Who does not love something that just wants to stand out from a crown of awesome stuff? Well, we know that we at Men’s Gear make it our mission to hunt for these kinds of things. As proof, our latest jaunt across the interwebs just hit paydirt with one jaw-dropping motorcycle from Zillers Garage. What started out as a BMW R nineT (which is already outstanding by default) now looks like a machine straight out of a work of fiction.

You’re not dreaming, because this mechanical masterpiece is a working custom bike that pushes design to the limit. The shop behind this project will take on a trip to you to Russia. There, you’ll find AMD championship winner Dmitry Golubchikov who runs Zillers Garage. While there is a hint of a steampunk vibe, the inspiration is apparently from aviation.

With that in mind, we agree that the hand-formed aluminum bodywork resembles elements of an aircraft. This 2016 R nineT is apparently a commission from BMW Motorrad Russia. Wha’s left of the original bike is final drive arm, a section of the frame, and the motor. The rest of what you see are 10-months of in-house work.

The overall look seems like a mix of futuristic aesthetics with a balance of old-school elements. Moreover, Zillers Garage was clever enough to add a few extras that are hidden in plain sight. Just look at the panel line on the tail section. If not for the images available, nobody can guess that there is a slide-out storage compartment. Finally, the pneumatic system allows this BMW R nineT to rest on its belly.

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Images courtesy of Zillers Garage