re you ready to become the next hot thing on YouTube? Finding a way to improve the sound on your video must be pretty high on your agenda. Whether you’re vlogging or making your own home videos, you’ll run into times when your best sequence can be ruined. All due to audio that is filled with background noises, static, or strange distortions. DLSR Cameras are popular in this community. However, most need shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera to help them.

Unfortunately, your bad audio is likely to be the result if reliance on your camera’s inbuilt mic to record your sound.

If you’re shooting video on your DSLR camera, an external microphone is the only way to go. An external mic will filter out all those unwanted noises, focusing only the sounds you need to capture for your high-quality video. Shotgun microphones for DSLR cameras are the perfect solution.

They are designed to be lightweight, simple to use, and sturdy. These microphones are an ideal option for any would be Vlogger, effectively capturing dialogue, interviews, and voice-overs effortlessly.

How do you go about going through the many shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera to find one for your next project? There are lots of different options out there. As you might expect, not all of them are going to make your audio sound like the Hollywood blockbuster that you had in mind, however.

To save you making an expensive mistake, we’ve done all the hard work of finding the best camera microphone options on the market so you can make an informed decision. Are you ready to channel your inner Steven Spielberg? Then read on and discover the top 14 shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera.

What are the different types of mics for a camera?

There are a number of different microphones for various types of camera. However, each one is best suited to a particular filming environment. This is also something crucial to the camera you are using. There are several shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera out there.

However, if you pick one made for the Sony Handycam, it simply won’t work for the DSLR.

This is something a lot of nieve or less tech-savvy people assume when they jump into stuff like this. They buy products that do not work together. We did not want to do that to you, so every shotgun microphone we highlighted will go with the DSLR camera specifically.

However, it’s more than just what type of camera you have. It’s also about the mic itself.

See, there are several different microphones available. All do different things. Some of them are heavily needed to get the kind of audio you want and need from it. Others are unneeded or simply overkill. That said, we wanted to make you aware of a few of them.

Shotgun Microphones:

First up revolves around what this list is all about, the Shotgun microphone. These are by far the top choice for anyone using their DSLR camera to capture sound. Perfect for use in all kinds of environments, they’re great for outdoor or indoor interviews, shooting vlogs, or making YouTube footage.

If you’re keen to capture video and audio on the fly, a shotgun mic is perfect thanks to their ability to either be attached to a boom pole or the camera itself. As a directional mic, it can capture audio in any direction you point the lens, and the audio capture is impressively high quality.

There are little things you’ll need to be aware of when using them, some of which we’ll go over more in-depth later.

These mics are capable of picking up a ton of audio, and often ignore things around them. However, it will pick up things like the wind as well unless it has a “condom” on. We know it sounds funny, but exactly as the rubbery stuff does for Mr. Johnson, they too need protection.

By having one on, a coverage if you will, it keeps “ambient sound” out. Thus offering you better audio in the direction you have chosen.

Handheld Microphones:

Handheld microphones are a great option for interviewing or presenting/hosting. They’re often used in churches, at political events, and more. These mics are great for reducing ambient and background noise and are ideal for use in crowded spaces.

There are a few additional accessories required to use a handheld microphone if you want to use it to record sounds to your camera. While handheld mics are a great cue when interviewing someone to tell them when it’s time to talk, it’s important to hold the mic to their face.

However, you do not need it to be at the lips. Many pick up sound from a respectable distance.

Like shotgun mics, they also need protection. This is mostly due to the “pops” you might hear. Especially on the “P” sounding words. Even “S”-words (not that kind, Fred) can interfere with quality. Putting coverage on the mic allows you to pick up the audio without any random pops that could ruin an otherwise incredible interview.

Lavalier Microphones:

Often referred to in the business as “lav mics,” the lavalier microphones are a great choice if you’re recording in a controlled environment. Designed to clip onto clothing and worn close to the mouth, they are regularly seen on vlogs and talk shows.

Less sensitive than other types of mic, they aren’t ideal for outdoor use, but they’re very discreet and are therefore great for interviews. If you’re recording indoors, these are a great choice. However, remember that you need every person that you’re interviewing to have their own mic connected and set up for them.

Lav Mics are usually very good at picking up any sound they need to in a “direct” placement. They can have a distance of your chest to your mouth where handheld needs to be a little closer. However, unlike handheld mics, they are unable to capture anything other than direct sound.

