The Yak Grills is typical of Hibachi grills that let you cook up a BBQ in an intimate or social setting. The difference is the level of safety this grill provides so you don’t sacrifice your skin.

This tabletop grill is dubbed as the “ultimate Hibachi grill” because of its modern design and construction. Contrary to traditional ones, this is dishwasher safe and comes with prebuilt skewer notches for easy cooking. The notches make it easy to rotate the skewers so you can check if your food is cooked or not.

Moreover, the Yak Grills is built of stainless steel for durability, toughness, and rust resistance. Guaranteed no screws, plastics, or flimsy parts so you have peace of mind when cooking. All you need to think about is the condition of your food. The makers guarantee its durability that they even back it up with a five-year warranty.

Likewise, this compact grill comes with built-in temperature control that lets the exterior remains cool to the touch. This means it is compatible on any table surface since no heat is transferred to the table. Even when your cooking temperature reaches 750 ºF it remains cool. The hands-free airflow system adds value as it keeps the heat even for hours on end. This equates to less charcoal use or waste and less smoke for a more flavorful dish.

The Yaks Grill lets you cook up a meal good for a group with its 7″ x 15″ cooking space. This means more burgers, meat or vegetable skewers, grilled bread, and more. It even comes with its own carrying case to make its 6.8 kg weight even more portable.

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Images courtesy of Yaks Grill