If a massive wine collection is not enough to wow your guests, then we might have a solution in mind for you. Sure, having a cellar with bottles of varying vintages lining up the walls is certainly a remarkable sight to behold. However, these days, it will take more than a traditional setup to impress folks who have probably seen everything. WineCab’s Wine Wall series adds cutting-edge that would make any aspiring sommelier jump with delight.

What WineCab offers is a substantial upgrade for home automation. With many residences integrating smart technology, the eventual addition of a robotic alternative is nothing out of the ordinary. Given you have enough cash to blow on a huge wine collection, the cost of the Wine Wall shouldn’t be a problem at all.

There are three models available: The Wine Wall 15, Wine Wall 11, and the Curio Classic. As you have probably surmised, then numbers designate the sizes of these advanced wine storage installations. As for the latter, it is a freestanding option for those who prefer not to make big changes to their décor.

WineCab can customize the Wine Wall to match the cabinetry of your residence. This way, it looks more cohesive and adds a touch of class to any area where you usually entertain people. On top of the motorized robot arm within, temperature and humidity are controlled according to your specifications. Meanwhile, access to your collection is only via an advanced facial recognition system and companion app. This way, nobody can indulge themselves without your approval.

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Images courtesy of WineCab