watch. If you’re looking for a super durable and tough timepiece, then this might be the watch for you. Perfect for a range of activities and suitable for all occasions. If you work in the military or you job involves working in harsh environments, then you will love this watch, as it brings sleek design coupled with durability straight to your wrist.

With self-solar charging, you will never run out of battery. There is also a world time function which is great if you travel a lot, you can simply change time zones at the push of a button.

However, this timepiece does sadly have a negative display, which are notoriously awful and don’t perform well in bad lighting conditions. However, there is a backlight to compensate but it is nothing special. Still a neat watch if you like looking like a spy agent.


Tick Tock…

There is a wide variety of watches listed on our compilation of the best G-SHOCK watches for men, these are just our opinion (which is of course right!). There are so many different G-SHOCK watches to choose from, they have some awesome varieties and color ways, plus each comes with a huge range of features.

Ultimately the choice is yours. G-SHOCK are a brilliant and very reliable brand. They bring all the cool features at a very affordable price. That being said, the price can vary depending on which model you would like to use, but in terms of value, they won’t be beaten.

Who needs Citizen or Rolex when you have G-SHOCK? You can feel confident that most models will be quite hard to damage, plus they normally have the added bonus of being water resistant up to 200m depending on which model you choose.


Which G-SHOCK Is the Best?

This is a pretty hard question to answer. G-SHOCK have some amazing timepieces to choose from. But ultimately the G-SHOCK watch that is best, is the one that best suits your needs. Are you active and into fitness? Do you work underwater? Are you outdoors and in harsh environments a lot? G-SHOCK quite literally have a watch for everything.

What Is the Most Expensive G-SHOCK Watch?

The most expensive G-SHOCK watch to ever be made was the G-D5000-9JR, which was a solid gold piece watch released in only Japan. The watch retailed for $70,000. However, they only released 35 of these magnificent timepieces. This was the most expensive timepiece that G-SHOCK released by quite a large margin. Picking one up second hand will probably cost you a pretty penny sadly, a lot more than retail price.

Why Buy A G-SHOCK?

G-SHOCK offer affordable timepieces jam packed full of features. They offer a wide variety of well-priced watches which are perfect for everyday wear as well as having the ability to perform well in even the harshest environments around the world. If you want something cheap, G-SHOCK have it, likewise if you want something a little fancier, G-SHOCK will have it. They have watches priced from less than $100 all the way up into the thousands.

Who Is G-SHOCK For?

You. Yes, you. G-SHOCK is for everyone. The hard working, the not so hard working, those in tough and harsh environments to those based in office environments. G-SHOCK has such a variety of watches to choose from that there is bound to be one that is well suited to you. G-SHOCK produce timepieces that are all well crafted no matter the price, and they are all loaded with features. If you haven’t looked into getting a watch before, G-SHOCK is the perfect brand for getting started.

Which G-SHOCK Should I Buy First?

G-SHOCK offer some great timepieces if you’ve never bought a watch before. Our personal favorites are the NASA collaboration or the GMWB5000CS which is awesome looking. Both of these watches are very cool and are sure to spark up some conversation. They are well priced and offer a number of great features.