Customization options for motorbikes can turn your two-wheeler into an entirely different machine. The possibilities are almost endless for tweaking our rides with some going for a futuristic look, while the others want to back in time. With the former, the results are often out-of-this-world, which could be a good or bad thing. However, the latter approach usually produces stunning vintage aesthetics that makes our jaws drop. Call it perfect timing because the MotoRRetro BMW R100 RS is pure nostalgia on two wheels.

The shop responsible for this project is based in Australia, but it’s clear that they’ve done their homework. That is pertaining to their sources of inspiration for this retro ride. It’s clear that the form factor is an impeccable homage to Airstream and Auto Union design. Vaughn Ryan and Georgio Rimi are the Aussie pair working on the BMW R110 RS remodel. Thanks to their handiwork, the motorcycle is even more aerodynamic than the original.

What’s amazing about this build is the manual effort that went into its bodywork. Most of the alloy body panels are fashioned with the help of mallets, blocking hammers, dollies, and other tools. Another detail that we just love about the MotoRRetro BMW R100 RS are the rivets holding the panels down. This adds a stylish vibe that reminds us of a modern aircraft that’s about to take flight on the runway. Ultimately, this beauty just proves that this old-school design language holds up pretty well over the years and won’t be dying out anytime soon.

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Images courtesy of MotoRRetro