Yet this can also come with added issues of rustling cloth sounds or finger touching. Be warned when in use. If you know how to use them, they may be your new best friends for direct vlog videos.

Headset Microphones:

Primarily used for presentations in noisy environments, a headset mic is perfect for interviews in crowds. They allow voices to be isolated in post-production. They aren’t great for a standard YouTube-style video, however, since they can produce a breathy sound quality.

They’re also bulky and quite unappealing to wear, especially if you want to look your best in front of the camera! These are more common in the world of radio. You may also be well-versed with them if you’re a person who likes to play video games online.

While these are a cheaper version normally, they essentially are what we’re referring to here.

Why is a shotgun microphone a good option for a DSLR camera?

Shotgun microphones for the DLSR camera are a top choice for recording sound since they boast a precise pick-up pattern. They are ideal if you won’t be moving around a lot or if you’re being assisted by a boom mic operator.

However, since they can be used on top of cameras so easily, they can be mobile relatively fast. Allowing you to take them with you on remote shoots.

They have a hyper-cardioid or super-cardioid pattern for optimal sound quality. They do need to be placed close to the source of a sound, but most are small enough to be kept out of the frame of the shot. This means you won’t need to worry about bits of your microphone being visible in the final version.

Unlike with boom microphones, often used for talk shows.

One further advantage of using shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera is that there’s no need to wire everybody up. This would only be necessary if you were using lavalier mics. This makes shotgun mics a brilliant option if you’re interviewing several people.

Also, if you’re shooting outside shotgun mics offer many options for wind control thanks to furry or foam condoms we referred to earlier. The world likes to call them “windshields” to be appropriate. However, we dare you to ask a media professional and they’ll back us up.

What are the main things to consider before buying Shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera?

There are a number of useful features that are vital for the quality of sound you can produce. You need to keep these in mind when you’re looking over shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera you want to buy. There are so many things to keep in mind that you may not even realize it. We cannot let you make a mistake knowing we could have helped.

That isn’t the Batman way. Since we at Men’s Gear like to be like Batman, other than the weird and illegal vigilante stuff, we’re here to help. That said, here is a quick overview of some of the key aspects to consider when you’re buying your first shotgun mic:


A shotgun microphone has several different ranges so you can select the right one to suit your needs when filming. What is a range when it comes to a microphone? We’re glad you asked. The range encompasses everything in a certain area of the microphone.

Basically, if you can stand 2 feet from someone and get relatively perfect audio, great. However, if you cannot get it well after 5 feet, then you have a low range.

Most can do a relatively useful distance of 10 to 20 feet away from where you can hear audio. Obviously, the closer you get the louder things will become. The person at a distance may need to speak louder to be heard at a greater distance too, which is obvious stuff.

Shotgun microphones for DSLR cameras were made for close-range material, keep in mind.

Battery Life:

As with anything technology related that uses batteries, you’ll want to know how long power will last. The battery life can vary significantly between models of shotgun microphones. This means you need to take the time to check out how long the battery will last between charges.

This is especially relevant if you’re planning on using your microphone outdoors. There are limited opportunities for a recharge in most outdoor venues. Nor are there many places to plug in if your microphone can work with both. A lot of professionals tend to have more than one battery for this very reason.

This is present for both the battery and microphones they use.

We recommend getting a few to always be ready, as they are relatively cheap. Plus, you already get one with the microphone upon buying it. Getting more than one will ensure the best results. However, if your battery can last 90 hours on full charge, you may not need to use more than one.

Many we added below certainly fit that department.

Weight And Size:

Most shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera are lightweight and small to suit the needs of all DSLR users. DSLR cameras are designed to be compact and easy to operate on the go. This is useful, as it’s functional for all people regardless of age, gender, or what have you.

That said, you won’t want to make yours any heavier than it is already. You can make sure to choose the lightest and smallest shotgun mic to avoid adding any extra bulk or weight to your camera. While some good microphones can be slightly heavier, this isn’t a bad thing.

You just have to be capable of handling it on your camera consistently.

Build Quality:

A DSLR microphone can be costly, but most are made from high-quality materials for the sturdiest build. This is especially important if you’re going to be shooting outdoors. Obviously, you’re going to want your mic to be durable enough to survive outside.

