The use of face masks will continue until global healthcare experts declare the end of the pandemic. Thus, we expect to see companies innovate some of their features. So far, we are seeing clever use of technology to address the issues people have with regular masks. Heck, even a founding member of Black Eyed Peas is getting into the game with the XUPERMASK, which is pronounced as “supermask.”

William Adams – popularly known by his stage name “” – is partnering with multinational conglomerate Honeywell for this project. Given that most people consider face masks to be restrictive, uncomfortable, and ugly, the XUPERMASK intends to address these concerns.

Unlike the disposable kind, the manufacturer claims it “has the durability to be worn up to 365 days a year anywhere in the world.” If what it says is true, then it would be a game-changing alternative that boasts sustainability unlike regular ones out there.

The XUPERMASK uses premium materials that would make it durable and likewise ergonomic. Honeywell notes that the silicone face seal prevents leaks and ingress, while the elastic straps are adjustable to fit most users.

Two 3-speed fans pull air through replaceable HEPA filters to make breathing effortless. Noise-cancelling earbuds with three pairs of ear tips for that perfect fit. Meanwhile, the integrated microphone makes your voice more audible even with the XUPERMASK on.

It even comes with an LED lighting system, which could make users more visible at night. Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity lets you pair the earbuds with your smartphone or other devices for wireless audio playback. The XUPERMASK is available in Black/Black/Orange or White/Gray/Orange colorways.

Buy – $299.99

Images courtesy of Honeywell/XUPERMASK