Although COVID-19 vaccination is in full swing around the world, health officials continue to urge people to follow the established protocols. Truth is, the pandemic is still far from over, which is why we still have to be careful. Masks remain the most effective tool against viral transmission. it is still our go-to accessory when we head out. Companies like Oakley hope to address certain issues when wearing one with the MSK3.

Surgical and N95 masks already do a good job to block viruses. Unfortunately, those who wear glasses or face shields regularly encounter an annoying problem. Due to the warm temperature of our breath when we exhale, condensation forms which affect visibility. Oakley proposes a clever solution which makes the MSK3 a more reliable option.

The product page states: “From the very start Oakley has been committed to providing professional and everyday athletes around the world with solutions to support their performance passions and day-to-day activities. Designed with seal, filtration, fit and eyewear integration in mind, Oakley has launched Oakley MSK3, a mask designed to work seamlessly with eyewear and fit snugly on the wearer’s face.”

As Oakley points out, the MSK3 can keep your eyewear or PPE from fogging. This is possible thanks to a medical-grade silicone gasket. The prevents warm air from escaping in addition to a special channel that provides an ergonomic fit even with your glasses on. It features a semi-rigid body to aid with breathability. It holds a disposable and reusable filter to keep out both pollutants and pathogens. The frame comes in black with a textile section and mesh in brown.

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Images courtesy of Oakley