A higher-end model will often be made from metal for impact and element-resistance. The cheaper models will be made out of plastic or other cheap materials similar to this. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some are flimsy and brittle and are therefore better suited for indoor use rather than outdoor shooting.

This means you’ll need to know what you’re planning to use your camera for. As it will also allow you to know what needs you’ll have for your microphone too. Once you know, you can decide on the time that would be best for you. Cheaper or more expensive, both are usually fine.

However, no matter what you plan to do…the more expensive versions are better made.

High Pass Filtration & Frequency Response:

Our ears can register sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Your mic’s frequency response is important here. If it can be close both ends of the range, that means the sound it gets will be a lot more realistic. Most rightly prefer very low frequencies not to interfere with their recordings.

In order to do this, you need to have a quality product. Shotgun mics with a high pass filter can muffle those low-frequency sounds that would have otherwise registered. Of course, those covers we referred to before will also be present. As they can grab sound without random issue too.

Thus helping frequency as well.

Super-cardioid or Cardioid Pickup Pattern:

The pickup pattern of your mic is a visual representation showing the area in which sound will be picked up. Some microphones can register equal amounts of sound in every direction, including the back and front. However, this isn’t the case with shotgun mics.

Shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera have a tightly focused pickup pattern. The super-cardioid or cardioid patterns are ideal to pick up sound only from the front of the camera without picking up any sound from the back or side of the mic.

Basically, if the camera is facing you but we need to get sound of what you’re looking at off-screen. super-cardioid won’t help that.

Super-cardioid microphones are slightly more focused. However, they also need to be positioned more precisely if you want to eliminate the possibility of unwanted rear noise. Overall, these types of mics are great at getting audio they are facing as well as cutting out noise from the back that you want to avoid.

Normal cardioid mics won’t do that as efficiently.


Different accessories come with different mics. Simply choosing an expensive mic doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll benefit from extra accessories. Nor does that mean they’re going to be of good quality. Check out which accessories come with your microphone so you can make sure that everything you need is included.

Some of the accessories include mic condoms (windshields) for outdoor filming (either padded to cancel out breathing sounds or furry to disperse the wind). Shock mounts to eliminate vibrations when moving the camera, and cables that allow you to power your mic or connect it to a boom pole.

These either come separate, completely combined or a small combo of the few.

How hard is it to set up shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera?

Although it may seem complicated to set up shotgun microphones for DSLR cameras, it won’t be as hard as you imagine. There are three different options when it comes to setting the mic up. Option one is to capture your audio separately and then sync the audio during the editing process using third-party editing software.

The second option is to connect your mic with an XLR adapter to your camera. The advantages of this setup are that you can benefit from power for microphones and have a small independent power source. On top of the ability to monitor sound and disable the internal audio gain control of your DSLR.

The third option is to directly connect your mic to your camera via the mini-jack input of your DSLR. This produces surprisingly good audio quality especially when you’re filming for YouTube or the internet

Overall, all options are easy to do and take less than 2 to 5 minutes to complete. Once you get used to it, things may take less than 30 seconds even.

1) Rode VideoMic Compact Microphone

If you’re looking for small shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera, the VideoMic Pro is a great choice, plus lightweight. Even with the 9-volt battery is attached, no real extra weight is present. Overall, this allows it to be carried around with ease.

The battery is powerful enough to run for 70 hours of use. The small dimensions of this mic allow it to be used on smaller DSLRs, making it compatible with any DSLR. The intuitive controls can be found on the back of the mic, with 3 different positions for the upper switch – high-pass filter, on, and off.

The filter perfectly handles noise, allowing it to remove low frequencies and wind noise.

There are three different gain settings, +20dB, 0dB, and -10dB. The unusual+20dB setting allows cameras with poor gain circuitry a way to work with the mic.

The custom shock mount is a shoe-style design. The base includes a screw thread to attach the mic to a boom pole. Rubber shock-absorbers fix it into place, with spares added for extra benefit.

This mic features a super-cardioid pickup pattern, which removes excess background noise. There is also a foam windshield provided as standard. Also, if you register for the manufacturer’s warranty, you get a fluffy windshield too. All with an impressive 10-year guarantee, so why not?

There’s also a very similar item on our list at number 14 which includes a fluffy sound attachment.

