A fine wine collection requires a sturdy rack to keep it safe and settled and it desires one that is also aesthetically pleasing. The Italian-based company “Elite, to be” has come up with a solution for both criteria. Capable of extreme customization, their Wine Library ($Inquire) can be as useful in a fine restaurant’s kitchens as in a private home.

The rack is made of laser-cut iron corten and is available in ten optional finishes. The Wine Library is modular and can be custom fit using any of the six modular types and sizes. They come is 8, 16, 18, and 24 bottle units. There is even a vintage rolling ladder to add to the library rack motif.

The Library also comes with rails and is back-lit for a pleasing glow. While this innovative rack comes with a 12 month conditional warranty, there is little doubt you will ever want to do more than add on to this fine wine cellar accessory.