When it comes to coffee most people love to drink the stuff. The distinct aroma, texture, taste, and caffeine buzz after makes it a must-have beverage for a lot of folks. Then there are those who revel at the process of crafting the brew. For the freshest cup, whole coffee beans surpass pre-ground in all facets except convenience. Weber Workshops knows it when it built the HG-2.

Although we’re not suggesting that you should be meticulously controlling every aspect of your favorite ritual, having the equipment capable of doing so is a definite plus. Just like how chefs strive to cut or chop their ingredients into uniform pieces, it apparently applies to coffee grounds. At least that’s what Weber Workshops believes.

Eschewing the ease of an electric drive to mill your coffee beans, the HG-2 is a hands-on affair. Nothing beats the enjoyment of something you worked hard for, right? Weber Workshops goes beyond what most manual coffee grinders can offer with a two-speed transmission system.

This cuts back on the effort one needs to crush even the toughest beans. There’s even a handle you can hold on to for leverage while your other arm works the crank. Aside from making it an almost effortless process, Weber Workshops also addresses another issue.

The aluminum and stainless-steel components of the HG-2 also reduce the heat from grinding. Coffee experts say that the temperature can affect the taste of your brew. We also like the magnetic system at the base that ensures the Magic Tumbler sits directly under to catch everything. Every sip from the cup you brew should be delightful.

Buy – $1,595

Images courtesy of Weber Workshops