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  • Well fixed rubber shock absorbers
  • Foam and furry windshields supplied
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • +20dB setting ideal for cameras with poor gain circuitry
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Cannot capture sound effectively from more than 6 feet away


2) Audio Technica Camera Mount Microphone

Brand Name
Product Number
Product Weight

Whatever type of environment you’re capturing audio in, this Audio Technica microphone model is a good choice. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, it has a line-cardioid selectable mono mode and a mid-side internally matrixed stereo mode.

This means that you’ll have all the flexibility to focus your recording on just one sound source or alternatively to wider the recording field to give extra sonic realism.

These shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera have a 3-position input pad that can be adjusted to 0dB, -10dB, and -20dB. This allows both loud and soft sound passages to be captured with no distortions. It’s also possible to select a low-frequency roll-off so that unwanted ambient noise is not picked up.

An AA battery is required to power this mic; a surprisingly convenient solution, and powerful enough to ensure excellent performance with a high max SPL. The integral camera shoe is suitable for attaching to DSLR cameras, and the mic is supplied with its own mini-jack.

The latter is great for convenient set-up. It also comes with a fuzzy windshield and a standard windshield. There are rubber integral shock mounts that can isolate the mic from any mechanical camera noises or vibrations. This just ensures you don’t pick up any unwanted sounds.

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  • Strong rubber shock mounts
  • Low frequency roll-off
  • 3 position input
  • Fuzzy and standard windshield supplied as standard
  • Both stereo and mono modes available
  • The cords cannot be detached


3) Rode VideoMic Go Microphone

One of the greatest benefits of the VideoMic Go from Rode is that no batteries are needed for it to function. There are no external controls that adjust the mic either. It’s literally the simplest model on the market and is the ultimate Plug and Play device.

There’s not even any need to switch the mic on!

Despite its convenient and hassle-free design, the VideoMic GO still offers good quality directional sound pickup. This is thanks to its Rycote Lyre shock mount that ensures no handling or vibration noise comes through on your recording. As an added bonus, the cable is independent of the mic.

Meaning even if breaks accidentally, you can replace it with ease.

The frequency response of this mic covers from 100Hz up to 16kHz, cutting off low frequencies under 100Hz without any problems. This is also one of the most affordable shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera on the market today.

It allows these mics to be the perfect option for anyone who wants an informal sound recording device for their YouTube videos or home movies.

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  • Rycote Lyre shock mount for zero handling noise
  • No batteries required
  • Plug & Play design for ultimate convenience
  • Ideal for informal recordings
  • Automatic low-frequency cut-off
  • Low price
  • May be visible in wide angle lens shots


4) Sennheiser MKE440 Shotgun Microphone

Brand Name
Product Number
MKE 440
Product Weight

Thanks to its strong all-metal construction, the Sennheiser MKE 440 shotgun mic is incredibly durable and robust enough to use outdoors. It also features an integrated shock mount, allowing it to be protected from those unwanted handling sounds and vibrations.

These so often occur when using your DSLR camera to film on the go, so eliminating them is essential. It’s a terrific thing that these shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera by Sennheiser do just that.

Its small size means that it is perfect for use on all kinds of DSLR cameras, from the smallest to the largest model! On top of this, the switchable sensitivity it contains makes it suitable for use at both short and long distances.

Despite its sturdy construction, this is a surprisingly intuitive camera. There is also a seemingly absent learning curve when it comes to using this device, making it incredibly easy to use. It also produces premium-level recording quality while boasting an amazing battery life of more than 300 hours.

The two recording modes mean that customizing your microphone to suit the shooting conditions on any particular day or project is a breeze. There is also a selectable wind noise filter for clearer recordings when recording sound in front of the mic.

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  • Extra-long battery life
  • Sturdy all-metal construction
  • Selectable wind noise filter
  • Integrated shock mount
  • Small and lightweight construction
  • Wind cover can fall off easily


5) Rode SVM Stereo Condenser Microphone

This high-quality stereo mic has been designed for use not only with DSLR cameras but also portable audio recorders and camcorders too. It features two ½” high-res condenser capsules that are mounted into a fixed stereo array. The result of this is a natural-sounding stereo recording with plenty of rear rejection to get rid of unwanted ambient sounds.

