Just like EDCs, there are a few full-size gadgets and accessories getting the portable treatment. True to our nature, men want to have a contingency plan, which is why we want to bring tools for survival. Occasionally, we also want to have certain stuff handy for instances wherein we feel the need to accomplish something. For example, a lighter and pocket knife is ideal for emergency situations. On the other hand, when you suddenly feel like grilling something anywhere, the Wild & Wolf portable barbecue grill is the awesome answer.

Let’s being by saying that this is one of the more interesting products to come out way. What looks like a small suitcase actually holds a nifty little gimmick. Moreover, it somehow resembles one of those old-school metal lunchboxes. Meanwhile, just flip the clasps open to reveal its actual function as a versatile barbecue grill. Its form factor makes it easy to transport using the handle, while the size allows it to fit almost anywhere.

The set includes a coal tray, a cooking grate, and a built-in stand that folds out and locks in place. It’s perfect for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities that will turn into fun-filled gatherings as your man the grill like a champ. The Wild & Wolf portable barbecue grill is part of the Gentlemen’s Hardware collection of products. For superior durability and performance, its using stainless steel for most of its components. Finally, the Navy Blue coating adds a stylish finish with the logo and a script on each side.

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Images courtesy of Wild & Wolf