Chalk it up to Vagabund for the most formidable bicycle builds ever. The company’s latest handiwork? A completely beastly transformation of the BMW R100RT. Meet the Vagabund Moto V12.

Builders Paul Brauchart and Phillip Rabl have crafted a robust reputation for their perfectionism for bike builds, with every little detail considered and honed to top-notch configuration. The new Vagabund Moto V12 BMW R100RT is further proof of their unbeatable eye for detail and precision.

On the outside, it looks like a high-performance bike with some hints of steampunk but also the slickness of classic bodies from a few decades ago. It looks formidable, punishingly eye-watering, and rightly so. However, surprise, surprise — this is completely street-legal. You read that right.

You get a matte black paint, understated and a perfect, controlled choice. Adding gloss would have made it overkill. You also get a fiberglass reinforced plastic wheel cover plus 3D printed fork covers with integrated LED markers. Vagabund also reduced the front fork to 60 mm with a retro fit collective, upper triple tree, and fork nuts. Also here? A new weld-modified rear frame and shortened LSL streetbar. If those have not caught your attention yet, maybe the new exhaust will.

The modified exhaust system uses a HATTACH Y-pipe with silencer, which is a pretty incredible addition on top of all the amazing customizations already mentioned. It all comes together with the milled Vagabund emblem for an ultra-classy look. The Vagabund Moto V12 offers a sinister aesthetic with street-legal performance. What more could you ask for, really?


Photos courtesy of Vagabund