The built-in shock mounts allow it to handle noise extremely well, essentially eliminating it. Thanks to the standard-sized shoe mount with its 3/8” thread, you can easily mount this mic onto a stand or boom pole. This, of course, offers different recording applications.

Options are useful for shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera, as they allow you to get several sounds for the video you’re putting together.

The high-pass filter can prevent low-frequency sounds from being captured while the -10dB level attenuation allows loud sources of sound to be recorded. The body is made from high-quality cast aluminum for extra ruggedness and durability on the go.

Meanwhile, the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty gives you complete peace of mind in your purchase.

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  • Selectable high-pass filter
  • -10dB level attenuation
  • Cast aluminum durable body
  • In-built shock mounts
  • Integrated 3/8” thread for mounting to boom poles and stands
  • Large size means it may be visible in wide angle lens


6) Tascam Camera Mountable Microphone

Brand Name
Product Number
Product Weight

Designed to comfortably sit in any camera hot shoe, the DR-10SG mic is lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere. All without adding extra bulk to your DSLR camera. Great for shooting on the go, this mic captures good quality audio.

It does this while powered by a single AAA battery. It is easy to keep it running when out and about for sure. As an added bonus, the external USB connector means that you have a second option when it comes to powering this mic.

You can choose between two different recording levels for recording dual audio tracks. It also comes with its own windshield cover to protect against unwanted wind noise when recording outside. You can record one of two was. You can opt to record directly to an SD card or directly to your camera.

As a super-cardioid mic, the DR-10SG picks up sound from in front of the mic extremely well. Its integrated shock mount means that no vibrations or handling noises are captured. There are four different EQ modes as well as an onboard audio slate to allow synchronization during your editing process.

Truly it is one of the best shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera today. We could not love it enough.

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  • Super-cardioid mic
  • Onboard audio slate
  • 4 EQ modes
  • 2 different recording levels for dual audio tracks
  • Record direct to SD or to the camera
  • Powered by USB connector or AAA battery
  • Lightweight plastic construction isn’t very sturdy
  • Windshield cover isn’t the best quality


7) Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone Module

The Zoom SSH-6 provides highly focused stereo sound capture that is suitable for use with the Zoom Q8, H5, or H6 recorders. It’s ideal for use in outdoor recording situations especially. Ultimately allowing it to be one of the best shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera for various uses outside.

Things like football or storm chasing will be caught in easy, high definition sound. All without any problem of things being too much when you listen back. This mic comes complete with a furry windshield to guard against unwanted environmental noises too. Allowing it to avoid the unnecessary sounds you want to eliminate.

Thanks to the bidirectional side capsules, you can choose to record right and left ambient noises around you. We should also mention this is a hypercardioid mic, this goes with what we referred to earlier on its ability with ambient noise. Unlike cardioid mics, they have less sensitivity on their sides with the sound.

On top of this, they pick up better directional sound than the cardioid too. Thus, you can be confident of outstanding sound capture.

One of the best shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera available for beginners, the Zoom SSH-6 impressively records interviews in an outdoor environment without any issue. With its small and lightweight construction, it’s easy to take anywhere and won’t weigh your DSLR down.

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  • Highly focused stereo sound capture
  • Comes with a furry windshield
  • Selectable bidirectional side capsules
  • Hyper-cardioid mic
  • Lightweight and small
  • Only compatible with Zoom gear


8) Shure VP83F Camera Mounted Microphone

The Shure VP83F is one of the most impressive shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera on the market. As it’s capable of doing things many others struggle to do, especially for the price it asks for. Thanks to its in-built shock mount, it protects against unwanted handling and vibration noise during your recordings.

It fits easily onto the camera’s shoe, making it the perfect option for use on the go. It also offers the option to either record sound directly to the removable micro SD card or to the camera via the inclusive cable.

Compact yet extremely rugged, the Shure VP83F can capture high-def audio while its single-button recording and intuitive menu make it a user-friendly camera mic. It’s one truly anyone to use, without a struggle.

Its highly directional super-cardioid pickup pattern means that you can use it virtually anywhere without any unwanted off-axis audio capture.

Using the two inclusive AA batteries, this mic supplies a full ten hours of battery life. It comes supplied with a gold-plated 3.5mm audio cable as well as a foam windscreen for outdoor recordings. The mic can easily be mounted onto a boom pole or stand thanks to the ¼” threaded base.

