Don’t you ever wonder why it’s so difficult to replicate some of the dishes that you love from fancy restaurants? You can train all you want to become the best chef out there, but without the right equipment, the result will stay the same. Traditionally, we use pots and pans to cook our food, which uses heat that comes from the bottom. We learned that some establishments actually rely on down-firing infrared burners to properly sear flavors and juices within. Now, you can duplicate the process with the help of the Beefer grill.

This tabletop grill will become your go-to food preparation tool to craft that perfect steak, burger, and other grilled goodies. The machine uses propane gas with a high-performance ceramic burner to generate heat up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the culinary experts, this is the ideal temperature that yields the tastiest results when cooking meat. Conventional grills and can manage a paltry 500 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a far cry from what the Beefer can deliver.

Moreover, the unique design of the Beefer grill allows the savory juices to drip down to its special gastro tray. Every seasoned cook knows that the drippings always make the best sauces and gravy. The high eat it generates almost instantly creates a perfect sear to lock the moisture in. Hence, your dishes end up crisp, tender and juicy that will your guest wanting more. This German-made grill boasts top-tier quality that will last longer than your average offering.

Grill like a pro now

Images courtesy of Beefer