Meanwhile, the fully-adjustable user gain allows you to move in 1dB increments up to 60dB to fine-tune your audio.

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  • Fully adjustable user gain
  • Can record direct to Micro SD card
  • Single-button recording
  • Intuitive menu
  • Super-cardioid pickup pattern
  • All-metal robust construction
  • Quite a bulky design


9) Nikon-ME-1 Stereo Microphone

The Nikon ME-1 sounds compelling in its name alone, and supplied by a trusted brand, you know it offers quality. Obviously, these shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera are near the top of their field. Supplied with a carry case and windscreen, the mic fixes easily onto the accessory shoe of any DSLR camera.

It tightens firmly into place thanks to a lock ring mechanism. There is a channel in the microphone’s back that keeps the cable out of the way during use. Meanwhile, the in-built rubberized shock mounts ensure there is no excess handling noise or vibrations to ruin your audio.

The integrated rotary dial allows the low-cut filter to be switched easily off and on, cutting off any low-frequency wind noises. It’s lightweight, compact, and simple to attach to your DSLR with the 3.5mm mic jack. The ME-1 manages to capture audio with a rich and full tone from up to 20-feet away outdoors with the windscreen in place.

With its sensitivity from -42dB up to +3dB, you can expect low frequency sounds to be well filtered out.

It’s clearly smaller in size, which means it does not require a battery. Ultimately, that makes it more convenient and much easier to carry around. To be this good at this size is incredible. Wait until you see the price and hear what the audio sounds like!

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  • Small and compact design
  • No battery required
  • Comes with a windscreen and carrying case
  • Integrated channel to keep the cable out of the way
  • Low-cut filter
  • Tricky to turn the low-cut switch during use


10) Audio-Technica ATR-3350IS Lavalier Mic

Brand Name
Product Number
Product Weight

This lavalier mic is an ideal choice for use in an interview situation, but barely scraping onto the list of ‘shotguns’ due to its basic features. However, thanks to its omnidirectional functionality, it is great for picking up voices even in a noisy environment.

As a high-quality condenser, it boasts a low-profile design for excellent discretion. All while its smartphone adapter ensures that it is instantly compatible with the newest smartphones.

The dual-mono 1/8” output plug can connect to your DSLR with ease, recording audio on both the right and left channels. It comes complete with an inclusive foam windscreen, an LR44 battery, and a tie clip. Ultimately, making this a really useful choice for use anywhere you need to go.

The mic has a long cable which can extend to accommodate the needs of different applications, its low price tag makes it a truly affordable choice for even vloggers on a budget.

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  • Discreet design
  • Comes complete with a windscreen, battery and tie clip
  • Long cable to suit different applications
  • Low price
  • Ideal for outdoor interviews
  • No battery light to indicate when device is off or on


11) Tascam TM-2X Stereo Microphone

This stereo condenser mic can be mounted with ease onto your DSLR’s hot shoe. It can rotate up to 180 degrees to suit your recording needs and there’s no need for battery power to use it. All of this adds up to one really convenient choice for indoor or outdoor audio capture.

Designed specifically for use with DSLR camera, it has an isolation arm to stabilize noise levels and there is also an integrated low-cut filter to eradicate low-frequency sounds. The floating shock mounts ensure that no vibrations or handling noises are picked up.

With two microphone capsules and an X-Y pattern, this mic captures an authentic representation of your sonic atmosphere. This comes from either the wider area of the mic or from the front of your camera. It’s also capable of handling high sound pressures to a maximum of 120 dB SPL.

Complete with two-stage output levels, it can be adjusted with a single switch to suit a range of DSLR cameras. It also comes with a thread to help you add a tripod to it. Overall, these are clearly impressive shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera.

They’re compact, get the job done, and all at a nice size and price. What’s to not like?

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  • Two microphone capsules
  • Handles sound pressure up to 120 dB SPL
  • 2 stage adjustable output level
  • Tripod mounting thread
  • 180 degree rotation
  • Shoe connector is made from plastic and is quite fragile


12) Shure VP83 Camera Mounted Microphone

Rugged yet extremely compact, these shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera offer an excellent way to capture high-def detailed audio. With easy to access controls, this mic has a low-cut filter to get rid of unwanted low-frequency sounds. The 3-position gain allows for simple adjustments to suit different environments.

Created with a directional super-cardioid pickup pattern, the VP83 can provide premium-quality rejection of off-axis sounds. This is present for a more natural audio capture. Its custom-designed, integrated Lyre shock mount eliminates vibrations and mechanical noises for better sound quality.

Powered by a single AA battery, this mic can stay running for up to 130 hours – pretty impressive! Also, thanks to its all-metal construction, it’s durable enough to use anywhere. Meanwhile, its RF superior immunity protects against any unwanted audio from RF and cellular devices.

It comes complete with a 3.5mm audio cable to allow for speedy connections to your camera. On top of this, its ¼” threaded shoe mount base makes it simple to mount onto a stand or boom pole. It also comes complete with a foam windshield to eliminate wind noises with no effect on sound quality.

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  • Comes with a foam windshield and 3.5mm audio cable
  • 130 hour battery life
  • All-metal durable construction
  • Superior RF immunity
  • Easy-access controls
  • Low-cut filter to eliminate low frequency sounds
  • Small display screen and buttons


13) Azden SMX-20 Stereo Switchable Microphone

Offering both stereo and mono capabilities, the Azden SMX-30 mic has two different capsules for switchable functionality. These shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera are suitable for use in mono mode to record dialogue or in stereo mode for 120 degrees of audio coverage.

This super-cardioid mic is easy to adjust by simply moving the switch on its back. There is also a level adjustment to switch between -10dB, 0dB and +20dB to suit different recording requirements.

Meanwhile, the low-cut filter eliminates those unwanted low-frequency sounds. Made from hard and sturdy plastic, this well-made camera mic has a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty for your complete peace of mind.

It is perfect for all kinds of users. From YouTubers to corporate presenters, it will work for any need you ask of it. Of course, this isn’t the cheapest model on the market. However, its ability to switch between mono and stereo recordings is a huge selling point.

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  • Can be switched between mono and stereo recording
  • 3 different level adjustments
  • Made from sturdy hard plastic
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Low-cut filter to eliminate low frequency sounds
  • Not the best shock mount


14) Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R

With its compact design, the Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R is perfect for the DSLR camera. Giving you excellent audio capture in one affordable and lightweight package, this mic is easy to install and offers some great additional features.

With its inclusive hot shoe mount on its base, these shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera can also be connected to your boom pole. This is thanks to the 3/8” thread, and it offers even greater versatility. With its compact dimensions and low weight, it won’t be too big to use on even very small cameras.

In fact, even on the smallest DSLR won’t get in the way of your wide-angle shots.

Requiring one 9V battery to power this mic, it can run for up to 70 hours of continuous recording. Obviously, more than enough to finish your daily Vlog. It can connect easily by using the inclusive 3.5mm jack. Meanwhile, the furry windshield isn’t part of the package.

However, you can claim it for free when you take out the extended manufacturer’s warranty.

This will protect against unwanted wind noise when recording outdoors, of course. If you don’t want to claim the warranty, the inclusive foam windshield works pretty well as standard.

The integrated shock mounts prevent the mic from hitting the surrounds and base. Thus guards against vibrations and handling noise for clearer recordings. Spare mounts also come included so you are getting even better value for money.

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  • Long 70 hour battery life
  • Integrated shock mounts with spares included
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Can be used with even small cameras
  • Can be used with a boom pole or stand
  • No carry case included


A Snapshot Overview

Whether you’re Vlogging or making your own home movie, having a great quality mic for your DSLR camera is going to make an enormous difference. It’ll offer great quality to your final recordings, something the pros do all the time. Choosing from all the many options out there is never going to be easy, and we knew this going in.

However, when you following our helpful buying guide, you’ll be in a much better position to make an informed purchasing choice.

Among our selections for the top 14 shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera, you’re certain to find the perfect model to suit your recording needs. Whether you’ll be outdoors or indoors, interviewing or presenting, we feel we highlighted the best microphones to fit your specific needs.

Our list provides only lightweight, durable, and easy to use in the home or on the go products, Most can also connect to boom poles or stands for even greater versatility of use.

Channel your inner Steven Spielberg with any of these shotgun microphones for the DSLR camera right away. Then enjoy making and hearing amazing sound quality on every recording you do.